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Youth Musical Theatre Program

Youth Musical Theatre Program

Enhance your musical theatre skills and HAVE FUN alongside others who share the same dreams.

Now in its fourth year, the Drayton Entertainment Youth Musical Theatre Program is an auditioned training program designed to cultivate community, encourage leadership, ignite imagination, and boost confidence, while providing aspiring young performers with the opportunity to learn from professional theatre artists and develop a deeper appreciation for live performance. Students train with passionate industry professionals in singing, dancing, acting, audition technique and technical theatre.

The YMTP curriculum is made up of repertoire drawn from popular Broadway shows – past groups have worked on excerpts from such exciting shows as Wicked, Dear Evan Hansen, Frozen, Newsies, Kinky Boots and many more! Each year, students have also had the opportunity to attend guest artist workshops to learn more about the professional theatre world.

Explore the program offerings below and join us for an exciting summer of performing arts education.

2020 Youth Musical Theatre Programs

Auditions for our 2020 Season Youth Musical Theatre Programs are scheduled for early February. Stay tuned to learn more, including audition locations and official dates!

YMTP Testimonials

YMTP Testimonial

An Incredible Program!

"What an incredible program!!! We couldn't ask for a better experience for our children! Our children left this camp inspired, passionate and more in love with music, dance and theatre than before!!! I am still in disbelief that it is offered so close to home! That makes my heart happy!!"
YMTP Testimonial

Friendships Were Made!

"Friendships were made and the kids were in such a safe place to express their interests, take risks and have fun."
YMTP Testimonial

Theatre is a Cool Place!

"While our son has always enjoyed his many friends who have a wide variety of other interests, he was thrilled to be surrounded at YMTP by other kids who he said, "were just like him". Each and every day he arrived at Huron Country Playhouse, he knew he was stepping into a place where his passions and dreams were going to be honoured, respected and encouraged. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for that. Programs like YMTP give kids, especially boys, the valuable message that theatre is a cool place to be!"
YMTP Testimonial

Love, Love, Love!

"Love, love, love, the improv opportunities that help the kids to think on their feet as much as become comfortable in their skin as performers."
YMTP Testimonial

It's OK To Be Different!

"The staff involved had an incredible ability to push the kids outside of their comfort zones to try new things and take risks, and most of all, they were able to teach all these kids that it’s OK to be different, and to embrace those differences and to just be their dramatic selves.  And the kids that were there with her?  Amazing.  They made her realize there are in fact like-minded people, and that she does fit into this world. So, for our family the musical theatre camp was so much more than “just a camp”.  It helped my daughter pick up and dust herself off, and move forward from a troubled time."
YMTP Testimonial

Felt The Most At Home Here!

"My son has done lots of programs and I think he felt the most at home here. The children and staff were the most inclusive of any I’ve encountered."