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Artist Accommodations

A neatly made bed with a white textured comforter and a selection of decorative pillows including a large tan one and two with geometric designs, set against a light-colored wall. The overall mood of the image is calm and inviting, suggesting a well-

Can You Offer Our Artists a Temporary Home?

It takes a village to raise the curtain on Drayton Entertainment’s productions, and that includes the community of Artist Housing Partners who play host to hundreds of performers and crew members every year. Teams of on-stage and behind-the-scenes professionals come from across the province – and beyond – to bring each season to life. And they couldn’t do it without a welcoming place to call their temporary home.

We’re looking for bedrooms, apartments, basement suites and houses to rent close to our theatres that will be a welcoming, temporary home for actors and creative staff. 

Becoming a housing partner with Drayton Entertainment is a great way to support the arts in your community. 

Benefits of being an Artist Housing Partner:

What we're looking for:

For more information or to sign up, please contact Stephanie at or call 519-621-5511 ext. 229.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Artist Housing Partners provide safe and clean homes with a bedroom, a private bathroom, and access to a kitchen. You won’t be asked to entertain your guests as our creative professionals will be at the theatre for most of their stay. It’s possible that they won’t be spending much time in their accommodations due to their schedules.

We have private web portal where artists can check out the list of confirmed Artist Housing Partners, including photos and contact details. It’s the artists' responsibility to arrange bookings and payment directly with their preferred host.

Yes! Our Artist Housing Partners receive an accommodation rate of around $120 per week, directly from the artists.