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Fiddler on the Roof artwork

Hamilton Family Theatre Cambridge

Fiddler On The Roof

A Tradition For The Entire Family

November 29 to December 24, 2023

Based on Sholem Aleichem stories by special permission of Arnold Perl
Produced on the New York Stage by Harold Prince
Original New York Stage Production Directed and Choreographed 

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Journey to the Russian village of Anatevka for a time-honoured family favourite that has touched audiences around the world with its winning combination of humour, warmth, and honesty. 

Featuring an unforgettable score full of classic songs like “Matchmaker, Matchmaker,” “If I Were A Rich Man,” “Sunrise, Sunset” and “Tradition,” Fiddler on the Roof has ensured a legacy as one of the most acclaimed musicals in the history of North American Theatre. 

Tevye is a humble milkman whose life has been governed by strict traditions that will never change. Or so he thinks.  The times are changing, and when Tevye meets his daughters' suitors, he discovers that the younger generation will create traditions of their own.

With its universal themes of hope, love, and acceptance, Fiddler on the Roof is a testament to the triumph of the human spirit over adversity.  Don’t miss one of the greatest musical comedies of our era.

Running Time: 2 hours and 40 minutes, including a 20 minute intermission

Audience Recommendation: Recommended for ages 5 and up. There is no official rating system for live theatre. We encourage you to use your judgment based on your child's age and maturity level.

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The show was powerful! The choreography was beyond belief with so many onstage dancing and singing! The set changes were smooth and very quick. The whole experience was wonderful after being away from live theatre for a long time. The fiddler character was a unifying element that was very special...very gifted young man!! We always judge a production with this question..."As the show progresses, do you really build a caring relationship with the characters? Do you actually CARE about them, even though they are fictional?" The answer is a resounding YES! So many heartfelt characters! Such strong voices and the best sound system in the theatre industry! Really appreciated! Yes!!
Christena K, Simcoe
Truly the best performance we have seen. It was emotional, fun and lively.
Leslie M, Waterdown
Excellent production with great performances. Special mention to the stage and sets which were outstanding. Better than on Broadway.
Karen R, New Dundee
Spectacular! Engaging show from start to finish! The choreography and musical numbers had me singing along in my seat. It was very moving and also funny. A must-see show for theatre lovers!
Anna A, Fergus
What a moving experience. My niece and I enjoyed every moment. What a talented group.
Trudy G, Guelph
The best adaptation of Fidler on the Roof I have seen!
Top-notch show/performances!
Rita B, Toronto
Outstanding musical production. Funny, poignant at times, uplifting. Whole family enjoyed it.
Timothy M, Montreal-West
This was an absolutely fantastic production. I've seen Fiddler on stage a few times, and this is hands-down the best I've ever seen. The performances were superb and the show, which can tend to feel long, held my interest for every moment, and was magnificent. The set design blew me away. I hope that somebody takes this production on tour. I would see it again in a heartbeat.
Elana P, Toronto
I thoroughly enjoyed the production; acting, choreography, music, amazing sets. A wonderful preformance
Eydie M, Guelph
Greatest play in my last 10 years
Wonderful show! Such a great way to celebrate the holidays. We loved it!!!
Marianne M, Ancaster
Fabulous production from the sets, to the lighting , to the choreography, to the vocals of the cast, to the lead actors. The energy of the entire cast was evident. They seemed to be enjoying themselves. Bravo to everyone. We will be back for more productions.
Bruce D, Kitchener
Absolutely wonderful performance by all cast members. Music was amazing. Loved the Fiddler's appearances during the show. This is my favourite musical and I wasn't disappointed. We are so lucky to have such high caliber performances in the region. A treasure.
Colleen G, Kitchener
Spectacularly moving performance faithfully rendered.
John L, Guelph
I was genuinely impressed. I've been to my fair share of theatre productions (including Broadway), but this might very well have been the best production I've ever seen.
Victoria M., Essa
This was superbly acted and the music fabulous! So happy to have experienced this production. Came away truly happy Well done to all.
Jan P, Woodstock
We saw six Drayton shows this season. Every one was marvelous, but Fiddler on the Roof stood out as absolutely the best! The choreography was exceptional, and the casting was perfect. The man who played Tevye was unbelievable. I don't have enough superlatives to express my delight in that show. I loved the fact that the Fiddler had a prominent role, more so than in other productions I have seen. I always read the actors' bios and am always pleased and proud that many of them are graduates of Sheridan College. Thank you for your wonderful work in 2023, and I look forward to the 2024 season.
Kathryn T, Etobicoke
From the rousing opening until the very end it was a great performance by the whole cast. As expected Alex played a marvelous Tevye. Well done in tackling the bottle dance, brilliant. If you like musicals you will love this one.
Alex H, Cambridge
Casting and total performance of this wonderful play was superb ! Our whole family really enjoyed it from ages 11 to 80. Alex is at his finest in the role of Tevye. Gabrielle Jones excellent as Golde. Not one point to fault and I could watch it many times with pleasure .
Bob B, Mono
As always this was a first class performance. Alex Mustakas was superb and the sets were fantastic!
Linda P, Waterloo
So so good! The fiddler, set and acting was amazing! Kids just loved it too! So lucky to have this live theatre right in our city! Highly recommend!
Teresa C, Cambridge
Loved this so much. Between the excellent acting and the music, I was captivated from the first moment.
Janice H, Kitchener
Everything was top notch from the singing, acting, dancing, music and staging. A fabulous show.
Helen B, Cambridge
Marvelous performances, wonderful sets, joyous yet poignant...a must see!
Brian I, Waterloo
Excellent performance ! Highly recommended.
Gary S, Sarnia
Such a great show! Very entertaining, great music, and the performances were incredible. Would definitely recommend it!
Julie H, Cambridge
This ranks among the best productions of Fiddler on the Roof we have seen in the world! Fabulous and talented cast. The set design, lighting and sound were outstanding! Once again, Drayton did not disappoint!
Ingrid D, Kitchener
I wish I could give this show 6 stars and Alex Mustakas 7 stars. It looked like he was born to play the part. Three of us were on the edge of our seats the whole time.
Gerry G, London
This is one of the best productions I have seen in years. We were blown away by the acting, singing, dancing, fiddling in every scene ..from the very beginning I was transported to another land, another time .I was there with them laughing, dancing, crying. My heart broke and the tears flowed. The actors did their job. It was powerful, and moving ..yet delightful and entertaining, all at once. We both loved it!
Janet F, Mount Hope
The best show I've ever seen!
it was excellent. Alex was superb. There wouldn't be a show in Toronto that could even compare. Well done everyone.
Loved it! It was an excellent production!
Absolutely fantastic!!!! I loved every second of the show. So great to see Alex on stage again, in such a wonderful production
Although I have seen this play presented in other cities with larger venues , none was better performed than the Drayton edition that I saw yesterday . Wonderful professional performers , sets , lighting . Top notch ! I really enjoyed it all .
Enid M, Kitchener
From the perfectly executed opening number to the dramatic final scene, we were enthralled! We loved every single minute of the play! Such professionalism in every aspect of the show!
Gloria & Tom R, Waterloo
The quality of the Fiddler on the Roof show was spectacular. The sets were amazing, choreography was spectacular, and the actors were phenomenal!!! I cannot say enough good things about this show. Thank you!!
Marina F, Cambridge
Loved, loved, loved it! I highly recommend it to anyone who will listen!
Janet R, Waterloo
Absolutely fabulous!!..loved every minute. Ive seen probably 30 some performances by Drayton theatre, they were all 10/10. Drayton theatre ROCKS!! Love them all.
Frances D, Penetanguishene
An amazing performance by a strong group of actors! Dont miss it.
Rhonda K, Elmira
A first class,professional performance
James S, Kitchener
It was a marvellous production!
Donna M, Hamilton
Absolutely fabulous!!! I am very thankful we have productions of this caliber so conveniently close by. The music, the acting, the sets --- everything was first rate! Thanks for an wonderfully entertaining performance.
Best production of Fiddler I ever seen!
Lynda V, Baden
Excellent performances by everyone. Lovely to have Alex Mustakis in front of the curtain!
Acting, Singing Dancing were all up to the usual excellent Drayton standard. What impressed me most was the amazing staging, the suitcases and trunks, the smooth rolling sets but ESPECIALLY the final scene when the village houses withdrew as the villages left and the simultaneous curtain closing created a "fade to black" effect. Outstanding! Well worth seeing, perhaps more than once! p.s. the Fiddler was captivating, without saying a word.
Alexandra M, Kitchener
Great performance! Talent was exceptional! Sets were phenomenal!
Marilyn S, Brantford
We loved this performance of Fiddler on the Roof. The singing, acting and the wedding dancing was outstanding!
Nancy R, Kitchener
Fiddler on the Roof performance was fantastic. So well acted, so much action, wonderful musicality and dancing. Alex Mustakas is fantastic in the role of Tevye. The fiddler is also exceptional, adding greatly to the overall play.
Allan P, Kitchener
Joanne S, Waterloo
Love, love, loved it. You made us laugh, you made us cry. A standing ovation!!!
Edda M, Grassie
Barbara G, Guelph
Best show ever!
Absolutely amazing show!!
Gayle M, Kitchener
Absolutely fabulous- kudos to the entire cast!
Susan P, Guelph
Fabulous show. Thrilling performance. I would see this show again.
The show was absolutely amazing! We loved every minute of it. As usual the set was perfect and the actors were perfect. I would love to see it again!
Carolyn C, St. Jacobs
ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! It is one of our favorite musicals and we have seen it many times and knew that Drayton Entertainment would surprise and please us. Having Jesse Grandmont as the fiddler was a brilliant stoke of genius. The opening was a taste of the brilliance to come. Alex Mustakas was the perfect Tevye, a wonderful stage presence and an amazing voice to boot. A 5 star PLUS PERFORMANCE. Thank you to everyone for an uplifting afternoon!
Karen G, Stratford
Fantastic production from start to finish! This is not to be missed!! Congrats to everyone involved. Better than anything I have seen in Toronto in a long time!!
Great experience! The singing, dancing, acting, set design were spectacular and first rate!
JOHN R, Guelph
Absolutely fantastic
Ross B, Burlington
The production value was off the scale. Well cast, well acted, and beautiful voices all brought this timeless story to life in a meaningful way. Thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend it to all.
Tess Casey G, Walkerton
Loved it. One of my favourite musicals and The Hamilton Family Theatre did not disappoint!!
Carol K, Cambridge
Loriann G, Stoney Creek
Being one of my favorite musicals, I have seen Fiddler on the Roof at least a half a dozen times. This was by far the best production that I have ever seen. It was absolutely outstanding!!! Thank you.
Really just an excellent production! Great music and performance and sets and effects. Thoroughly enjoyable.
Nicholas M, Waterloo
Fiddler on the Roof was an outstanding performance. It was a non-stop musical story and the performance was a 5 star. The cast keep you entertained and in suspense throughout the story. The fiddler and music kept you on the edge of your seat. We purchase front row seats for the first time and enjoyed every minute. You could see the characters expression and really came involved with the story. Hats off and a grand performance. Do not miss this one!
Dianna W, Woodstock
This musical was totally engaging. The themes of tradition and change, of family, of faith and rituals, of love and hatred, persecution and acceptance were portrayed in one story. It made you think about what values are key to the flourishing of life and community. The music and singing, the acting, the sets, the plot all came together to make for a meaningful and enjoyable afternoon. Thank you for presenting Fiddler on the Roof!
Faye W, Cambridge
I enjoyed the live theatre performance much more than the movie. The actors are so amazingly talented, the music was exceptional and I was captivated throughout the entire performance !
Heather K, Kitchener
The show was perfect! Great singing, sets and effects! Loved every minute
Diane Barnard, Kitchener
The performance was amazing! The whole cast was phenomenal. The set design and costumes were beautiful. Choreography and vocals were on point. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole theatrical performance.
Angela M, Cambridge
What a beautiful show! So many stand-out performances, but those dancing boys are something else. Especially the Russian dancing at the pub!!! I could watch them leap and twirl with their cheeky grins all night. Kudos to all involved!
Niza B, Cambridge
Last night I experienced the best production I have seen to date. I've seen many of the productions at Hamilton Family Theatre Cambridge and while they were all great, Fiddler on the Roof was above and beyond AMAZING! The cast was all superb; but Alex Mustakas as Tevye.....WOW; truly incredible. To say I laughed, I cried, and I even felt butterflies in my stomach during one particular incredible scene. If you have the chance to go- do it, go see it! You will NOT regret it! I'd go back again it was that great!
Cindy F, Cambridge
This is the 5th production of Fiddler on the Roof I've seen. This one was superb. The leading man was amazing!!!!!! Loved every minute
Sandra C, Kitchener
Easily the best show I have seen seen anywhere in a long time. I sat beside someone who had come from out of town. She couldn't believe the quality of the singing and acting either. Cambridge can be very proud of their theatre for the quality and value of their productions.
The show, the actors, and the stage was awesome. One the the best shows that I have ever seen by Drayton Theatres. I would consider this to be a must see to anyone who enjoys live theatre
I was blown away by the whole production. The cast, the costumes, the intensity and soulfulness of the singing. The scenery was exceptional, especially the special effects in the dream sequence, my head just about exploded! Not to give anything away, but the final scenes leaving town made me gasp aloud. The best you'll see, and not just the best in Waterloo Region, I would put this production up against anything, anywhere.
Steve M, St. Jacobs
From start to finish an absolutely flawless production. The entire cast was fully invested in every emotion of the story. Excellent voices all around and the full chorus numbers were heart-stopping. The choreography of so large a cast was complex, daring, perfectly executed. The best production I have seen in my many years attending Drayton's offerings. Alex Mustakas was perfection in the lead role. I have immediately emailed all my friends to recommend they order tickets.
What a wonderful show !!!!
Edythe R, Woodstock
We had a very enjoyable afternoon, the show was fantastic . The talents of the performers were amazing!
Linda and Wayne F, Stratford
Wonderful show, fabulous set, very professional actors and actresses, just a wonderful way to spend the afternoon.
Jane P, Dundas
This is a must see! We are regular theatre goers, and this far exceeded any expectations I had! We always go as a family, and have seen so many shows, but this one really stands out. The music is amazing-from the fiddle music to the folk music. My 10 year old kept whispering 'the fiddler's outfit is perfect!'. It has the classic theatre scenes of every character singing and dancing together, but also the main character does such an amazing job of little dance moves that make his character authentic. And of course, we can't omit the young Russian soliders' dancing and acrobatics. From start to finish, an exciting show, with a great story (and an unexpected, hilarious dream scene that rivals A Christmas Carol by Dickens). An entertaining afternoon for the whole family, and an important cultural educational experience. Mazel Tov!
Jolanta S, Kitchener
We thoroughly loved the show. The cast, singing and the set were fabulous. Alex was outstanding! We come from a two and a half hour drive just to see the Drayton Entertainment, and it's worth it.
Best show I've ever seen at Drayton.
Tania R, Kitchener
Fantastic fast moving. Alex Mustakas as Tevye was outstanding! I would like to see this production again.
Carol P., Cambridge
Fiddler on the Roof, was through the roof FANTASTIC!!! Alex Mustakas was terrific, as Tevye, and the entire cast was superb! The stage settings were also top notch, & were moved about so smoothly. The setting where the grandmother came to them in a dream was a mind blowing effect! Many thanks to all involved for putting on such an exceptional show.
Doug &Liz C., Burlington, Ont.
An absolutely fabulous production of the classic musical, replete with a fiddler actually on the roof, and scurrying about the stage at appropriate times! We thoroughly enjoyed the way the music was presented and found the humour coming through the dialogue as never before. Truly a gem for Christmas entertainmnent!

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Lazar Wolf

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Director & Choreographer

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Music Director

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Set Designer

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Lighting Designer

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Sound Designer

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Costume Coordinator

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Stage Manager

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Assistant Stage Manager

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Assistant Stage Manager

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Associate Director/Choreographer

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