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Bittergirl: The Musical artwork

St. Jacobs Schoolhouse Theatre

Bittergirl - The Musical

The Funny Show About Getting Over Getting Dumped

October 4 to December 24, 2023

Written by Annabel Fitzsimmons, Alison Lawrence & Mary Francis Moore
Musical Supervision, Arrangements and Orchestrations by Bob Foster.

Who knew getting dumped could be so much fun? Relive the highs and lows of heartbreak with Bittergirl, the hysterical romp through the lives of three accomplished women who have been scorned – and the men who dumped them. This cathartic and catchy musical charts the evolution of love gone wrong, from romantic bliss to total breakup, devastation, and the journey back to happiness.

Along the way, this funny and touching journey to independence is fueled by an arsenal of girl group doo-wop hits: “Be My Baby,” “And Then He Kissed Me,” “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,” “Where Did Our Love Go?” and many more. 

So gather your girlfriends, co-workers, sisters, daughters, mothers, and more, and help celebrate the gospel of getting dumped! Don’t miss this cheeky, intelligent, and universally relatable production that celebrates female empowerment.

Running Time: 1 hour and 50 minutes, including a 20 minute intermission.

Audience Recommendation: Recommended for ages 10 and up. There is no official rating system for live theatre. We encourage you to use your judgment based on your child's age and maturity level.

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This was my second time attending the performance of Bitter Girls. This time was to celebrate my daughter's birthday. She had had a not so nice day and this was the perfect cure to improve her mood and the show helped to end her day on a high note. The music made us happy and want to join in on the dancing; the stamina of the female performances, especially during the work-out segment was AMAZING!!!! It's unfortunate that my calendar has become so booked during December, or I would be attending Bitter Girls a few more times before this performance run ends.
Cheryl G, Waterloo
This musical was so full of fun and laughter. All the actors were awesome! I thoroughly enjoyed this show.
Leslee B, Kitchener
Absolutely hilarious! A must see!
Awesome entertainment. It had amazing singers and the emotional ups and downs of breaking up was spot on! I would see it again
Debbie B, Brantford
I went to see Bittergirl with my best friend last week and we had an incredible time! The performance was so well done, funny, relatable and perfectly executed. The singing was also PHENOMENAL. The amount of talent on that stage was delightful. We have been telling all of our friends about it! 5/5!
Gabi S., Waterloo
Fantastic show with amazing cast Beautiful voices and great sound Lots of laughs also
Elizabeth G, Guelph
Amazing show! So much talent and versatility from each of the cast members.
Joanne K, Hanover
It was amazing!! Their voices were incredible! My mom and I loved it. We laughed a lot.
Rosina D, Cambridge
Fantastic musical comedy, and beautiful harmonies. Absolutely hilarious show! St. Jacobs Schoolhouse was the perfect venue for this show. Highly recommend!!
Karen W, Waterloo
One of the best shows! Job well done, highly recommend!
Sharon M, Arthur
This show was amazing. What a small cast can do with limited props etc is unbelievable. This play is so relatable and the music so relevant. Laugh a lot. If you want a fun evening out, I would go see this show.
Lesley C., Kitchener
I was not sure what to expect with this show it blew me away! I was so impressed with the crew they were right on spot! I can't wait to attend another show at the St. Jacobs Schoolhouse
Tina J, Walkerton
Exactly the right show for this intimate venue! This is a light-hearted yet insightfully human script. It has wonderful peaks and streaks of humour that had both me and my wife in stitches. You rarely get to see such polished musical talent and acting this up-close. All the directors wit and actors subtleties come through uncompromised by the amplifying gimmickry of bigger shows and venues. Dont be on the fence with this one. Get the girlfriends and significant others together. Sure, it is about a getting dumped, but the story is highly relatable to all genders.
Pierre S, Kitchener
Realistic and truly hilarious reactions from different stages of a relationship. Lots of fun and a great time out with the girls!
Belinda F, Kitchener
Bittergirl was a Huge Surprise and a most welcome one. It was one of the most clever, creative musicals I've seen and the talent of the CAST was Amazing! A minimalist set and a boatload of talent made this an enjoyable evening. Go see it!
Frankie P, Cambridge
I LOVED every second of this witty, moving, hilarious and clever show! The cast is top notch and it is not to be missed.
sheila m, toronto
Grab your girlfriends, get dressed up and be ready to enveloped in amazing talent, vocals and rom-com drama that will get you dancing in your seat, empathizing and cheering from scene to scene. Can I give it 10 stars please? If I could, I would. Well done to the cast, directors and musician! I saw this in PEI back in 2017 and loved it then, and somehow love it even more this time! Bravo and thank you!
Joanna M, Waterloo
The production was excellent, well done . It was funny and the music was great. This show is highly recommended to take the time to see it. Loved it
LORNA B, London
Very entertaining from beginning end. Thank you!!!
Henning G, Waterloo
The show was fun, entertaining and full of humor. I would absolutely recommend seeing it.
Vanessa M, Rockwood
We loved this show!!! The cast was excellent, so energetic, funny and immensely talented!! The storyline and songs fit perfectly. It was hilarious!! Highly, highly recommend. Thank you for a great afternoon!! *****
Jacquelyn A K, Guelph
Amazing! Hilarious! Empowering! I laughed until I cried, sang my heart out and enjoyed every single second. The talent on that stage was beyond compare - we are very lucky to have that level of performance so close to home. This is a must see for sure.
Erin G, Wingham
This was a wonderful, energetic show with a first class cast!
Rick Y, Waterloo
Great show, so much talent and so much fun!
Bonnie T, Kitchener
Combination of laughter, songs, dance and enjoyment. Worth the drive. Beautiful performance with minimum of stage props. Well done.
Pat K, Neustadt
It was so funny. We all need good laughs and this show provided that. Great voices and acting.
Mary P, Kitchener
Hilarious. Very well done. Truthful. All the players were fabulous!!! Really enjoyed it. Table buddies were so nice as well!!! Thank you for a great afternoon. Staff were lovely, friendly and courteous!!!!
Gaylia E, Hamilton
Wonderfully Fun and Entertaining! Harmonies and talent of the cast Brilliant! Loved this show! Must See!
Tammy F, Stoney Creek
I had a wonderful time. I totally related to all 3 women in my lifetime. The mix of emotions from love to abandonment then picking up the pieces and starting over. Single now but I still believe in love...never say never.
Donna L, Rockwood, ON

Meet The Artists

Mary Francis Moore headshoot

Mary Francis Moore


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Robin Calvert headshot

Robin Calvert

Choreographer/Associate Director

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Melissa Morris

Melissa Morris

Music Director/Piano

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David Boechler headshot

David Boechler

Set Designer

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Jessica Pembleton headshot

Jessica Pembleton

Costume Designer

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Kevin Fraser

Kevin Fraser

Lighting Designer

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Charles Russell

Charles Russell

Stage Manager

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Nadene Riehl

Nadene Riehl

Assistant Stage Manager

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