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For as little as $35 you can make a big impact on Drayton Entertainment. Attending a performance is only part of the experience. Taking pride in directly supporting the development of the finest musicals, comedies, and dramas the stage has to offer is the ultimate standing ovation.

We are extremely grateful to our extended family of Members who generously support their theatre year after year. Join these distinguished individuals and help us make live theatre accessible to everyone.

As our way of saying thank you, check out the latest Member Benefits:



Annual: $35 - $99

  • Free ticket exchange privileges up to 24 hours prior to performance.
  • Guaranteed advance ticket purchase privileges before everyone!
  • Priority email correspondence on breaking news, special events, and fundraisers.
  • The right to vote at the organization's Annual General Meeting. Have a say on how your theatre is run!
  • A tax receipt in the full amount of your donation.

Contributing: $100 - $249

  • Benefits above, plus acknowledgement of your support on the Drayton Entertainment website and in our Season House Program.

Donor: $250 - $499

  • Benefits above, plus the opportunity to purchase tickets to Opening Night performances and share in the festivities.

Patron: $500 - $999

  • Benefits above, plus direct access to our Director of Audience Services for customized care and attention.

Benefactor: $1,000+

  • Benefits above, plus an invitation to a special Drayton Entertainment event.


Drayton Entertainment Membership List *

* as of June 1, 2023

On behalf of everyone at Drayton Entertainment, thank you for choosing to become a Member and for donating so generously. Live theatre plays an integral role in our quality of life, and your contribution will result in a lasting legacy of professional entertainment for generations of theatregoers to come.

Many thanks again for your support.


Emma Dundon, Kitchener
Cheryl Elliott, Brantford
Cheryl Yuill, Elora

$2,500 - $4,999

Margaret Forwell, St. Clement
Frederick and Dianne Joyner, Cambridge
Brenda and Len Jewitt, Waterloo
Duncan and Susan Macgregor, Toronto
Ken and Kathryn Seiling, Elmira

$1,000 - $2,499

Douglas and Joan Bailey, Barrie
Deborah Bannerman, Cambridge
Mary Boucher, Waterloo
Anthony and Shirley Broxterman, Waterloo
Bobin Cherian,Cambridge
Debra Gleeson, Waterloo
Howard and Sandra Jones, Waterloo
Lori Lupton, Stratford
Duncan and Susan Macgregor, Toronto
Barb Malizia, London
Joan Mulholland, Stratford
Marion Round, Sarnia
Martin Schalike, Cambridge
Glen and Karen Schlotzhauer, Goderich
LeeAnne Skipper, Kitchener
Larry Smith, Waterloo
Dennis Souder, Cambridge
Brad Carr & Susan Wagler, West Montrose
Dianne Walkom, Stratford
Larry Wismer, Collingwood

Plus 1 Anonymous Member

$500 - $999

Ron and Joan Asselin, Penetanguishene
Robert and Sheila Bignell, Drayton
Cliff and Mary Bauman, Elmira
Stephen Coates, Toronto
Allan and Dorothy Cherrey, Listowel
Jane and Charlie Cipolla, Cambridge
Gail and Leonard Gibson, Alliston
O'Derald and Mary Gingerich, Baden
Pat and David Graham, Waterloo
Orland and Barbara Green, Guelph
Peter and Carole Griffin, Toronto
Gerard Haughey, Sarnia
Sue and Bill Harman, Milton
Paula Holborn, Moorefield
Joan Ireland, Cambridge
Ron King, Cambridge
Braden Kurczak, Kitchener

Margaret Magda, Princeton
Dan and Doreen Martin, Stratford
Donna McHardy, Waterloo
Doreen McHarg, Grand Bend
Russell and Patricia Mewse, Oakville
Doug Mortley-Wood, Cambridge
John and Marlene Ottens, Moorefield
Sharon Ribey, Port Elgin
Marilyn and Russell Rogers, Essex
Klaus and Rhoda Seibert, Mount Forest
David Seyler, New Hamburg
LeeAnne Skipper, Kitchener
Joan Snyder, Kitchener
Darren Steffen, Waterloo
Marilyn Thompson, Waterloo
Pat and Joana Vale, New Hamburg
Martin Van Dam, Waterloo
Don and Anna Willcox, Kitchener

$250 - $499

Steve and Ruth Aho, Grand Bend
Neil and Helen Aitchison, Waterloo
Edward Brough, Elmira
Tammy Burton, Shakespeare
Mary Cardiff, London
Kelly Chernick, Lake Zurich
Linda and John Cherrey, Drayton
Sandra Connor, Strathroy
Valerie Cook, Burlington
Karen Creighton, Walkerton
Sharon and Ron Crown, Grand Bend
Ilona Dahle, Waterloo
Joan Doherty, St George
Robert Estey, London
Martha deWitte Fairless, Kitchener
Eleanor and Jim Fidlin, Woodstock
Joan French, Burlington
Lynne Garrett, Stouffville
Judy Gibson, Stratford
Ross Gray, Elmira
Murray and Merle Haase, Waterloo
Carolyn M Hansson, Waterloo
Mike Harmer, Mississauga
Rae Henry, Midland
Harry and Linda Hicks, Kincardine
Maria Ilona, Waterloo
Wendy Kennedy, Waterloo
Sandra Keys, Waterloo
Wendy and Chandra Kudsia, Kitchener
Nancy Kuiper, Waterloo
Nancy Lang, Niagara Falls
Bill and Sheila Langdown, Cambridge
Barbara and Tom LeBrun, Cambridge
Evyleen Litt, Kitchener
Doug and Helen Macmillan, Cambridge
Wally Martin, Elmira
Cheryl Martin-Gray, Elmira
Sandra Maxwell, Vittoria
Hug McArthur, Vittoria
Elizabeth and Bill McHugh, Ailsa Craig
Jo-Anne Metzloff, Kitchener
Marg Misener, Scarborough
Craig Mitchell, St George
Alex Moore, Elmira
Jeanette and Sandra Moreau, Waterloo
Lynn Mortimer, Cambridge
Barbara and Jim Moscovich, London
Ana Nikolic, Kitchener
Dennis and Juanita Nolan, Wellesley
Colleen O'Brien, London
Connie and Earl Orth, Waterloo
Joanne Perry, Ingersoll
Lois Reoch, Waterloo
Clive and Mary Joan Rigby, Conestogo
Donna and Jim Robinson, Waterloo
Allan and Darlene Robinson, Cambridge
Judith Rouble, Brantford
Bill and Rochell Shafer, Kitchener
Gary Shantz, Kitchener
Victoria Shonk, New Hamburg
Sally Siegner, Grand Bend
Dana Strassburger, Kitchener
Kathleen Vanderbeek, Leamington
Sylvia and John Veldman, Kitchener
Marie Voisin, New Hamburg
Kathleen Woelfle, Cambridge
Marilyn Woods, Waterloo
David and Marilyn Wylie, Kitchener
Patricia Ziegler, Kitchener

$100 - $249

Andrew Abrams, Charleston
Janet and Brian Adkin, Barrie
Richard Akerlund, Kitchener
Linda Albright - Thiel, Cambridge
Paula Anderson, Cambridge
Jim Armstrong, Cambridge
Terry Arndt, Kitchener
Ab James Ashley, Stratford
Cheryl Atwood, Queensville
Joan and Robert Aumell, Guelph
Janice Awde, Brampton
Bruce and Barbara Bailey, London
Karen and Jim Baird, Cambridge
Helen and Janis Baltais, Cambridge
Sharon Barley, Burlington
Marlene Barna, Kitchener
Larry Batte, Stratford
Kay and John Baxter, Kitchener
Robert and Sheila Beath, Grand Bend
Thelma and Ron Beaubien, Waterloo
Anne Bell, Listowel
Lynn Bell, Waterloo
Louis and Mary Bender, St Clements
Brian Bennett, Tavistock
Don and Joan Berberich, Waterloo
Paul and Karen Berg, New Hamburg
Jerry and Joanne Berlette, Waterloo
Madeleine Bernier, Kitchener
Tammy Bezanson, Cambridge
William Bignell, Kitchener
Doreen Blanchette, Cambridge
Tom and Doreen Bochsler, Bracebridge
Ray Boehm, Waterloo
Leo and Danielle Boileau, Kitchener
Jill and W Botros, Waterloo
Dave and Sheila Bowman, Cambridge
Susan Brethauer, Cambridge
Harry and Dorell Brightwell, Stratford
Jean Brodhaecker, Drayton
Lynne Brodie, New Hamburg
Nan Brooks, Grand Bend
Kim and Peter Broughall, St Clements
Dan Brown, Hamilton
Mary Lou and Paul Brown, Palmerston
Maria and Bill Brown, Kitchener
Beth and Steve Brown, Heidelberg
Linda Brox, Oakville
Joseph and Joan Brugman, Stoney Creek
John and Sue Brunet, Mount Brydges
Linda Brydon, Elmira
Judy Bullen, Waterloo
Marion Burdett, Grand Bend
Darlene Burke, Kitchener
Bernie and Marg Burnett, Heidelberg
William Butt, Orangeville
Nathan Butterworth, Hamilton
Bonnie Cahoon, Guelph
Brian and Cathy Campbell, Kitchener
Rodolfo Cantu, Kitchener
Heather Caron, Kitchener
James Carr, St. Jacobs
Michael and Eva Carter, Penetanguishene
Linda Caswell, Flesherton
Roy and Marguerita Chadwick, Kitchener
Rick Chambers, Waterloo
Veronica Chapman, Waterloo
Sandra Chapman, Kitchener
Tara Chatterson, Waterloo
John and Sharyn Cheney, Woodstock
Victoria Chesney, Cambridge
Doreen Chester, Grand Bend
Neil and Linda Chester, Cambridge
Elizabeth Christian, Listowel
Lorraine Claydon, Cambridge
Robin Clennett, North York
Suzanne Cline, Cambridge
John and Maryanne Cockburn, Oro-Medonte
Jim Collins, Goderich
Norma Coole, Guelph
Frances Corkill, Etobicoke
Lynne Couperus, Drumbo
Ron Cripps, Simcoe
Charles and Arline Crockford, Waterloo
Debbie Crown, Petrolia
Pauline Curtis, Guelph
Sue Dahmer, Cambridge
Dianne DalBello, Cambridge
Barbara Daly, Kitchener
Jean Davis, Kitchener
Frank and Mary Dawson, Guelph
Jennifer Day, London
David Dayler, Ancaster
Bo Densmore, Cambridge
Esther and Keith Devolin, Guelph
Debra Diack, Cambridge
Sandra and John Dixon, Grand Bend
Jim Dockery, Waterloo
John and Victoria Doidge, Waterloo
Betty Donaldson, Dorchester
Jean Dorey, Lambton Shores
Karl Douglas, Grand Bend
Judith Anne and Hugh Douglas, Gorrie
Bob Down, Exeter
Mary Dryden, London
Debbie Dubeau, Penetanguishene
Janet and Paul Dullaert, Kitchener
Karen Dyer, London
Annemarie and Karin Eby, Waterloo
Gaylia Edwards, Hamilton
Ross and Jane Eichler, New Hamburg
Patricia Eldridge, Kitchener
Paul Elgar, Port Severn
Karen Elliott, Hamilton
Norm and Valerie Elliott, Toronto
Roger Emery, Sarnia
Lois Eveleigh, Fergus
Kae Ewing, Cambridge
Bob and Joan Fairley, Cambridge
Corinne Ferguson, Wasaga Beach
Brenda Fisher, Waterloo
Michael Flaherty, Meaford
Doreen Flockhart, Cambridge
Edward and Judith Fluter, Grand Bend
Laverne Forsyth, Cambridge
Ruth Foss, Cambridge
Sue Foxton, Ayr
Beatrice Franklin, Ingersoll
William French, Kitchener
Don and Lois Fretz, St Catharines
Nina Fulford, Huntsville
Joanne Fuller, Cambridge
Jane Gable, Wasaga Beach
Michel Gadoury, Tiny
Marion Gamble, London
Vicky and Naresh Garach, Waterloo
Christine Gefucia, Brantford
Donna Gelinas, Cambridge
Brenda Gellow, Burlington
Joyce George, Guelph
Karen Gibbon, Brantford
John and Joan Giffen, Grand Bend
Don and Betty Giles, Fergus
Pat Gilmour, Cambridge
Sheila Girvan, Toronto
Fred Gore, Kitchener
Alan and Sandra Graff, Stratford
William Graham, Sarnia
Dianne Graham, Kincardine
Betty Grant, Cambridge
John and Barb Green, Drayton
Audrey Green, Barrie
Terry Grieb, Guelph
Gerri and Phil Grominsky, Kitchener
Wayne Hamara, Cambridge
Bill and Sandra Hammond, Guelph
Joyce Harman, Kitchener
Sue and Bill Harman, Milton
Don Harnett, Guelph
Lynda Harris, Mississauga
Jennifer Harrison, Guelph
Diane Harvey, Guelph
Donald Heath, New Hamburg
Robert and Jeri Heer, Waterloo
Henry and Grace Hildebrand, Burlington
Sharon Hilhorst, West Montrose
Marilyn Hillis, Tillsonburg
Tim Hobbs, Grand Bend
Ron and Lynn Hodgins, Palmerston
Gillian Hoekstra, Cambridge
Paul Holder, Hamilton
Carol Anne Hornett, Kitchener
Marie Howse, Waterloo
Beatrice Howse, Guelph
Carol and Ken Huehn, Waterloo
Norma Hutton, Waterloo
David and Wendy Imrie, Kitchener
Joyce and Walt Ireson, Elmira
Warren and Linda Jack, Drayton
Marilyn Jacobi, Kitchener
Ron Jacobs, Kitchener
Lisa Jacuniak, Cambridge
Jeanette Jamieson, Cambridge
Emily Jantzi, Guelph
Linda and Tom Jarvis, Guelph
Andrew Joakim, Petersburg
Lorraine and Andy Johnston, Guelph
Diane Jones, Waterloo
Rosemary Jones, Guelph
Ron and Darlene Judge, Kitchener
Rebecca Kalbfleisch, Waterloo
George Kalil, Cambridge
Susan Karai, Kitchener
Steven Karcher, Cambridge
Linda Kenny, Waterloo
Bill and Mary Kienapple, London
Keith and Noreen Kincaid, Toronto
Doug and Debbie Koegler, Waterloo
Joan Koponen, Kitchener
Raymond Kossakowski, Rochester Hills
Terry Kratz, Cambridge
Herald Krimmer, London
Pauline Kugler, Kitchener
Al Kulenkamp, Cambridge
Ron Kumara, Hamilton
Joan La Croix, Kitchener
Sandra and Robert Large, London
Mary Anne and Peter Laroche, Kitchener
Louise and Michael Lawrie, Cambridge
Ron Lawton, Sarnia
Twila Lebold, Waterloo
Paula and Raymond Letheren, Bayfield
Werner and Liz Leuthold, Waterloo
Rita Levato, Kitchener
Mary Lichty, Wellesley
Bev and Norma Lindenfield, Exeter
Brian Livingstone, Kitchener
Mary Lou and Glen Livock, Wellesley
Rev’d John Lockyer, Guelph
Wendy Long, Cambridge
Diana and David MacFarlane, Waterloo
Liz MacKenzie, Guelph
Richard Madison, Conestogo
Elizabeth Madter, Puslinch
Karen and Dave Maidment, Cambridge
Bernie Marshall, Waterloo
Sandy Marshall, Flesherton
Mary Jane and Doug Marshall, Cambridge
Bridget Mathers, Goderich
Joanne and Don Matthews, Harriston
Barry and Lola May, New Hamburg
Tom and Cina McArthur, Cambridge
Norma McAuliffe, Kitchener
Barb McCann, Parkhill
Mary McCarthy, Guelph
Susan and John McDonald, Ayr
John and Marjorie McElroy, Waterloo
Rick McGuire, Parkhill
Doug McIntosh, Kitchener
Paul McKnight, London
Mary Lou McLeod, Waterloo
Ken and Jan McPhedran-McLeod, Dover Centre
Susan McTavish, Waterloo
James and Patricia Meek, St Clements
James Metcalfe, Wellesley
Janet and Reiny Michel, Waterloo
Wendy and Raymond Miske, Cambridge
Barbara and Peter Mitchell-Scott, Windsor
Lisa Molenaar, Wallenstein
Edward Monaghan, Brantford
Beth Morrow, London
Janice Morton, London
Kent and Medina Moseley, Waterloo
Brian and Elaine Moss, Georgetown
Jean Murray, Moorefield
Bruce and Carroll Murray, Moorefield
Stan and Donna Nahrgang, Kitchener
Maxine Neller, Kitchener
Lianne Nicholson, Lucknow
Craig Nickel, Waterloo
Sheila Nixon, Brussels
Cindy O'Keeffe, Grand Bend
Donald Oleniuk, Sarnia
Jan and Cec Omand, Kitchener
Kathryn Orr, Ingersoll
Barry and Monica Page, Goderich
Dave Parrott, Waterloo
Ann Patterson, Scarborough
Don Pavey, Cambridge
Lori Payne, St Clements
Robert and Nadine Peel, Drayton
Sandra Peers, Waterloo
Ann Pinchin, London
Maxx Plank, Toronto
Harold and Jo-Ann Pomerantz, Dundas
Jean Potthoff Lambton, Shores
Les Pyke, Kitchener
Bob Radtke, Grand Bend
Kimberley Raeburn-Gibson, London
Cathy Ralston, Guelph
Celine Raymond, Mississauga
Bo Renneckendorf, New Hamburg
Carole and Alan Riehl, Sebringville
Kent Ringler, Brantford
June Ritchie, Elmvale
John and Marie Ritchie, Barrie
Ross Robertson, Waterloo
Edgar Rodriguez, Brantford
Judith Rogers, Innisfil
Janice and James Rosebrugh, St George
Betty Ross, Port Elgin
Sam Roth, New Hamburg
Rick Rumney, London
Vincent Ryan, Waterloo
Morrison Sahadeo, Guelph
Pat Salter, Arthur
Nancy and Millet Salter, Midhurst
Teresa Sanecki, Welland
Lynn and Marilyn Sararus, New Dundee
Leone Schaefer, Ayr
Deb and Brian Schaefer, Hillsdale
Fred and Charlene Schiedel, Cambridge
Dave and Joanne Schlei, Cambridge
Ron and Susan Shane, Waterloo
Martha and Chuck Sikaras, Warrenville
Mary Anne Silverthorn, Woodstock
Howard Simpson, Guelph
GT Singh, Milton
Ron and Kathleen Slaughter, London
Owen Slocombe, Guelph
Sharon Smith, Oro Medonte
Barb Smith, Cambridge
Robert and Charlotte Southern, London
Thomas Steckel, Kitchener
Chris and Debra Steenburgh, Guelph
Carl and Nancy Stief, Waterloo
Debbie Stillar, Kitchener
Anne Straus, Petersburg
John and Marg Strong, Waterloo
Brian Sutton, London
Corinne Symons, London
Simon Talbot, Kitchener
Chris Taplay, Listowel
Christine Taylor, Fergus
Ingrid Tenzer, Guelph
Ruth-Anne Thiel, London
Don and Barbara Thomas, Cambridge
Phyllis Thompson, Listowel
Susan Thomsen, Rockwood
Robert and Joan Thornhill, London
John and Gail Timmerman, Collingwood
Doris Tom, Waterloo
Ardith and Bob Toogood, Waterloo
Bernice Trace, Elmvale
Ida Traxler, Strathroy
Doug Trimble, Elmira
James and Michelle Tschirhart, Milton
Elaine Tucker, Guelph
Tom and Patricia Turbitt, Listowel
Nancy Turner, London
Brenda Uchimaru, Cambridge
George and Catherine Vadeboncoeur, Penetanguishene
Ralph and Dianne Van Dalen, Waterloo
Rose and William Van Sickle, Harriston
Jane VanDam, Guelph
Paul VandeKamer, Guelph
Moe and Wendy Vanderaa, Cambridge
John Villemaire, Kitchener
Constance and Paul Voisin, Bayfield
Glenda Wagner, Exeter
Elisabeth Walder, Toronto
Judy and Butch Waldrum, Guelph
Kirk Wallis, Lucan
Keith Walper, West Lorne
Katharine Watt, Listowel
Reta Weber, Elmira
Jean Weigand, Dashwood
Terry Weldon, Kitchener
Stephanie Wells, Walkerton
Ellen and Richard Wells, Sarnia
Fred Welsh, Powassan
Silvana & Paul Whalenbree, Cambridge
Bob and Lynn Whitehead, Simcoe
Donna and Mac Wile, Kitchener
David and Heather Wilks, Woodstock
Pat Williams, Guelph
Marissa and Paul Williamson, Cambridge
Kathryn Wilmott, Port Lambton
Nancy Wilson, Markdale
Lillian Wilson, Guelph
Anne Wilton, Grand Bend
Gillian and Charles Wood, Elmira
Kenneth and Janice Woods, Elmira
Janice Wright, New Hamburg
Robert and Beverley Wyatt, Cambridge
Nancy Yates, Bolton
William Young, New Hamburg
Carol Zettel, New Dundee
Donna Zimmerman, London
Lynne Zimmerman, Waterloo
Mary Alice Zister, Kitchener
Cathy Zurbrigg, Kitchener
Sousa Bookkeeping & Taxes, Cambridge


Darlene Abt, Cambridge
Susan Acheson, Guelph
Alexandra Adam, Blenheim
Laura Adam, Breslau
Marjorie Adams Grandville
James Adams, Wellesley
Terra Ahrens, London
Frank and Joyce Aiken, Waterloo
Audrey Aitken, Hamilton
Janis and Phil Aitken, Brantford
Broderick Albert, St. Thomas
Alexandria Aldrich, Guelph
Marilyn and Jerry Allen, Cambridge
Fern Allen, Kitchener
Marnie Allen, Guelph
Barb Allgood, Cathcart
Nancy Allin, Elmira
Ginny and Virginia L. Anderson, Hillsburgh
Bill and Jan Anderson, Woodstock
Tamra Andrechek, Kitchener
Krista Antle, Cambridge
Patricia and Dwight Aplevich, Kitchener
Riek Arand, Milverton
Sheila Ardies, Wasaga Beach
Cristina and John Arends, London
Carol Ariss, Cambridge
Murray and Annie Ariss, Kitchener
Lin Arnold, Dashwood
Lyn Artmont, Strathroy
Marian and David Atkinson, London
Linda Attard, Port Franks
Mary and Allan Aubin Simcoe
Shelley Aubry, Kitchener
Edward(Ted) Aziz, London
Marilyn Bachert, Kitchener
Earl and Candace Backman, Midland
David Baetz, Milton
Susan Bagshaw, Cambridge
Carol Bailey, Toronto
Richard and Elizabeth Baker, St. Marys
Arlene and Al Baker, Mount Hope
Doris and Donald Balcarras, Waterloo
Brenda Baldwin-Dykstra, Norwich
Nick Balkaran, Kitchener
Sharlene Ball, Cambridge
Sandra Ball, Walkerton
John Ballantine, Hamilton
Judy Ballantyne Thamesford
Brenda Ballantyne, Kitchener
Andris Balodis, Kitchener
Ken and Gloria Bancroft, Fergus
Merilyn Banks, Orangeville
Lorraine Banton, Baden
Janis and George Baphaloukos Midland
Donna Baratto, Milton
Carolyn Barfoot, Kitchener
Jasmine Barker, New Hamburg
Jim and Linda Barnett, Burlington
Roland and Karen Barrett, Waterloo
Joseph and Edythe Barriault, Barrie
Keith and Penny Barry Minesing
Don Bartley, Owen Sound
Vera Barycky, Tiny
Susan and Cameron Batt, Ilderton
Marianne Bauer, Guelph
Marcella and Glen Bauman, London
Luis Baumann, Ayr
Thomas Beal, Cambridge
Christine Beam, Elora
Dora and William Bean, Kitchener
Betty and Giles Beaudoin, Stoney Creek
Carol Beaver, Cambridge
Laura Beben Feehan, Kitchener
Carla Bechtel, Baden
Walter Bechtloff St Jacobs
Nancy and Bill Becker Dashwood
Reta Joanne Beckett, London
Robyn Beckett, Elmira
Wende Bedirian, Kitchener
Amy Beharrell Lucan
Claude Belanger, New Hamburg
Lou Belcourt, Elmvale
Janice Bell, Cambridge
Gordon Bell, Innerkip
Muriel and Philip Bell, Cambridge
Elizabeth and John Belleghem, Georgetown
Audrey Bender, Cambridge
Marg Benian, Cambridge
Debora Benjamin, Wasaga Beach
Nancy Bennett, Komoka
Katherine and Joseph Benninger, Formosa
Len Bennink, Guelph
Joan Bentley, Cambridge
Jerome Berberich, Kitchener
Dianne Beresford, Waterloo
Bonnie Berg, Cambridge
Pauline and Mike Berkvens, Sarnia
Jennifer Bernard, Elmira
Dillon Bernier, Guelph
Gloria Bertoni, Cambridge
Ellen and Wayne Berwick, New Hamburg
Bill Besterd, London
Victoria Bezjak, Kitchener
Zahir Bhanji North York
Judy Bickford, Cambridge
Joyce Birnstihl, New Hamburg
Theresa Bisch, Wellesley
Rita Bisschop, Penetanguishene
Doris Bitz, Burlington
Helen Black Clinton
Mary and Roger Black, Stratford
Jennifer Blackie, Guelph
Helga and Gerald Blackwell, Cambridge
Franceen Blidner St Marys
Oriole Blyth Mount Forest
Debbie and Tom Boaz, Dorchester
David Bock, Elmira
Wayne Bolster, Guelph
Terry and Jane Bonham, Vineland
Janice Bonthron, London
Blair Bothwell, Cambridge
Mike Bott, Waterloo
Shirley-Ann Boven, Blyth
Steve Bowden, London
Krista Bowlby, St. Thomas
Sylvia Boyd, Stratford
Donna Bradshaw, Waterloo
Barrie Braiden, Tiny
Angela Braks, Waterloo
Elizabeth Brandon, Barrie
Joan and Larry Brania, London
Colette Brasch, Waterloo
Margaret Brethet, Cambridge
Jesse Brideau, St. Agatha
Diane Bridges, Guelph
Amanda Brighton, Walkerton
Kevin Brook, Waterloo
Deborah Brook, Bolton
Robert and Susan Brooks, Elmira
Marj Brooks, Stratford
Suzanne Brooks, Kitchener
Maria Brooks, Tierra Verde
Clare Brown, Cambridge
Lois Brown, Kitchener
Susan Brown, Cambridge
David Brown, Kitchener
Teresa Brown, Ilderton
Mark Brown, Port Elgin
Cathy Brown, Acton
Pat Brown, London
Karen Brown, Waterloo
Roger Brown, London
Robert Brown, Cambridge
Elaine Browne, Cambridge
Isabel Bruce, Waterloo
Ross and Rhonda Bryson, Dashwood
Jim and Barbara Brzoza, Etobicoke
Shannon Buchanan, Waterloo
Sandra and Greg Buchanan, Wingham
Karen Buchwald, London
Chuck and Kathy Buckwell, Cambridge
Leonard Budden, Waterloo
Beverly Bueckert, Guelph
Debbie Buhrow, Waterloo
Jim and Lynne Bullock, Mississauga
Lynda Bumstead, Stratford
Deborah and Brian Burchatzki, Kitchener
Lydia Burdett-Pickering, Cambridge
Elaine Butler, Kitchener
Teddy Buzek, St George
Geri Byrd, Stratford
Allyson Cain, Puslinch
Kim Cain, Baden
Rhonda Caldwell, Wellesley
Peggy and Gerry Call, Port Elgin
Mike Callaghan, Strathroy
Jacqueline Callen, Penetanguishene
Sherry Cameron, Elmwood
Joan Cameron, Guelph
Barbara Camilleri, Freelton
Harvey and Joan Campbell, Waterloo
Margaret Campbell, Fullarton
John Campbell, Collingwood
Joseph Carbalho, Tillsonburg
Andrea Card, London
Patty Carnegy, Etobicoke
Jean Caron, Newmarket
Darlene Carreiro, Waterloo
Donna Carreiro, Strathroy
Glenn Carruthers, Collingwood
Fred Carson St Jacobs
Brian Carter, Waterloo
Trudy Carter, Stratford
Janet Carter, Dorchester
Kimberly Case, Grand Bend
Susan Caskey, Waterloo
Laurie and Raul Castro, Waterloo
Sandra Cater, Midland
Sandra Cerenzia, Ilderton
Bob Chaffe, Bayfield
Marion Chalmers, Flesherton
Dawn Chappelle, Sarnia
Gary Chard, New Hamburg
Paul and Suzanne Charlebois Tiny
Barb Charnuski, Elmira
Loreen Cherry, Cambridge
Albert and Elaine Cheskes, Toronto
Heather Chesney, Guelph
Valerie Chessell, Mitchell
Mary Chiarot, Kitchener
Linda Chindemi, Etobicoke
Jo-Anne and Wayne Chisholm, Woodstock
Janet and David Chisholm, Cambridge
Donna Chojnacki, Cambridge
Bonnie Christopher, Fergus
Nancy Chung, Stratford
Louise Ciarniello Dundas
Bonnie Clark, Cambridge
Harley Clark, Waterloo
Carolyn Clark, St Marys
Cheryl and Bob Clark, Elmira
Irene Clarke, Rockwood
Judy Clerk, Waterloo
Carey and Kathryn Cline, Ancaster
Diana Clipsham, Waterloo
Corinne Cluff, Waterloo
Frederick T Coe, Cambridge
Ann Collins, Waterloo
Crystal Collins, Victoria Harbour
Tracey Collins, Waterloo
Betty Ann Colquhoun, Waterloo
Mary Anne Conell, Guelph
Shirley Conforti, Guelph
Brian Connell, Centralia
William Conway, Cambridge
Dorothy Cook, Mount Forest
Brian Cook, Mount Forest
Judy and Bruce Cook, Toronto
Brian Cooke, Etobicoke
Susan Cooper, Kitchener
Frank Cooper, Elmira
Carol Cooper, Sarnia
Dave Cooper, Kincardine
Cheryl and Mark Cooper, Brantford
Agnes Corke, Waterloo
Mary Cormier, Kitchener
Lou-Ann Cornacchio, Cambridge
Ben Cornell, Baden
Sonja Cosic, Kitchener
Donna Cotton, Waterloo
Roy Coughlin, Guelph
Alison Coulombe Midland
Ethel and Wilf Coulson, Brantford
Marilyn Coupal, Elmira
Trish Coupal, Waterloo
Don Cowan, Kitchener
Marguerite Cowley, Elora
Muriel Craib, Ancaster
John and Marilyn Craig, Elmira
Kevin Craigie, Cambridge
Doug and Susan Crane, Cambridge
Linda Creed, Kitchener
Kim and Stephen Cregan, Waterloo
Tim Cress, Freelton
Cam and Judy Croal, Waterloo
David and Carol Croley, Kitchener
Lisa Crone, Barrie
Leisa Cronsberry, Cambridge
Ronald Cross, Waterloo
Robert Crossan, Kitchener
Tina Crossfield, St. Marys
Nancy Croth, New Hamburg
John Crozier, Tecumseh
Richard and Charlotte Cudney, New Dundee
Mary Ann Cummings, Kitchener
Bob Cummings, Elmira
Victor Cupidio, Burlington
Dana Currie, Waterloo
Beverley Dadson, Listowel
Debbie Dal Bo, Guelph
Dave Daly, Kitchener
Carole Damen Lucan
Annette and Wolf Dandyk, Waterloo
Don Davidson, St Catharines
Carolyn Davidson, Guelph
Larry Davis, Stratford
Lockie and Denise Davis, Barrie
Gloria Dawe, Sarnia
Hele De Gourville, Kitchener
William and Rosie De Jong, Brampton
Sally De Leonardis, Cambridge
Chris and Marjorie De Wilde Wasaga Beach
Heather Deboer, Brantford
Renee Debrot, Kitchener
Anne Dedman, Kitchener
Steve and Cindy Dedyna, London
Lynda Deelstra, London
Tina Defreitas, Petersburg
Fran Defreitas, Oakville
Rene and Liz DeGraaf, Cambridge
Ken and Margaret DeLaat, Stratford
Olga Dendy, Waterloo
Denise Denomme, Waterloo
Suzanne Denomme, Waterloo
Bernard Derry Victoria Harbour
Christine Derstine, Kitchener
Marion and Robert Dewar, Kitchener
Jim and Linda Deziel, Waterloo
Bob Di Benedetto St Clements
Sharon Diamond, New Hamburg
Michael Diamond, Guelph
Keith Dickens, Guelph
Trudy Dickinson, Guelph
Catharine Diebold, Walkerton
Kathy Dieter, Kitchener
Peter Dietrich, Conestogo
Nancy Dietrich, Harriston
Mary Dietz, Sarnia
Paul Digby, Sarnia
Kathleen Dingle, Kitchener
Debbie Dion, Cambridge
Nancy DiPietro, Cambridge
Annis Dippel, Waterloo
Christine and Doug Ditner, Mt Forest
Sherri Dixon, Fergus
Donna Dixon, Lucan
Steve Dmytrus, Cambridge
Darcy and Marianne Doak, Goderich
Ed and Joyce Doerksen, Port Rowan
Dani & Rick Doerr, London
Tracy Dollois, Guelph
Nadine Domingos, Cambridge
Cathy Donahue, St George
Harry and Audrey Donley, Wiarton
Thomas Donnelly, Woodstock
Diane and Kevin Doran, Toronto
Anne Doremus, Minesing
Margaret Douglas, Plattsville
Dianna Douglas, Waterloo
David Downie, Toronto
Harry Drews, Kitchener
Tom and Kathy Drew-Smith, Cambridge
Pat and Harold Drimmie, Elora
Kieran Drohan, Guelph
Lorne Drury, Tillsonburg
George and Bea Duff, St Jacobs
Ingrid Duffy, Kitchener
Mary Duggan, Grand Bend
John and Norma Dunham, Elmira
Liliane Dunham, Dorchester
Alison and Janet Dunkley, Guelph
Peggy and Bruce Dunning, Cambridge
Pat Durance, Orillia
Betty and Garry Duwyn, Mitchell
Bill Dykstra, Severn
Gloria and Don Dyson, Guelph
Catherine and Paul Eagles, Branchton
Bev Eastwood, Goderich
Thomas Eastwood, Mitchell
Elizabeth Eby, St Jacobs
Tena and Wayne Eccles, Kitchener
Marg Eckhardt, Durham
Nadia Edey, Camlachie
Dianne Edwards, Paris
Ruth Edwards, Oro Medonte
Eleanora Edwards, Kitchener
Joanne Ehgoetz, Stratford
Jamie and Karen Eitel, Cambridge
Fred Ekins Wasaga Beach
Jo Ann Eldridge, Stratford
Sheila Elliott, Kincardine
Margaret Elliott-Niesen, Walkerton
Roger Ellis, Guelph
Barbara Ellis, Stayner
Viki Lynn Ellsmere, Oro Medonte
Lynda Elmy, Parkhill
Rodney Engelbrecht, Kitchener
Marianne and Edward Enns, Waterloo
Wanda Epp, Ayr
Pat Eppley, Fort Gratiot
Maggie Evans, Guelph
Chris Evans, New Hamburg
Beth Evans, Cambridge
Bonnie and Bob Fach, Cambridge
Lou and Maria Falcone, Toronto
Mary-Lou Falla, Sarnia
Margaret Fannon, Kitchener
Wade Faris, Coldwater
Richard and Ethan Faris, Wyevale
Ruth Farley, Waterloo
Timothy and Barbara Farlow, Waterloo
Linda and Wayne Faulhafer, Stratford
Kim Faustini, Cambridge
Judy, Ferguson, Cambridge
Pat and Mike Ferraro, Waterloo
Shyreen Ferreira, Kincardine
Marianne Ferris, Brantford
Marcie Fewster, Baden
Kristina Fichter Melbourne
Doris Fiedler, Toronto
Susan Fielding, Puslinch
Wendy, Carson and Hal Finlayson, Guelph
Diane Firby, Brantford
Sharon and Dan Fisher, Thamesford
Martin Fisher, Zurich
Ken and Yvonne Flanagan, Stratford
Mary and Bob Flanagan, Waterloo
Susan Fleet, Tiny
Donna Fleming, London
Craig and Karen Fleming, Cambridge
Roger Flint, Midland
Syd and Jeanine Floyd, London
David and Margaret Fontaine, Elmira
John Forbes, Oakville
Lynn Forbes, Kitchener
Marianne Ford, Victoria Harbour
Laura and Peter Forma, Tiny
Sandra and Greg Forristal, London
Tim and Darlene Forsyth, Kitchener
Cyndy Forsyth, Cambridge
Catherine Fortune, Oro-Medonte
Barbara Foster, Palmerston
Cheryl Fotherby Beeton
Rodolphe and Marie Foucault, Kitchener
Sharon Fournier, Kitchener
Eileen Foxall, Waterloo
Cathy Fraiser Cold Water
Ron and Connie Frank, Strathroy
Deb Fraser, St George
Fred and Josephine Fraser, Cambridge
Jeff Freedman, Thornhill
Carol Freiburger, Waterloo
Elke Freiter, London
Earl French Lucan
Marie Fretz, Conestogo
Brad and Lorie Freund, Kitchener
James Friesen, Kitchener
John and Carolynn Fryer, London
Susan and Brian Fulton Richmond Hill
Shirley Funk, Victoria Harbour
Marjorie Gabel, Waterloo
Bruce Gabel, Guelph
Marg and Ron Gage, Kitchener
Roger and Karen Galipeau, Collingwood
David and Terese Gallagher Jerseyville
Wayne Gallant, Burlington
Mary Jane Gallow, Kitchener
Silvina Galvao, Cambridge
Lisa and Brooke Gamble, Cambridge
Lisa Gamsby, Elora
Allan Gardner, Penetanguishene
Sara Gardner Tiny
Lynne Garn, Caledonia
Jay and Beverley Garner, Cambridge
Carina and Robert Gast, Waterloo
Nancy Gaulton, Dundas
Janet Gaunt Lambton Shores
Donna Gear, Fergus
Glynda Geibel, Kitchener
Johanna Genis, Burlington
Brenda George, Waterloo
Bill and Karen Gerrie, Limehouse
William and Shirley Gerry, London
Joyce Gerth, Kitchener
Shirley Gibson, Barrie
Charlotte Gibson, Waterloo
Trevor Gieb, Cottam
Adrienne Gilbert, Waterloo
Catharine Gilbertson, Kitchener
Debra and John Gill, Grand Bend
Derry Gilles, Elmira
Ron and Valerie Gillespie, Chatsworth
Marlene Gillies, Cambridge
Margaret Gingrich, Cambridge
Lynn Girard, Windsor
Carroll Anne Girard Midland
Diane Glebe, Port Elgin
Cyndy Gmeindl, Waterloo
Laurie Goetz, Waterloo
Courtney Goldie, Guelph
Jim Goll, Elmira
Randy Gondosch, Kitchener
Sharon and Douglas Good, Drayton
Janice Goodbrand, Brantford
Susan Gordner, Waterloo
Ardeth Gordon Sudbury
Lynda Gorel, Kitchener
Hazel Gorin, Burlington
Sharon Gotter, Toronto
Michael Gottlieb, Cambridge
Dianne Gottschalk Shakespeare
Richard Gough, Kitchener
Loreen Gowing, RR3 Moorefield
Pat Gowland, Cambridge
Catherine Gowland, Waterloo
Frank and Rosemary Gowman, Kitchener
Shelly Gracey, Paris
Michal Graczyk, Oakville
Linda Graham, Guelph
Cindy Graham Elmvale
Brenda Grandy, Palmerston
Doug Grandy, Waterloo
Wendy Grassing, Kitchener
Larry and Ruth Ann Gray, Mitchell
Marguerite and Gord Greavette, Waterloo
David Green, Collingwood
Warren and Bonnie Gregg, Guelph
Cathy Gregory, Kitchener
Bruce and Charlotte Grein St Jacobs
Shirley Griffith, Strathroy
Heather Griffith, Guelph
Lynne Griffiths-Fulton and Karl Griffith, Waterloo
Maureen Griffiths, Guelph
Heather Grigg, Burlington
Paul and Jeannette Grignon, Strathroy
Lisbet Grindlay, Cambridge
Nicola Groenewegen, Guelph
Carmen Grover, Watford
Gail Growden-Coates, Cambridge
Maria and Walter Grupp, Kitchener
Dorothy Gueguen, St Agatha
Heide Guil, New Hamburg
Ruth Gunby, Dundas
Jean Guy, Dutton
Brian and Barb Hahn, Waterloo
Sheila Hainsworth, Milton
Joanne Halashewski, Woodstock
Jane Hale-McDonald, Ayr
Jennifer Haley, St George
Nancy Hall, Burlington
Glenna and William Hall, London
Rob and Trish Hall, Waterloo
Paul and Ruth Anne Hamel, Waterloo
Larry and Judy Hamel, Kitchener
Troy and Kristina, Hamilton, Atwood
Marianne Hammond Mount Forest
Larry and Ruth Ann Hammond, Elmira
Morgan and Gale Hanam, Kitchener
Norma Hand, Cambridge
Mary Jane Handy-Zamudio, Mississauga
Christina Hanes, Kitchener
Merle Haney, Waterloo
Victor Hannah, Hamilton
Barbara and Jerry Hardy, Barrie
Kathy Harlow, London
Karen Harmon, Elora
Susan Harnock, Kitchener
Sara Harper, Olds
Lesley Harrington, Cambridge
Judith and Judi Harris, Waterloo
Beverly A Harris, Kincardine
Wendy Harris, Waterloo
Jacqueline Hart, Grand Bend
Walter Harvey Vineland
Barb Harvey, Cambridge
Gerry and Isabel Haslam, Burlington
Karen Hatt, Cambridge
Dianne Haupert Hawkesville
Hugh Haverkamp, Listowel
Alyson Hawken, West Lorne
Merilee Hawker, Hamilton
Diane Hawrylenko, Kitchener
Alana Hawthorn, Cambridge
Bruce Hay, Waterloo
Erynn Hayden, Guelph
Ken and Joan Hayward, Mount Forest
Wendy Haywood, West Montrose
Sandra Hebert, Guelph
Lauretta Heibein, Gowanstown
Nancy Heinbuch, Waterloo
Brenda and Ernst Heinrichs, Grand Bend
Connie Henderson, Thamesford
Monica Henderson, Brownsville
David and Gesina Henderson, Penetanguishene
Howard and Yvonne Hendrick, Exeter
Michelle Hengartner, Kitchener
Marie Hensler, Waterloo
Karl Herod, Cambridge
Valerie Hertel, Woodstock
Joanne and Victor Hetherington, Cambridge
Sandy Hewitt, Georgetown
Valerie Hickman, Guelph
Lynda Hicks, Waterloo
Bob Hicks, Waterloo
Janet Higgs, Elmira
Peter Hildyard, Etobicoke
Susan Hill, Waterloo
Joyce Himel, Victoria Harbour
Laura Hinz, St Marys
Anne Hishon, Kitchener
Jannette Ho, Cambridge
Catherine Hodges, Kincardine
Kent Hoeg, Guelph
Sandra Hoegy, Bayfield
Robert Hoffman, Dashwood
Janet Hogg, Cambridge
Betty Ann Hohenadel, Cambridge
Barb Holden, Blenheim
Marlis Holley, Hamilton
Ellen and David Hollomby, London
Christopher Holmes, Cambridge
Glyn Holmes, Kincardine
Gina and Joseph Holtham, Waterloo
Bruce and Marlene Holzworth, Kitchener
Graham and Susan Hood, Brantford
Karen and Murray Hooper, Cambridge
Elizabeth and Terry Hopkins, Oro-Medonte
Angie Hoppenrath, New Hamburg
Kimberley Hopper, Cambridge
Michael Horner, New Hamburg
Sandra Horney, Barrie
Lesley Hornik, Toronto
Anne and Bruce Horsley, Amaranth
Gerard Hoshooley, Waterloo
Sue Hoskin, Cambridge
Bev and Ray Hostyn, Waubaushene
Alex Hourahine, Cambridge
Alex Houston, Strathroy
Paul and Sharon Howard, Cambridge
Angela and John Howatson, Waterloo
David and Craigen Howey, New Hamburg
Madelaine Hron, Waterloo
Mike Hryniw, London
Janet Huber, Cambridge
Wendy Huck, Toronto
Rebecca Hucsko, Woodstock
Andrea Huffman Georgetown
Kristin Hugli, Hamilton
Jerry Huiskamp, Waterloo
Helene Hume, Kitchener
Geni Humphrey, Cambridge
Pam and Dave Humphrey, Kitchener
Ken and Marlene Hundert, Stratford
Helen Hunt, Waterloo
Beryl and Ken Hunt, Kitchener
Mike and Carolyn Hunter, Waterloo
Sandra Hurlburt, Kitchener
Nora Hustwitt, Waterloo
Ann Hutchins, Tiny
Laurie Hutchison, Milton
Wayne F Hutton, Arkona
Carol Huxley, Strathroy
Joan Hyde, Georgetown
Leslie and Gerald Hyde, Guelph
Leigh and Leigh Hynes Sabourin, Cambridge
Alexandra Ilich, Waterloo
Wayne Ingell, Burlington
Jody Ireland, Brights Grove
Shirley Irish, Waterloo
Sheila and Roy Jack, Cambridge
Nicholas and Melissa Jackson, Waterloo
Doug and Sheila Jackson, Midland
Sandra Jacob, Kitchener
Susan James, Listowel
Mary Jane, Cambridge
Bruce Janisse, Campbellville
Cheryl and Murray Janz, Midland
Paul and Crystal Jardin, Kitchener
Alan Jarvis, Guelph
Jean Jarvis, Waterloo
Jo Anne Jennings, Etobicoke
Bruce and Joyce Jermyn, Cambridge
Lyn and Sharon Jerome, Goderich
Jeannette Jespersen, New Hamburg
Gord, Dearborn and Mavis Joensen, Kitchener
Judith and Warren Johnson, Hamilton
Sheila and Colin Johnson, Cambridge
David and Clara Johnson, Wasaga Beach
Margaret Johnstone, Cambridge
Stephen Jones, Waterloo
Marcia Jones, Waterdown
Alan Jones, Etobicoke
Rhiannon Jones, Toronto
Marian Jones, Brampton
Carol Jongerius, Elmira
Cathy Joy, West Montrose
Sandra Juhn, New Hamburg
Beth Kader, Thornhill
Donna Kalbfleisch Innerkip
Kimberly Kamer, Orangeville
Brenda Kannon, Kitchener
George Karaolis, Waterloo
Greg and Luanne Kaster, Petersburg
Judy Kaufman, Waterloo
Marie Kavelman, Kitchener
Janet and Brian Keanie, Sarnia
William Keel, Toronto
Vicki and Terry Kellar, Blue Mountains
Julie Keller, Waterloo
Doug Kellum, Listowel
Karen Kelly-White, Grand Bend
Mary Ann Kennedy, Kitchener
David Kennedy, Alliston
Dan and Vicky Kennedy, Waterloo
Deborah Kenny, New Hamburg
Roberta Kent, Georgetown
Brian and Judy Kerr, Waterloo
Dorothy Kester, Exeter
Susan Ketko, Waterloo
Sylvia Kikkert, Ingersoll
Robert and Janice Kilimnik, Waterloo
Lesley Kinch, Brampton
Amanda Kind, Waterloo
Julie and Dave Kinder, Cambridge
Sandra Kindon, Cambridge
Jim King, Kitchener
Wenda King, Guelph
Catherine King, Goderich
Rick Kingston, Waterloo
Jill and Ryan Kirby, Heidleberg
Sakina Kirefu-Khan, Waterloo
Sharon Kitsemetry, Barrie
Carol Kleinstuber, Cambridge
Stephen and Rhonda Klinck, Elmira
Peggy Klos, Mississauga
Julia Knapp, Penetanguishine
Dan Knight, London
Melissa Koch, Kitchener
Mary Koch, New Hamburg
Marley Koehler, St. George
Joanne Koeslag, Hanover
Alex Kolbasnik, Waterloo
Linda Korabo, Kitchener
Kathryn Kozell, London
Cheryl and Cliff Kraemer, Elmira
Penny Krahenbil, Cambridge
Gail Kress, Listowel
Gary and Jean Kritz, Kitchener
Karen Kroezen, Cambridge
Paula Kroll, Goderich
Louise Kruse, Kitchener
Louise Kuenzig, Guelph
Jennifer Kuhl, Kitchener
Margot Kummer, Cambridge
Gayle Kumpf, London
Alex and Alexander Kuskis, Fergus
Darlene Kutyba, Sarnia
Doreen Lachance, Elmira
Tara Lackie Mount Forest
Marlene Lacoursiere Bayfield
Debbie Laginskie, Kitchener
Robert Landra, Kitchener
Karen, Chris and Karen Lang, Waterloo
Jim and Carolyn Lanigan, New Hamburg
Henry and Barbara Lansink, Hanover
Rose Larivée, Waterloo
Dawn Lariviere, New Hamburg
Karen and Michael Lavigne, Ayr
Raymond and Cynthia Lavoie, Kitchener
Martha Law, Waterloo
Heather Laythorpe, Waterloo
Florence and Don Leatham, Walkerton
Norm and Heather Leblond, Waterloo
Sally Ann Leckie Georgian Bluffs
Denise Leclerc, Cambridge
Dianne Lee, Barrie
Eileen Lee Huntsville
Mike and Nancy Legrow, Oakville
Jim and Joan Lehnen, Kitchener
Kendra Leighton, Barrie
Wayne and Joyce Leis, New Hamburg
Jennifer Leisemer, Kitchener
Lyne Lemaire-Harnack, Cambridge
Chuck Leneck, Thornhill
Kelly and Rick Lenselink, Harriston
Pegg Leroux, Waterloo
Judy LeRuez, Cambridge
Dietmar Lesemann, Ayr
Ronald and Shirley Levene, Waterloo
Marilyn and John Lewington, Cambridge
Alaina Lewis, Fergus
Gerry and Debbie Lichty, Listowel
Maryanne Liebing, Cambridge
Norman and Bernice Lindsay, Belwood
Sheila and Glen Lindsay, Waterloo
Marion and Gary Little, Cambridge
Gwynneth Lloyd, Kitchener
Chyleen and Rick Lobsinger, Mildmay
Jeanette Lobsinger, Walkerton
Virginia Locker, Tillsonburg
Elizabeth and Doug Long, Cambridge
Howie and Penny Longworth, Waterloo
Inga Lorbetski, Kitchener
Norbert and Eileen Lortie, Penetanguishene
Ruth Loucks, Waterloo
Keith Love, Guelph
Judy Love, Kitchener
Suzanne Lowden, Cambridge
Tammy Lowe, Cambridge
Gina Luciano, Mount Albert
Faith Lui, Mississauga
Heather Lumley, Kitchener
Heather Lysynski, London
Rebecca MacCarthy, Waterloo
Kim MacDonald, Dutton
Ken MacDonald, Kitchener
Betty MacDonald, Southampton
Curtiss and Faye MacDonald, Waterloo
Merle and Martha MacEachern, Waterloo
Garry and Betty MacGregor, Hanover
Howard MacIntosh, Petersburg
Joye MacIsaac-Hackett, Guelph
Carolyn and Ian MacKay, London
Theresa MacKay, Hamilton
Jackie Mackenzie Wasaga Beach
Susan MacKenzie, Waterloo
Stuart and Vicky MacKinnon, Cambridge
Alice MacLean, Exeter
Mary Anne MacLean, Waterloo
Cheryl MacLean, Kitchener
Karen MacLeod, Baden
Jennifer MacLeod, Kitchener
Patricia MacPherson, London
John and Frances MacVicar Kenilworth
Joan Magazine, Waterloo
Anne Magee, London
Marilyn Magee Shelburne
Barb Maguire, Penetanguishene
Brandi Maher, Brantford
Phil Majerle, Halifax
Gloria and Jerry Majich, Cambridge
Jo-Anne Malloy, Woodstock
Lori Maloney, Kitchener
Frances Mann, Kitchener
James Mann, Minden
Barb and Bill Mann, Hanover
Angel Mannisto Sudbury
Donna Marcaccio, Hamilton
Gwyn Marchant, Woodstock
Gail Marchildon, Midland
Eydie Marion-McCrae, Guelph
Karen and Eric Marsh, Brantford
Kim Marshall, Waubaushene
Lucy Marskell, Waterloo
Philip Martin, Kitchener
Larry Martin West Montrose
Julia Martin, Cambridge
Sue Martin, St George
Julia Martin, Kitchener
Harold and Lorene Martin, Conestogo
Paul Mason, London
Jennifer Mason, Penetanguishene
Helen Mason, London
Judy Masse, Zurich
Michael and Maria Mateyk, Kitchener
Donald and Dorothy Mathewson, London
Elizabeth Matthews, Oakville
Harold and Sheila Matthews, Cambridge
Krista Mattice, Cambridge
Gwen May, Fergus
Beverly and William Mayo, Grand Bend
Fran and Hugh McCallum, Hensall
Kim McCann, Grand Bend
Debbie and Tom McCann, Exeter
Greta McCauley, Waterloo
Pat McCauley, Waterloo
Kim McClelland, Brantford
Victor McConville, Hamilton
Kim McCormick Wellesey
Linda McCrea, Waterloo
Estelle and Brent McCready-Branch, Kitchener
Pamela McCulloch, Cambridge
Debra McCullough, Forest
Judy and Tom McDevitt, Kitchener
Ken McDonald, Kitchener
Gavin McDougald, Cambridge
Karen McDougall, Toronto
Krista McDougall, Innerkip
Nadia and Kelly McGill, Cambridge
Sharon McGinnis, London
Gail McGinnis, Elora
Mary McGoldrick Bayfield
Brian McGuffin, New Hamburg
Ruth Ann McGuire, Strathroy
Rick McHale Alliston
Nancy McHugh, Waterloo
Trevor and Karen McIlroy, Kitchener
Marilyn McIntosh, Drayton
Deborah and Keith McIntosh, Drayton
Janice McIntyre, Stratford
Donna McKay, Waterloo
Alex McKee, Phelpston
Gillian McKenzie, Kitchener
Frances McKie, Cambridge
Grant and Wilma McKinnon, Owen Sound
Jennifer McKnight, Fergus
Bruce McLachlin, Guelph
Valerie McLaughlin, Kitchener
Don McLean, Kitchener
Kelly McLean, Kitchener
Angela and Keith McLean, Exeter
Gayle McLellan, Kitchener
Betty McLellan Mount Forest
Margaret McLeod, Brantford
Joan McLeod, Cambridge
Dorothy McMillan, Waterloo
Janet McMillan, Guelph
Gerry McNalty, Dundalk
Jack and Margie McNiven, Southwold
Melanie Mears, Brantford
Renee Meier, Kitchener
Maureen Mein, Scarborough
Lori Melitzer, St Jacobs
Tim and Valerie Melitzer, Elmira
Dora-Lynn Melnik, Mount Brydges
Judy Mennill, Aylmer
Patrick Mercier, Cambridge
Alex Mewhinney, Waterloo
Sharon Meyer, Waterloo
Margaret and Jerome Meyer, Waterloo
Phil Michalisko, Oakville
Brenda Michi, Waterloo
Karen Middaugh Victoria Harbour
Noreen Mikelsons, Cambridge
Marlene Miles, Kitchener
Raymond Mileski, Stoney Creek
Lois Millar, Kitchener
Cindy Millar, Elora
Mary Millard, Mississauga
Miriam and Doug Miller, New Hamburg
Judy Miller, Kitchener
Mary Miller, Grand Bend
Robert Miller, Kitchener
Carrie Miller, Waterloo
Kathleen Miller, Dundas
Marlene Miller, Baden
Frank Miller, Kitchener
James and Karen Miller, Penetanguishene
Bruce and Ginny Miller Oro-Medonte
Dawn Millward, Washago
Alexandra Milne, Kitchener
Adrien and Iris Miltenburg, West Montrose
Judy Minielly, Forest
Katie Misener, Conestogo
Doug and Maria, Mitchell, Collingwood
Robert and Irene, Mitchell, Cambridge
Janice, Mitchell, Kitchener
Frank and Helen Moffat, Kitchener
Wendy and Gord Moir Ailsa, Craig
Angela Moisse, Waterloo
Cheryl Molenaar Moorefield
Ginny Molynux, Etobicoke
Chenelle Monk, Chesley
Joanne James-Moore and Brian Moore, Oakville
Karyn Moore, Pickering
Jean Moore, Cambridge
Jackie Moore, Springfield
Mary Moore, Sarnia
Maggie and Derek Moore, Drayton
Cathie Moorehead, Petersburg
Bill and Margaret Morley Minesing
Barb Morlock, Cambridge
Carol Mortimer, New Hamburg
William and Cathy Moseley, Kitchener
Cindy Moser, Elmira
Kim Moser, Waterloo
Terri Anne Moses, London
Jim and James Moylett, Mississauga
Keith Muir, Cambridge
Valda Muir, Sundridge
Jill Muir, Goderich
Ruth Mullin St George
Leona Munn, Grand Bend
Bonnie Munson, Cambridge
Sue Murphy, Cambridge
Marlene Murray, Clinton
Debbie Mussar, Mississauga
Patricia Nagy, Mount Brydges
Krista Neable, Waterloo
Barrie and Anne Neal, London
Barbara and Merlyn Neal, Mississauga
Erin Neath, Cambridge
Kim Neeb, Stratford
Beverlie Nelson, Ariss
Nancy Nelson, Fergus
Wendy and Roberto Nember, Cambridge
Ron and Diane Nero, Cambridge
Frank and Pat Neugebauer, Waterloo
Marla and Barry Nicholls, London
Kathleen Nightingale, Kitchener
Joyce Nisbet, St. George
William Nonkes, Cambridge
Donovan Norris Mount Forest
Teresa Norris-Lue, Waterloo
Joan and William Northcott, Midland
Danielle Northcott, Midland
Ralph Novak, Cambridge
Randy Novak, Cambridge
Susan Nugent, Cambridge
Gail Nylund, Waterloo
Jim and Shirley Oakley, Waterloo
David Oberholtzer, Waterloo
Tracy O'Breza, Toronto
Donna O'Brien Midhurst
Barb O'Brien, Kitchener
Phyllis O'Callahan, Kitchener
Annette O'Hagan, Barrie
Jackie O'Hara, Forest
Craig Oldham Georgetown
Hector Oliveira, Brampton
Susan Oliver, Grimsby
Laurie Olsen, Scarborough
Giselle O'Malley, Kitchener
Michelle O'Neill, London
Denise Onslow, Waterloo
Ruth Oosterhuis, London
Fran Oppertshauser, Waterloo
Michelle Oram, Kitchener
Maureen Orso, Waterloo
Chris and Mary Ellen Osborne Bayfield
Marion Ostermeyer, Kitchener
Elizabeth O'Sullivan, Hamilton
Tammy Oswick, Brantford
John and Angel Ottema, Guelph
Hank and Gerty Ottens, Moorefield
Barb Otto, Cambridge
Susan Oxley, Guelph
Bea Ozero, New Hamburg
Sandy Pacey, Kitchener
Sherry Paling, Ayr
John Palmer, Kitchener
Bonnie Palmer, Waterloo
Ruth, Shushan and Mark Pancer, Waterloo
Tony Paolo, Kitchener
Ben Parkinson, Kitchener
Loeland and Janet Parliament, Alliston
Mark Parrott, St George
Kristine Parsons, Kitchener
Lynn and Cheryl Parsons, Stratford
Wendy Paterson, Toronto
Maureen and Glenn Paton, Burlington
Lauree Patrick, Collingwood
Nancy and John Patterson, Stratford
Dorla and Donald Patterson, Elmira
Anna Marie Patterson, Zurich
Vivian Pavanel, Waterloo
Allison Pazuk, Heidelberg
Juanita Peacock, Cambridge
Lyle Pearson, Waterloo
Lori Peebles, Kitchener
Meryl Penman, Brantford
Phyllis Pennock, Walkerton
Lynne Penton, Oro Medonte
Linda and Chris Pernfuss, Waterloo
Randi Perriam, Goderich
Margaret Perrotta, Waterloo
Marion and John Perry, Burlington
Marie Petch, Grand Bend
David Petch, Burlington
Violet Peters, Kitchener
Manfred and Christine Petersen, Waterloo
Sue Peterson, Kitchener
Joseph Petozzi, Hannon
Kay Pfisterer, Waterloo
Nanci and Arthur Phelan, Elmira
Richard Phillips, Cambridge
Wilmagene Phillips, Ingersoll
Rob Phillips, Oakville
Maureen Phillips, Elmira
Pat Piellusch, Kitchener
Monika Piil, Toronto
Jennifer Pilon Utopia
Celeste Pilon Tiny
Larry Pim, Cambridge
Janice Pim, Cambridge
Elizabeth Piper, Guelph
Wendy and Brett Pitblado, Cambridge
Robyn Pleau, London
Robert Poffley, Bayfield
Joyce Pole, Sarnia
Carol Pollard, Kitchener
Marilyn Pollard Wallaceburg
Linda Porter, Mississauga
Daniel and Christine Post, Kitchener
Heidi Pothier, Ayr
Heather Poulin, Cambridge
Sandra Poulton, Cambridge
Mary Poweska, Guelph
Penny Prazak, Mississauga
Suzanne Presslee, Kitchener
Kathy Prince, Waterloo
Jenny Prosser, London
Evonne Prout, Corunna
Gary and Sharon Pulham, London
Christina Punter, London
Antoinette Pynn, Cambridge
Jerry and Lynne Quigley, Kitchener
Theresa Quinn, Berkeley
Marlene, Heltcher and Llew Quinn Brechin
Edna Racey, London
Deborah Radigan, Guelph
Brian and June Rainville, Waterloo
Amy Rammage, Guelph
George Randall, Ingersoll
Jonathan Randall, Cambridge
Rhonda Ratz Alma
Ann Reatherford, Sarnia
Maureen Reay, Hamilton
Karen Rechnitzer, Barrie
Joanne Regan, West Montrose
Rick Reichard, West Montrose
Ann and David Reid, Elmira
Kim Reid Culbert, Oro Medonte
Nancy Reitz, Waterloo
Audrey Reitzel, Waterloo
John Rekker, Guelph
Joanne Resendes, Cambridge
Lisa Reuame, Forest
Gordon and Reta Rice, Waterloo
Grahame and Alice Rice, New Hamburg
Iris and Bill Richardson, Harriston
Jen Richardson, Cambridge
Robert and Janet Richmond, New Dundee
Rachel Ricker, Guelph
Loret Riding, Toronto
Ian and Marg Ridpath, Waterloo
Cheryl Ridsdale, St George
Judy Rieck, Kitchener
Peter and Suzanne Ritchie, Cambridge
Elisha Rivard, Cambridge
Dianne Rivers, Collingwood
John Roberts, Guelph
Debbie Roberts, Belwood
Margaret Robertson, Tiny
Judy and Dean Robinson, Stratford
Shannon Robinson, Waterloo
Jeff Robinson, London
Donna Robinson, Fergus
Kathie and Kathleen Robinson, Dorchester
Bob and Wendy Robson, Hillsburgh
Marg Robson, Camlachie
Melody Roe, Waterloo
Gabrielle Roeder, Cambridge
Cathy and David Roelans, Komoka
Jim and Judi Rolufs, Kincardine
Linda Romito, Aurora
Andrea Rooke, Kitchener
Helen Rosenthal Thornhill
Jodi Rosner Conestogo
Hazel Ross, Cambridge
Don and Joan Roszmann, Penetanguishene
Lena and Roy Roth, Elmira
Sherryl Roth, Millbank
Earl and Delores Roth, Kitchener
Shanna Rozema, Elmira
Brian Ruby, Cambridge
John Rudd, Grand Bend
Randy & Trish Ruetz Ruetz, Clifford
Danielle Ruggieri, Cambridge
Jessica and Deborah Ruprecht, Heidelberg
Jamie Russell, Kitchener
Sarah Russell, Collingwood
Debora Ruston, Flesherton
Madelyn Rutledge, Beeton
Fran Ruypers, Sarnia
Karen Ryan Mount Brydges
Michelle Ryder, Kitchener
Cheryl Rynsoever, Palmerston
Lori Ryther, Barrie
Jacqueline Salt, Cambridge
Pauline Sanderson, Guelph
Fran Sandrock, Waterloo
Randy and Brenda Sangster, Fergus
Luigi and Shelagh Santi, Kitchener
Suzanne Sardinski, Waterloo
Wayne Sargent, St Catharines
Andrew and Brenda Sarkany, London
Cathy and David Saumier Campbellville
Rick and Barb Saunders, Kitchener
Corey Saunders, Wyoming
Melanie Saunders, Wellesley
Ruth Savage, Kincardine
Karen Savard, Cambridge
Shirley Sawyer, Barrie
Joanne and Larry Saxton, Guelph
Dave Scace, Victoria Harbour
Katherine and William Scarth Dundas
Laurie Schad, Kitchener
Grant and Joanne Schaefer, Kitchener
Gail Schaefer-Krampien, New Hamburg
Helen Schafer, Waterloo
Bill Schefter, Freelton
Jeff Schieck, Guelph
Marg and David Schiel, Waterloo
Gary and Jennifer Schinkel, Dundas
Dave Schlei, Cambridge
Kelly Schlueter, Conestogo
Debbie and John Schmidt, Cambridge
Hugh and Doreen Schmidt, Elmira
Bill Schmitke, Waterloo
Anne and Larry Schmitt, Kitchener
David Schoales, Cambridge
Jim and Marilyn Schoenfeld, Kitchener
James Schoenhardt, Hamilton
Robert and Deb Scholl, Grand Bend
Kathleen Schrumm, Cambridge
Sharon Schultz, Conestogo
Nancy Schwindt, Waterloo
Donna Scott, Bayfield
Jamie Scott, Heidelberg
Anna Scott, Waterloo
Brad and Lynn Scott, Cambridge
Paul and Joyce Seagrave, Grand Bend
Elizabeth Searam, Kitchener
Patty Seegmiller, Waterloo
Paul Sehl, Brampton
Sandra Shantz, Ayr
Philip and Susan Shantz, Kitchener
Morley Shaw, Cambridge
Donna and John Sheffield, Arthur
Gayle Shepherd, Minesing
Shyam Sheth, Waterloo
Bob and Marie Shier, London
Barbara and Bev Shipley, Denfield
Lilli and George Sibley, Kitchener
Maureen and Dave Silverthorn, Cambridge
Pat Silverthorn, Guelph
William Simpson, St Clements
Gail Simpson, Kitchener
Paul Simpson, London
Nancy Simpson, Waterloo
Ruth Sims, Kitchener
Audrey Sippel, Waterloo
Penelope Sisk, Waterloo
Tanya Sizer, Hamilton
Roland Skinner, Newmarket
Florence Skrypnychuk, Barrie
Brian and Nina Slater, Markham
Grace Slot, Elora
Jan Smallwood, Brantford
Mary Lou Smart, Waterloo
Barb and Ken Smart, Breslau On
Glenna Smith, Puslinch
Paul and Sara Smith, Guelph
Barbara Smith, Stratford
Jacqueline Smith, Cambridge
Barb Smith, Elmira
Jen Smith, St. Catharines
Suzanne Smith, Goderich
Donna Smith, Mount Forest
Linda and Ted Smith, Kitchener
Brian M Smith, Annan
Wilma Smolanski, London
Steve Smukavich, Waterloo
Joan Smythe, Kitchener
Carol and Bob Snelgrove, Waterloo
Ann Snider, Orillia
Carl and Wendy Snider, Baden
Marilyn Snyder, Cambridge
Doug, Noreen and Douglas Sockett, Palmerston
Michael and Brenda Somer, Toronto
Joan Sommers, Cambridge
Jaime Sousa, Cambridge
Ashley Southorn, Waubaushene
Judy Sowerby, London
Jane Sparling, Cambridge
Pat Speers, Orangeville
Gayle Speiran, Brussels
Bill and Doris Spence, St Marys
Robert Spence, Goderich
Miriam Spence, Guelph
Elaine Spriel, Port McNicoll
Doris St Amand, Plympton-Wyoming
M Elaine Stamp, Waterloo
Monty and Karen Steenson, Cambridge
Judy Steer, Ariss
Mary Ann Stemmler, St Clements
Kim Stenhouse, Cambridge
Linda Stevens, Grand Bend
Jane Steward, Woodstock
Heather Stewart, Goderich
Gary Stewart, Sarnia
Dianne Stickney, Waterloo
Wanda Stilla, Barrie
Linda Stockford, Cambridge
Bob Stoikos, Kitchener
Lorrie Stojni-Kassik, Waterloo
Mary Stokes, Port Elgin
Marlin Stoltz, Elmira
Shelley Stone, Cambridge
Judy and Barry Stranks, Penetanguishene
Kathy and Cliff Strassburger, Kitchener
Dianne Strauss, St Clements
Lynn Strickland, Kitchener
Diane and Danny Strickler, Breslau
Bonnie and Keith Strub, Listowel
Tony and Doreen Strybosch, Branchton
Patricia Stuart, Georgetown
Shirley and Jim Stuart, Guelph
Carol Stuebing, London
Steve Stuempfle, Cargill
Randy and Bryn Styles, Barrie
Carolyn and Gerald Sullivan, Waterloo
Mark Sully, Goderich
Sandy Sutherland, Cambridge
Alene and Cyril Svirk, Cambridge
Lisa Sweeney, London
Joan Sweeney, Cambridge
James Sweetlove, Burlington
Victoria Swift, Waterloo
Chantal Switzer, Penetanganguishene
Simon Sykes-Wright, Kitchener
Lynda Symes, Barrie
Peter and Carla Syrie, Sarnia
Michael and Tracey Szarka, Waterloo
Karen and Bob Taff, London
Lee Taggart, Cambridge
Suzanne Tait, Kitchener
Dorothy Tam, Waterloo
Melba Tanner, Guelph
Sharon Tardiff, Guelph
Anne and John Tasker, Cambridge
Anne Tasse, Kitchener
Dianne Taylor, Grand Bend
Kathryn Taylor, Kitchener
Robert Taylor, Kitchener
Ruth, Thatcher and Mary Taylor, Guelph
Patricia Taylor, Cambridge
Janet and Nigel Taylor Wasaga Beach
Joyce Taylor-White, Drayton
Mary-Jac and Ed Tell, Waterloo
Frank and Evelyn Tersigni, Guelph
Roblyn Tetzlaff, Seaforth
Connie Thielmann, Port McNicoll
Marilyn Thiessen, Waterloo
Debi Thompson, Waterloo
Jason Thompson, LaSalle
John and Brenda Thompson, Waterloo
Carol Thompson, Kitchener
Paul Thomson, Waterloo
Wendy Thomson, St Thomas
Lynn and David Thomson, New Hamburg
Marion Thomson Howell, Kitchener
John and Wendy Thorburn, Amaranth
Mary Thorn, Kitchener
Dawn Thornton, Elmira
Antoinette Timmermans, Strathroy
John Timmis, Burlington
Lori Todd, Barrie
Jim Tolton, Cambridge
Brenda Totten, Tavistock
Carol Totzke, Waterloo
Walter and Isobel Trachsel, Mount Forest
Stephanie Tran, Guelph
Ed Trella, Toronto
Cathy and Mike Tremaine, Arthur
Mary Trent, Guelph
Heather Trim, Cambridge
Charlie and Phyllis Trimble, Guelph
Christine Trimble, Guelph
Donna Trimble, Listowel
Marney Trotter, London
Chantal Trudel, Waterloo
Mary Trussler, Kitchener
Myrna Tucker, Puslinch
Larry Turcotte, Kitchener
Wanda Turner, Belwood
Kathryn and Robert Twynam, Toronto
Diane Uram, Tiny
Beverley Urech, Ancaster
Gordon and Mary Vair, London
Laura Van Alphen, Hamilton
Nancy Van Der Wegen, Kitchener
Cara Van Massenhoven, Thedford
Andrew Van Mil, Parkhill
Shirley and Dick Van Rooyen, Cambridge
Tracey Van Willigen, Kitchener
Don and Pat Vance, Ilderton
Martin and Darlene Vandenberg, Moorefield
John and Janice Vanderveldt, Guelph
Audrey and Auke VanHolst, London
Sandra and Allen VanPatter, Cambridge
Connie VanRooyen, Woodstock
Rita Vanstigt, London
Mary-Anne Varey, Waterloo
Vince and Gena Vasco, Waterloo
Debbie Veldhuizen, Kenilworth
Barbara Vervaeke, Brantford
Deborah Viires, Wasaga Beach
Margaret and William Villeneuve, Cambridge
Cathy Voisin, St Clements
Jason and Susanne Voll, Listowel
D W Vollmershausen, Woodstock
Janessa Vos, Waterloo
Janice Wagler, New Hamburg
Heidi Wagner, Breslau
Brenda and Rob Wagner, Kitchener
Joan and Ron Wagner, Elmira
Linda Walker Fordwich
Alexandra Walker, Holland Centre
Taunya Walker, Kitchener
Brad and Lois Walker, Cambridge
Sheila Wallace, Waterloo
Dianna Wallace, Woodstock
Joshua Walsh St-Jean, Cambridge
Joyce Walter, London
Mark Walters, Kitchener
David and April Wang, Waterloo
Paul Warder, Kitchener
Mike and Bonnee Ware, Oakville
Elizabeth Wark, Goderich
Donna Warren, Innisfil
Ross and Margaret Warriner, Burlington
Dawn Warris Port Dover
David Waterfield, Goderich
Ruth Waters, Breslau
Cindy Watral, Cambridge
Patti Watson, Fergus
Louise Watson, Guelph
Debbie and Murray Watson, Cambridge
Sandra and John Watson, Cambridge
Michael Watson, Hamilton
Lynne Watt, Cambridge
Bev Watters, Guelph
Tammy Waugh, St. Marys
Kathy Waybrant, Kitchener
Nicole Weare, Cambridge
Carol Webb, London
Brian Webb, Kitchener
Miriam and Mark Weber, Waterloo
Bernice Weber, Palmerston
Linda Webster, Belwood
Hilda Welfing, Cambridge
Caroline Werkhoven, Cambridge
Suzanne Wessel, Warminster
Sarah West, Ingersoll
Karen and Bruce West, Waterloo
Irene West, Midland
June and John Wevers, Toronto
Sarah Whaley, Kitchener
Joan White, Walkerton
Cari White, Kitchener
Tara-lyn White, Guelph
Desmond White, Mississauga
Cheryl and Paul White, Waterloo
Brad and Cynthia Whittaker Mount Hope
Heather Whittington, Cambridge
Debbie Whitty, Mississauga
Elroy and Ruby Wideman, St Jacobs
Henry and Gail Wiersema, Strathroy
Karen Wildfong, Fergus
Donald and Janie Wiles, Kitchener
Nancy Wilkinson, Mississauga
Richard Willemsen, Toronto
Sandy and Ken Willett, Kitchener
Lorraine Williams, Kitchener
Mary Williams, Brantford
Debra Williams, Cambridge
William & Christine Williamson, Kitchener
Ralph and Beverley Willison Brooklin
Mary and Ken Willsie, Waterloo
John and Linda Wilson, Alliston
Sandra Wilson, Cambridge
Karen Wilson Belgrave
Rose Wilson, Waterloo
Janice Wilson, Burlington
Ruth Wilson, Palmerston
Gale and David Wilson, St Thomas
Ruth Wilson-Freeborn, Palmerston
Bonnie and Scott Winkler, Kitchener
Wanda Winterhalt, Kitchener
Peter Winterkorn, Forrest
Horst and Sharon Wohlgemut, Cambridge
Linda Wolfe, New Hamburg
Vicky Wolfe Hinz, Mitchell
Mark Woll, Breslau
Judy Wong Page, Brantford
Janette Wood, Guelph
Elaine Woods Watford
Ruth Woroch, Waterloo
Suzanne Worthen, Guelph
Ian Wright, Carlisle
Leone Yaciuk, Cambridge
Doreen and Gerald Yarascavitch, Kitchener
Linda Yates, Guelph
Linda Yenssen and Linda Yenssen-McDonald, Hanover
Wilma and Gary Ykema, Woodstock
Mary and Ted Yohn, Grand Bend
Nancy Young, Brantford
Shelly Young, Sarnia
Mary Young, Dunnville
Rona Lea Young, Barrie
Doug Youngblut, Scotland
Terry and Doug Zavitz, London
Don and Pat Zehr, Stratford
Connie Zettel, Walkerton
Bonnie and Cliff Ziegler, New Hamburg
Linda Zmija, Kitchener
Jane Zoeger, Ilderton
Canadian Cancer Society – Sarnia-Lambton, Grand Bend


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