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Sh-Boom artwork

Drayton Festival Theatre

Sh-Boom! Life Could Be A Dream

A Jukebox Musical

August 16 to September 3, 2023

Written & Created by Roger Bean

Join us for a joyous jive down memory lane featuring 25 chart-topping vintage doo-wop standards in heavenly harmony.

It’s decades before “American Idol”, and a local radio station is sponsoring a band competition with a recording contract as the prize. Denny and the Dreamers are ready for their big shot at stardom, but trouble comes in the form of Lois, who arrives to put some polish on the boys. Denny falls in love, Wally falls in line, Eugene falls apart, and handsome heartthrob Duke sends the whole situation spinning.

A hit parade of classics from rock ‘n’ roll’s heyday will tickle your funny bone and touch your heart: “Fools Fall in Love”, “Tears On My Pillow”, “Runaround Sue”, “Earth Angel”, “Stay”, “Unchained Melody”, “Lonely Teardrops”, “The Glory of Love”, and more.  Don’t miss it!

Running Time: 2 hours and 20 minutes including a 20 minute intermission.

Audience Recommendation: Recommended for ages 10 and up. There is no official rating system for live theatre. We encourage you to use your judgment based on your child's age and maturity level.

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Loved this production...great music, high energy, making for a wonderful afternoon.
Bonnie and John P, Burlington
Very entertaining. You'll love it.
Jim L, New Hamburg
Just loved it, always come away with such a happy feeling from your shows. Keep up the good work. EVERYONE was awesome.
Carl & Joyce H, Waterloo
It was a Super Show. The story, the band and the actors were top notch and made it a wonderful experience to see and hear. Our whole group loved it from the oldest to the youngest teenager. We are still talking about it. I would highly recommend this show. So, so glad we came to see it.
Angela T, London
The cast does an amazing job. High energy. Kudos to Denny and the Dreamers. All amazing voices, such great harmonizing. Little bit of romance is a nice touch. Comedy! Loved the face expressions. As always Neil shows his pride in the cast he works with.
Joan H, Harriston
Loved it. High energy, great tunes & great performances.
Eric & Cora B, Hamilton
Great show... Lots of fun, and the singers and band was Amazing!
Don E, Waterloo
Another great performance. The set was like walking back in time. It was natural to sing along with the outstanding performers and reminisce the past. Neil's broadcasting humour was like the icing on the cake. Thoroughly enjoyed!
Joanne H, Woodstock
Great show- music took you back in time. It was hard to sit still in your seat. Lucky to have such great talent so close!
Glen and Nancy D, Alma
Terrific show performed by very talented young people...
Ted W, Grand Bend
Everyone who participated in this was excellent. The music and the story were very good. I am old, so the music was my music and it was very well done. Thank you.
Margaret T, Kitchener
My sisters and I have been to a number of Drayton performances and think Sh-Boom is one of the best, if not the best shows we've seen.
Brenda R, St Clements
My husband and I LOVED the show (both over 70). Reminiscent of music of our youth. And Neil was amazing!! What energy!!!
Donna R, Waterloo
Another great show at Drayton Entertainment, with amazing singing, choreography and humour!
Richard H, Wingham
I came with four friends and we all absolutely enjoyed the show. It was our first experience coming to the Drayton theatre and we can't wait to come back. All performers were excellent in the show.
Pat G, Burlington
Fabulous show, acting, singing, uplifting enjoyment!!
Catherine M, Aurora ON
Sh-Boom was such an uplifting show - great comedy pieces, fabulous music and superb effort on the parts of all those on stage. The character of each actor was so uniquely done. Thanks for a great evening of entertainment.
Jan M, Elora
Great energy, and three generations loved the show.
Donna D, Waterloo
Very enjoyable, humorous and extremely talented singers.
Martin P, Kennilworth
Very entertaining show! We had a great time!
Gerry R, Waterloo
What a fantastic show. I would highly recommend it. Full of amazing music and surprisingly great comedic storytelling. Talented people performing on and off stage.
Sean M, Drayton
Sh-Boom was fantastic. The vocals of all the actors were top notch. The musical accompaniment was live as well, performed by very accomplished and seasoned musicians. I highly recommend the show if you enjoy this type of music. The ensemble received a standing ovation. Ellen and I enjoyed this performance. We would see it again.
Dan H, Kitchener
Fabulous-loved every minute!
Dennis K, Oakville
A very fun show!!! Don't expect a deep story or anything terribly thought provoking by seeing this performance. But if you want some really good music and some just plain old laughs, come to Drayton! I seriously can't recall the last time I laughed so hard at jokes whose punchlines I saw a million miles coming! Bravo Neil! All of the performers were excellent. Duke was so stereotypically perfect. Go see this and have a great evening!
Ross D, Waterloo
Great show, great actors!
Liz U, Mount Forest
Loved it! Great music and singing and of course having Neil in any production is always absolutely hilarious!
Sue Z, Mount Forest
Good job with the casting, musical direction, sets, and performance. Really excellent production.
John R, Whitby
We absolutely loved the show. We went initially because my nephew was in the show but we were excited to see the entire play and see him shine bright. All of the actors were terrific and the music so well done. It took you back to a simpler time in music and life in general. Radio DJ Bullseye Miller was so entertaining and provided great comic relief between sets. I highly recommend seeing this show. It is worth the drive to Drayton.
Michelle G, Mississauga
What a fabulous night out with family. Good clean fun for the whole family. Excellent performance.
Garry K, Kitchener
So much fun.
Shelley M, Kitchener
Fabulous. Funny and very entertaining. Good blend of songs. It's always a hit with Drayton Entertainment.
Diane P, Waterloo
The show was very good. Took us back to a good era of nostalgia. Cast was excellent and music was great. Neil provided some entertaining humor. My wife and I had a great time.
Ken H, Mount Forest
An amazing performance! I had a smile on my face for the entire 2 hours! The choreography, singing and humour - all so entertaining and professional. This was my favourite Drayton play - so far. Thanks for the memories.
Sandy R, Bracebridge
A great selection of songs, it was difficult to keep from singing along. Loved the show.
Ray B, New Hamburg
Outstanding talent delivered an unforgettable performance. With such a vast catalogue of material from that era to choose from, would love to see a Sh-Boom 2024 edition...or a repeat of Sh-Boom 2023. A super fun experience.
Rob P, Stratford
It was the best show ever. Funny, talented and entertaining.
Marlene H, Kitchener
One of the best musicals I have seen in years. Vocalists were great, quite a flair of humour, storyline was wonderful. I would recommend this show, in fact I would love to see it again.
Deb E, Bradford
Great show, the musical talent was outstanding. Funny, witty, all around fabulous.
Michele M, Elmira
Enjoyed the music greatly. Special kudos to Jordan Goodridge and Jennifer Walls. Marvelous jobs. Of course Neil Aitchison was hilarious.
Betty Anne M, Kitchener
Good show! All singers were great as was DJ - Neil. Would have enjoyed less chat but realize that set the stage for the songs.
Karen C, Walkerton
One of the best shows I've seen. Fantastic!
Brenda C, Elora
Amazing talent! Superb voices. A great show. Loved the story behind the songs and how the latter were incorporated into the play.
Maria G, Kitchener
Once again a great Drayton production. Funny and entertaining. Great vocals by everyone. Songs I grew up with in the 60s.
Patti W, Fergus
Fabulous and fun. All the singers had wonderful voices.
Helen B, Cambridge
Fantastic show. Cast was outstanding. Great fun and a wonderful way to spend a lighthearted summer afternoon. My toes are still tapping.
Heather I, Kitchener
Outstanding as always. Drayton just continues to raise the bar in all aspects of their productions. Thank you for being there.
Bruce S, Waterloo
Wonderful show. The cast were marvelous. I was singing all the way home. Truly joyful experience.
Lynn T, Waterloo
Marie Claire F, Kitchener
The show was spectacular. Great music and the vocals were awesome. Once again Neil kept us well entertained. Keep up the good work.
Gary R, Kenilworth
Great show! Enjoyed very much!
Joan B, Brussels
Truly enjoyed every minute. The Drayton events are always a must see for us as well as a great gift idea for our family members. Keep up the good work.
Linda J, Woodstock
Great fun! Loved it. The DJ was absolutely hilarious and all the others had wonderful voices. Would recommend young and old to see this!! Would even see it again!!
Sue B, Toronto
I loved the performance. So happy to see Neil again on stage. He always makes the show so humourous.
Shelley K, Staffa
Excellent show. Well staged, well acted and very well sung. Excellent music from the piano, bass and percussion...just right. The DJ was a hoot.
Bob M, Elora
We liked the show a lot. Lot of laughs and good songs.
Peter B, Elmira
It was an amazing show. The range of the voices in all the songs was the best and of course Neil as great as always.
Sandy N, Saugeen Shores
It was a super show, taking me back to the music that I remember so well. It was especially good to see Neil doing so well and being his ever-loving, wonderful self.
Joan S, Cambridge
Absolutely fabulous! We thoroughly enjoyed it!
Marg G, Drayton
Thoroughly enjoyed this show! The music, choreography and vocals were terrific. The story is very entertaining and the casting was spot on! Great chemistry between Duke and Lois. Saw it twice!
Sharon V, Dashwood
What a fantastic show! We toe-tapped all the way home!!!!
Murray & Merle H, Waterloo
My three granddaughters, aged 8, 14 and 14, and myself, aged 74, thought Sh-Boom was awesome. The surprises thrown in made it extra special. Kudos to all the singers who had terrific voices and, of course, kudos to Neil. We all thought Duke was a hunk.
Lynn M, Walkerton
We really enjoyed the performance.
Bob M, Stratford
I LOVED this! Written so well - one after another of those great old songs were knit together in an engaging, funny and charming story with iconic characters. The singing was spectacular! Every voice was superior, and the dancing moves perfectly-envisioned and performed. It was the highlight of the season!
Alice M., Waterloo
Loved Loved Loved the show!! Both nostalgic & hilarious!
Sharon M., Cambridge
The best show of the summer! Full of action, talent, music, humor. Many thanks for recognizing my name on the wall . So proud to have a professional theatre in my home town.
Fern G., Waterloo
Well acted, lots of fun !
Only one word to describe the show. Fabulous. It takes you back to a better time, better place, and better music. Love it.
Antonio S, Grand Valley
Awesome experience. Recommending to all my friends!
Tracey H, Ayr
GREAT. Fun. Time well spent. Give us more of the same.
Terry C, Guelph
Entertaining from start to finish. The cast were very professional with excellent singing voices, and they hit all the right notes. Neil Aitchison played an excellent part as DJ Bullseye , with his witty humour interlaced with tidbits of nostalgia. This was a performance that I would love to see again. Thank you
Cathy D, Meaford
We loved it! The show was Great!
Nancy B, Palmerston
This show was fabulous from beginning to end it just kept getting better and better! The songs were fabulous, the comedy terrific, all the characters were exceptionally cast, bravo, excellent job. These actors/singers deserved their standing ovation and then some!
Kathy M, London
Loved the show.
Maureen B, Belwood
What a great show, well worth the 2 1/2 drive. Just Loved it One of the best shows we have seen in a long time.
Rory S, Petrolia, Ontario
What an uplifting performance. The singing was amazing and we couldn't stop laughing at the comedy within the show. The selection of songs fit perfectly into the storyline. I'd highly recommend it!
Cheryl C, Stratford
Great show, loved the humor, all players had excellent singing voices, and Wally knew how to dance. Always enjoy Drayton theater.
Heike L, Kitchener
Mary Jane & Doug M, Cambridge
Hubby and I were in complete awe of the stellar performances from the entire cast. The singing and dancing were so pitch perfect. As to the funny, groan-worthy humour of Neil Aitchinson... well it was so over the top, yet who else could do it with such earnestness and a twinkle? Kudos to Drayton for such excellence in local theatre.
Tricia S, Guelph
Excellent show, great singers.
Alan S, Palmerston
Fabulous! Funny and fully entertaining!
Lise D, London
Such a fun show with outstanding talent!
Monica S, Kitchener
So pleased to see Kaden Forsberg again after his debut with Drayton in the Carole King Story. He has an exceptional voice. All the Dreamers were quite dreamy and watching the play on a Saturday afternoon was a great way to support local theatre and the actors that work so hard to create it. Great job team!
Cheryl M, Kitchener
Enjoyed the performance, especially the music. Would definitely recommend the show to others.
Susan H, Kitchener
As always, Drayton Entertainment did a fantastic job on their latest musical revue show. The cast were all great with a diversity in their strengths and as a package, the show was entertaining from start to finish. The theatre in Drayton is a great venue and the drive doesn't include horrible traffic and expensive parking as a trip into the city would. A great evening out!!
Glenn S, Grand Valley
Great show. Absolutely stunning singing and the DJ's ad lib stories were hilarious! Another must see from Drayton!
David W, Waterloo
Thoroughly loved the show. We both said we could easily watch it again. Great value.
Norm & Lavonne A, Belwood Lake

Meet The Artists

Neil Aitchison

Neil Aitchison

DJ "Bullseye" Miller

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Kaden Forsberg headshot

Kaden Forsberg

Denny Varney

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Jordan Goodridge headshot

Jordan Goodridge

Wally Patton

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Connor Meek headshot

Connor Meek

Eugene Johnson

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Michaeil Vanhevel

Michael Vanhevel

Duke Henderson

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Jennifer Walls headshot

Jennifer Walls

Lois Franklin/Mrs Varney

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