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St. Jacobs Country Playhouse

Peter Pan: The Panto

A Traditional British Panto

November 29, 2023 to January 14, 2024

By Caroline Smith

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In the grand British tradition where audiences cheer the hero and boo the villain, Peter Pan boasts a winning combination of incredible musical numbers, slapstick comedy, outrageous costumes, audience participation, and of course, a dash of theatrical magic.

So bring your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, and join us for the holiday season as the beloved tale about the boy who never grew up becomes awash in swash and buckle. Float through the clouds to Never Land and be reunited with all your favourite characters. You’ll be hooked!

Running Time: 2 hours and 10 minutes including a 20 minute intermission.

Audience Recommendation: Recommended for ages 5 and up. There is no official rating system for live theatre. We encourage you to use your judgment based on your child's age and maturity level.

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Excellent show!! The talent is incredible! Drayton never disappoints and the 9 of us cheered, booed and laughed our way through this Panto!! Well done!!! Nellie stole my heart xo
Sue H, St Agatha
Wonderful show; very well done; whole family loved it. Best pantomime I've seen in the last 10 years. If you're looking for some good family entertainment for the holidays, this is it.
John C, Cambridge
This is the 2nd year I brought my grandson to St.Jacobs for the Christmas panto. Loved them both so much we've decided to make this our holiday tradition. The jokes were great (I think I got them all) I laughed until I cried a few times! Great cast, costumes, songs and jokes.
Linda C, Etobicoke
Amazing show! This is our second year bringing kids and grandparents to the pantomime and it didn't disappoint! Highly professional and talented performers... so much fun and so many laughs! THANK YOU for kicking off our holiday season
So much fun for everyone at every age. The kids were easily led to participate by the actors. The casting was perfect. So much laughing - perfect way to spend an evening.
Wendy L, Waterloo
Loved it! Took our grandkids ages 8 and 11 and they enjoyed it as well. Lots of humour, great music, and very talented cast. Perfect for all ages!
My goddaughter and I loved, loved it! We were walking out and she says can we go again!! A hit for sure!
Linda S, Waterloo
Me and my husband and our three autistic kids aged fifteen, twelve and eight are on vacation in Waterloo and we saw the panto last night and my kids loved it so much, it was our first time ever seeing live theatre due to our kids getting overwhelmed easily but they enjoyed it this is a great way to introduce live theatre not just to little ones but to adults as well and the talent on stage is incredible
Brittany B, Lehi Utah
Loved it!! My daughter and I have been coming to the Pantos for years! Its a great time with lots of laughs!!
Cynthia C, Waterloo
Such a fabulous show! So engaging and interactive for all ages. Amazing casting and choreography. The youth chorus adds such a great dimension and energy. Nelly Copperbottom and Captain Hook were outstanding! The children and youth in the company were incredible!
Courtney C, Waterloo
This was our 3rd annual Panto and it was, of course, spectacular! It has become a family tradition and both children and adults couldn't get enough. Incredibly talented actors, great music, astounding choreography, fabulous costumes and magical sets combine to create a glorious performance. Just WOW!
Anita S, Waterloo
Drayton nails pantos every time and this was no exception! The production was spot on in timing and the musical numbers were engaging. This panto certainly invited audience participation of cheering, booing and laughter. It was evident the actors were all enjoying themselves too.
Elizabeth A., Kitchener
Fantastic!! I have been to a few pantos but have never laughed as much or loved the music as much as this one!
Lisa L, Kitchener
It was a wonderful performance, kept us involved and attentive. Didn't want it to end
Amanda R, Drayton
Absolutely wonderful performance. Our family tradition of attending the pantomime was last Saturday. All the grandkids from ages 10-4 thoroughly enjoyed the show.
Amazing for young and old! An extremely entertaining and talented cast. A wonderful experience!
I took my two small kids and it was Absolutely Fantastic!! Everyone loved it, we all had a great time. I'm always so impressed with the talent. Unbelievable!
The Drayton pantos have become a Christmas tradition for our extended family. The kids all love it and the adults feel it's a great introduction to live theatre. We already have our tickets for next year! Well done..again!
Adrienne G, Waterloo
I took my 2 daughters and their children, ages 6-13. Everyone of us laughed and booed and talked about the play for hours after. It was extremely well done, and can hardly wait for next years show.
Karen C, Mount Forest
This was the second year of our new family tradition of attending the Drayton holiday Panto and I'm already looking forward to next year. What a wonderful show, with lots of moments for the bigs and the littles alike. My 8 year old niece loved the audience interaction and the singalong, my teenagers loved the popular music, my husband and I were in tears we laughed so hard during some parts, and even the grandparents were getting into the cheering and booing and singing along. Drayton has never disappointed this family. If I could give 6 stars, I would.
Heather P, Cambridge
Enjoyable for all ages. Funny, interactive and good audience participation. Actors were well suited for their parts.
Susan H, Kitchener
I loved this show! It had all the elements of a traditional panto. The players were well cast, the music was great, and the humour - well, I laughed through the whole show! The humour was such that both the children in the audience and the adults could appreciate it. As always, the sets, lighting, and costumes were wonderful - such an important part of the show! The inclusion of all the children is wonderful. These performers are so lucky to have this opportunity to perform with Drayton (thanks, David Connolly). Kudos, in particular, to young Fae Lewis - the acting, singing and dancing! My other favourites were Justin Bott as Nelly - he is always amazing, especially with his physical comedy. And, last but not least, Stephanie Pitsiladis as Smee. Such a great costume, as well as her physical comedy - I loved her.
Barb C, Cambridge
This was my eight-year-old grandsons very first live theater. He absolutely loved it. We all had a great time and the play was incredible.
Tina B, Brantford
Exciting funny, - dancing and comedy were grand. - definitely an all age piece of theatre. Thank you
Pegg L, Waterloo
There was a group of 9, aged 6-74 years of age and everyone found it very entertaining! Highly recommended.
Janet M, Kitchener
I absolutely LOVED the show! This was my first time seeing a Panto and it won't be the last! The cast was incredible and I loved each and every moment and laughed so much. Thank you to all involved front and back stage.
Leanne W, Cambridge
We took our grandchildren to see this show. They were definitely entertained and so were we. There were a lot of funny moments. The choreography was fabulous. We have already purchased our tickets for next year :)
Alexandra W, Holland Centre
The show was FABULOUS! We took our grandson and he was right into the entire show.... as were we!!! Well done!
Susan H, Waterloo
This was so much fun! My daughter and I had a great time and my cheeks were sore from laughing so much!
Stacey B, Kitchener
What a wonderful show! Full of audience participation hummer and fun. One of the best we have ever seen! Cheers and thanks for the talent among all the actors you folks continue to attract.
Don R, Sauble Beach
Such a fun night out with my 12 year old son! We laughed, we cheered, we hissed, and we sang along! Great story and coordination of all the dance numbers! Kudos to all the actors and ensemble! Already booked our tickets for the panto next year!
Jennifer K, Cambridge
Our 13 and nine-year-old great nephew and niece loved Peter Pan! We did, too! The kids were totally engaged and participating, intrigued with the story, costumes and sets, and were outright belly laughing at times! We spent much of the car ride home reminiscing about the antics in the show, speculating what next years Panto might be, and planning our 2024 visit to St. Jacobs Playhouse. It will be our fourth annual. We could not think of a better Christmas gift to give: time spent together, lots of fun and laughter, and building wonderful memories.
Sheila Z, Dundas
Great show. Fast paced and awesome cast. Music numbers were well done.
Larry T, Kitchener
Excellent performance. I would like to congratulate all the Actors and those behind the scenes on an excellent performance. Most of all I enjoyed seeing families (some with 2 generations) together enjoying this great theatre. Thank you for providing the opportunity!
Tina H, Listowel
We have seen every panto since it started. It is a yearly tradition with our family. The actors are top notch. The comedy is outstanding. Costumes and set are so professional. No one needs to go to a big city to see outstanding performances. We love it and would never miss it. Thank you Drayton Entertainment.
Liz G, Listowel
Fantastic show!
Dale U, St. Clements
Absolutely delightful show! The talent involved is exceptional and its fun for the whole family! So many laughs and wonderful how they incorporate modern music with a classic story. Highly recommend!
Kim B, St. Clements
Great show for young and old
Sandra S, Burlington
As always with Drayton Festival shows, the sets and costumes were well done, the story line and the dialogue very amusing, relevant and entertaining, and the actors extremely proficient and enthusiastic! I brought 2 young adults and two youth and they all totally participated and enjoyed their whole experience. I have been bringing my grandchildren to your theatres for over 20 years and they all love it. Thank you!
Vicki K, Blue Mountains
We take our 4 grandchildren to a Christmas show each year. This show is another great show for them. Lots of laughs and audience participation.
Bernie M, Waterloo
The show was amazing!!!! Everyone was fantastic especially the children. Our who team had an amazing time from 4 years old to 90 years old. The music was great, the dancing was great, interaction was wonderful and the subtleties were quite amusing, no, hysterical. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole show and it was so entertaining we were shocked at the time that had gone by. Thank you to all, on stage, back stage, everyone involved for the work you do to make us smile. A special thank you to Karen who makes this evening for us possible - thank you! We will be back next year!
Skills Ontario - Gael L, Waterloo
What a wonderful show for 2 grandmas with their grandkids aged 5 and 10. Everyone had a fabulous time!! Funny, engaging, the best characters and great music by the band. Such fun with excellent singing, dancing and costumes. Bravo to the many young actors supporting the pros. Can't wait for next year's panto!
We love the theatre and attending their plays is always a treat. We took our grandchildren (13 and 6) and we all loved the show. The kids voicing their opinions were among the loudest shrieks of joy helping Tinkerbell and Booing Captain Hook. The continuous flow jokes was loved by the adult and the kids supported them in their laughter.
Bruce C, Oakville
Awesome show, so much fun. Took my 7 year old grandson and he really enjoyed it.
Bonnie T, Kitchener
Peter Pan Panto was amazing!! It was filled with awesome performances and a ton of laughter. These Panto shows never disappoint. I cant wait for the next one.
Kathy D, Kitchener
This performance was absolutely fun from beginning to end! The actors were outstanding, the dancing was so complex and engaging and the scripting was clever. Best performance for kids and adults ever!
Gwen S, Waterloo
The musical panto, Peter Pan, at St Jacob's Theatre, was excellent. It was lively and fun, the songs were great, the acting was superb, and it was VERY funny! We all agreed that it was the best one we've seen in all the years we've been enjoying a Christmas Panto. From my 5-yr-old granddaughter, to her 11-year-old and 13-year-old siblings, to her mom and both her grandparents, this show had us all fully engaged. I HIGHLY recommend it!
Jane M, Waterloo
Absolutely excellent!
Elizabth G, Fergus
Myself and my grandsons (9 & 7) and granddaughter (3) absolutely loved it. What a fantastic show put on by an amazing cast. Special shout out to Wendy Darling, Peter Pan, and especially Nellie Copperbottom, Smee, & Mr. Darling/Captain Hook. You were all amazing! Highly recommend for all ages!!
Susan W, Walkerton
Fabulous performance.
Henry G, Ayr
Hilarious for young and old alike! Music was fantastic.
Christine P, Cambridge
We took our granddaughters age 9 and 7 and we all really enjoyed it.
Darlene W., Waterloo
Fantastic event and performance. Took our 3.5 year old for the first time this year and she loved it!
Natalie F, Waterloo
Absolutely fabulous! My grandkids were totally enthralled! So entertaining! So funny and delightful, beaming smiles all around. Us old folks laughing out loud too. What a great production!
Beverly M, Kitchener
Always an excellent show, for adults and kids alike !
Alan C, Kitchener
Amazing show, I took my 2 kids and they loved it. That was my first panto show and I would recommend it to everyone!!! We will be making it a yearly tradition for sure.
Kayla F, Harriston

Meet The Artists

Devin Alexander headshot

Devin Alexander


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Justin Bott headshot

Justin Bott

Nelly Copperbottom

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Zoë Brown headshot

Zoë Brown

Wendy Darling

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August Fox headshot

August Fox

John Darling

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Will Jeffs headshot

Will Jeffs


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Kae Kae Lee headshot

Kae Kae Lee


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Fae Lewis headshot

Fae Lewis

Michael Darling

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Lia Luz headshot

Lia Luz

Peter Pan

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Jackie Mustakas headshot

Jackie Mustakas

Mrs. Darling/Mermaid Queen

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Stephanie Pitsiladis headshot

Stephanie Pitsiladis


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Emma Rudy headshot

Emma Rudy


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Andrew Scanlon headshot

Andrew Scanlon

Mr. Darling/Captain Hook

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Trayvon Ward headshot

Trayvon Ward


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Christine Watson headshot

Christine Watson


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David Connolly headshot

David Connolly

Director & Choreographer

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Steve Thomas headshot

Steve Thomas

Music Director

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Jean Claude Olivier headshot

Jean Claude Olivier

Set Designer

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Rachel Berchtold headshot

Rachel Berchtold

Costume Designer

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Jeff JohnstonCollins headshot

Jeff JohnstonCollins

Lighting Designer

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Amber Archbell headshot

Amber Archbell

Stage Manager

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Sadie Wannamaker headshot

Sadie Wannamaker

Assistant Stage Manager

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Molly Mück headshot

Molly Mück

Apprentice Stage Manager

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Joe Bostick headshot

Joe Bostick

Fight Director

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