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Huron Country Playhouse

Wizard of Oz: The Panto

A Toto-ly Spectacular Family Favourite

June 7 to June 25, 2023

By E Houldershaw and S Cartwright

Follow the Yellow Brick Road to the theatre this season, because one of the greatest tales ever told is touching down … with a brand new twist!

You know the story, but you’ve never seen it like this! With its winning combination of incredible music, lively dancing, outrageous costumes, audience participation, and, of course, a dash of theatrical magic, this fractured fairy tale brims with humour, heart, and adventure. Join Dorothy as she journeys over the rainbow and makes her way to Oz with the help of some newfound friends.

Just like past hits Sleeping Beauty, Jack and the Beanstalk, Cinderella, and Snow White, this entertaining panto adaptation of the famed fable is a must-see summer spectacle packed with family fun!

Audience Recommendation: Recommended for ages 5 and up. There is no official rating system for live theatre. We encourage you to use your judgment based on your child's age and maturity level.

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Absolutely fantastic, loved it all!!
Excellent performance from all the actors!! The way they made it interactive and added modern music to it was a pleasant surprise. This was the first play my girls have watched (ages 6-10) and they LOVED it!!! Auntie Em stole the show in my opinion, loved her energy!! I would recommend this show to anyone!
Jessica G, Tilbury
absolutely incredible show! LOVED the comedy, LOVED the interaction and involvement with audience, the cast was exceptional with their performances! our favourites were definitely the scarecrow and lion!! highly recommend
Chandal B, Ingersoll
What an AMAZING show!!! It was hilarious, the acting was impeccable and the whole show was so entertaining! My kids LOVED booing the Wicked Witch and we all had a fantastic time!! The music was fabulous too!!
Jen R, Sarnia
This show is lots of fun for all ages! It is just the right mix of comedy, music, dancing and loads of fun.
Dana E, London
Excellent production. The dancing and singing was absolutely electrifying.
Henry G, Ayr
We were a mixed age group and we all laughed from start to finish. We couldnt wait for intermission to end so we could see more. The actors were phenomenal. The quick wit was flawless. Wonderful entertainment.
Pamela D, Exeter
Great show for all ages!!
I took my young Grandchildren ages 4 & 7 to their first experience of a Panto. They loved it. they are still talking about it to their family and friends. Thank You to everyone who made that performance exceptional. We can't wait until the next time.
Beryl M, Seaforth
Absolutely LOVED this show! The songs were amazing, the voices on the actresses and actors made my heart swell.
EXCELLENT!!!! Loved every. minute. The show was amazing!!
Marion R, Sarnia
Go see this play. Adult humour is slipped into the dialogue for the grown-ups, children are directly engaged, and the puns are fun for everyone! Adapting the music to modern songs creates an energy and modern-day essence that is infectious. The actors! Polished, talented, and off the cuff humour immensely enjoyable. Clearly, This troupe of players are having fun and the energy flows into the audience. The singing! Every single song is beautiful. I love the arrangement and the dance choreographed is a nod to many beloved videos. Costumes! A special note to the designer and seamstresses for the talent and creativity of these fantastic creations! I especially enjoyed the disco ball hats! If you go, and you should, You will have a difficult time deciding on a favourite character, scene and dance routine!
Diane S, West Lorne
This was the greatest show I have attended. My two granddaughters (8 & 11) really enjoyed it. They couldnt stop talking about it! The show included some laughter for kids and grownups! Might go see it again!
This production was amazing! Truly phenomenal cast, wonderful set design, excellent writing, lively music. Highly recommend this show for any age.
Jacquie K, Petrolia
Took my 2 great grandchildren & we all loved the play. Cast were amazing
Shirley O, St Marys
Great humour, amazing talent - from ages 7 to 77 we were all laughing at jokes geared to our age levels and blown away by the vocal talents of the actors.
The show was simply amazing. Cast were absolutely outstanding! Highly recommend seeing this wonderful performance!
Sue C, Goderich
We weren't sure a children's play would work for us, but we absolutely loved it.
Sibyl H, Varna
We took our grandkids to see this show, and honestly, I don't know who had more fun! A must see for young and old alike!!!
Cathy S, Lucknow
Loved it. Lots of laughs and great acting.
Absolutely fabulous!!! If you havent seen it then its a must. Bring the kids. The actors from the youngest to the oldest were entertaining and so very talented. The jokes and puns were so funny. The actors singing was beyond fantastic. Thank you all for a wonderful evening.
Debbie M, Forest
Very entertaining, great story line and actors were very talented. Would highly recommend to all ages
Cheryl B, Ingersoll
Loved every second of it!
Denise Q, St. Thomas
I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Fabulous everything. Our 5 and 6 year old girls loved it and the parents did as well. Thank you!! Such talent all around!!!!!
McKenna L, Bayfield
It was an awesome production, my grandkids enjoy the interactive vibes of a panto and get right into the story. Will definitely be getting tickets to the next one! Can't wait!!!
Donalee J, Waterloo
It was so much fun and very contemporary. The song and dance routines were great. The production memory will stay with me for a long time.
Absolutely hilarious! Loved every serving of it.. The jokes, the story, and the music. Well written and well performed! The dynamic between Auntie Em and Harry was amazing!
If I could give six stars or more I would!!! It was amazing how the performers interacted with the young people on and off the stage. The audience loved the characters and were fully engaged in the show. LOVED IT!
The humour, the singing, the dancing and acting were beyond compare.
Krys K, London
I took my four grandkids age ranging from six to fifteen and they all enjoyed it. They loved to updated music and were familiar with the songs. I was expecting the traditional songs but the new ones fit in very well.
Bette D, Hensall
We absolutely loved this show!! My two daughters wanted to watch it again! We love the music, the dancing, the jokes. This is for all ages. We are already watching your website for the next Panto!!
Jill W, Embro
Fantastic show! My 7 and 9 year olds loved it. Highly recommend
Ahhhhhmazing!!! A must see!
Michelle S, Goderich
This theatre production was fabulous! Wizard of Oz: The Panto is definitely worth getting tickets to, as it's such a fun and engaging performance to enjoy with the kids!
Kristao M
A wicked good time
This was the first theater experience for my grandchildren. The younger two and I booed, cheered, sang along. The older two sat with big grins on their faces. All were entranced. We loved the whole performance.
I had never experienced "Panto" before and it was wonderful for all ages. Loved the music, the humour, and all the local references. Great fun!
Nancy D, Scotland
Absolutely hilarious! Such talent, great scenes, costumes and music. A wonderful afternoon, a much needed escape into every warm emotion there is. Well be back!
We all loved everything about it from beginning to end.
Sheryl L, Grand Bend
Bravo! Incredible casting! Performers have so much talent with hilarious improv, dance, and audience engagement! Magnificent music! I want to come back EVERY night!
M D, London
What a great night at the theatre! The acting, singing, dancing, costumes and sets were outstanding and the show was very entertaining for all ages! As a mom (who was part of the cast at HCP for 5 years with our daughters when they were children), and now a grandmother and a retired teacher, I couldnt help thinking what a fabulous introduction to live theatre the panto is for children. Well done Drayton Entertainment!
Laurie E, Zurich
I don't think I have laughed so much lately as I did last night at the Opening Night performance of Huron Country Playhouse's Wizard of Oz The Panto! Over the top performances, great costumes, a musical score that runs the gamut from Lady Gaga to Kool and the Gang and everything in between, killer one liners, and slyly placed topical political references, make this panto the perfect remedy for these trying times. Go see it. You won't be disappointed! Richard Young, The Beat Magazine
Richard Y, London
Absolutely amazing, my mother and daughter both laughed out loud and had a blast.
Michele B, London
It was fabulous. I laughed, I sang and I danced. The actors and actresses we amazing. It made for a great night out!
Cheryl S, London
My family LOVED this play. It is perfect for all ages. So funny and amazing music and dancing. The whole case is fantastic! We cant wait to see it again!
So much great talent in this production. Loved every minute of it.
Absolutely fell in love with the cast! What an amazing recreation of a classic tale rediscovered in modern day. A laugh riot through and through! A must see for anyone young or old! We drove 4 hours to see the performance not knowing what to expect and we were blown away! Well worth the drive indeed!! The costume and set design worked flawlessly!! Kudos to all involved! Thank you for such a wonderful evening of laughs and entertainment!! Bravo!!
Glenn Baker, Woodview, Ontario

Meet The Artists

George Absi headshot

George Absi


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Justin Bott

Justin Bott

Auntie Em

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Dave Comeau headshot

Dave Comeau


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Paige Foskett headshot

Paige Foskett


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Kalie Hunter

Kalie Hunter


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Will Jeffs headshot

Will Jeffs


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Stacey Kay

Stacey Kay


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Jaden Kim


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Billy Lake

Billy Lake

Wicked Witch/Ms West

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Lia Luz

Lia Luz


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Teddy Moynihan


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Will Parry

Will Parry


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Stephanie Pitsiladis

Stephanie Pitsiladis


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Tim Porter

Tim Porter

Harry Trotter

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Ben Skipper

Ben Skipper


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David Connolly headshot

David Connolly

Director & Choreographer

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Jim Hodgkinson

Jim Hodgkinson

Music Director

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Jean Claude Olivier

Jean Claude Olivier

Set Designer

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Rachel Berchtold

Rachel Berchtold

Costume Designer

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Jeff Johnston Collins

Jeff JohnstonCollins

Lighting Designer

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Amber Archbell

Amber Archbell

Stage Manager

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Nadene Riehl

Nadene Riehl

Assistant Stage Manager

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Kirstyn Keeble

Kirstyn Keeble

Apprentice Stage Manager

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