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Show artwork for Footloose showing two silhouettes of dancers leaping in the air, and the title of the show in yellow

St. Jacobs Country Playhouse

Footloose (The High School Project)

The Dance Musical

February 14 to February 25, 2024

Stage Adaptation by Dean Pitchford & Walter Bobbie
Based on the Original Screenplay by Dean Pitchford
Music by Tom Snow
Lyrics by Dean Pitchford
Additional Music by Eric Carmen, Sammy Hagar, Kenny Loggins & Jim Steinman

One of the most explosive movie musicals in recent memory bursts onto the St. Jacobs stage, starring students from Waterloo Region in the sophomore Drayton Entertainment Youth Academy High School Musical Production.  

A young rebel moves to a small middle-American town where dance is forbidden, and encourages all the young people to defy the strict edict of the local pastor with a rock 'n roll dance. In so doing, he brings healing to the heart of a town held back by the memory of a tragedy. 

Anchored by memorable '80s anthems “Holding Out For A Hero,” “Almost Paradise,” “Let’s Hear It For The Boy,” and the self-titled track, Footloose celebrates the wisdom of listening to young people, guiding them with warm hearts and open minds.

Recommended for ages 10 and up.

Running Time: 2 hours and 20 minutes including a 20 minute intermission.

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It was exceptional! The vocal and acting talents of these young actors and actresses was outstanding!
Very talented cast with unbound enthusiasm. It was an excellent performance and our entire group loved the show.
JoAnne M, Paisley
It was very professional and the cast was very well suited to all the rolls they played. Love the dances and all the singing they did an outstanding job. Drayton youth academy should be very proud of what they have given to many young people in the community.
Mary T, Waterloo
Exceeded my expectations and was super fun.
Amazing show! So much talent in these young people!
Gail I, Waterloo
So many different students, so many different backgrounds, so many different skill sets - watching everyone come together through music was nothing short of extraordinary. The quality of the show was unparalleled and I look forward to watching these performers in many future productions at Drayton and beyond! I watched the original movie in the theatre 40 years ago and seeing this show was an emotional journey (in the best possible way!) from the first note to the last - it brought back all the feels! Congratulations to all those involved.
Jennifer H, Guelph
Excellent performance! So good to see high school students taking an interest in the performing arts at such a level of excellence. My heart is so full for their futures even if they don't pursue a career in the arts, they have learned so many good qualities to help fulfill any career. Hats off to the Drayton Academy. They made me feel like I want to be 18 again!
Donna W, Innisfil
It was so much fun. There was an excitement and an energy the moment the show started. The performers were outstanding and so professional. Loved the diversity of the cast.
We were blown away by the talent of these young people! They were so polished and their vocals were out of this world. We enjoyed ourselves every moment and were really happy to see such diversity among the cast members. From the chorography, the acting, the music and vocals we were just so impressed. Thank you for such fantastic entertainment!
Stacey K, Kitchener
Janna B, Elmira
Show makes you want to sing along and get up and dance. Students had incredible enthusiasm.
Brenda M, St. Marys
Amazing show. Hard to believe that these are high school kids. Such confidence and talent. Highly recommend and will be seeing more of their shows in the future. Bravo!
Deb K, New Hamburg
Best show I've seen in a long time. The cast was amazing. Can't wait to see what they do next!
Willie V, Parkhill
Fantastic show! My class not only enjoyed the show but came away inspired to become involved. Can't wait for next year's high school show!
Lisa S, Kitchener
Great show!! So much young talent! Another great Drayton performance
Kathy N, St. Jacobs
Great music, a familiar story, and fun dancing. That's what I knew I could expect with Footloose. It was delightful to have teenagers playing teenagers on stage, and with a performance caliber equal to what any adult cast with more experience would have offered. I imagine we'll be seeing a lot more of these students on stage with Drayton and other performance companies for years to come.
Rachel B, Kitchener
Didnt know what to expect since knew it was a youth performance. The actors did a great job acting and their singing skills were amazing. Top notch performance. Thanks again Drayton Entertainment for a fun night out.
Joyce Vi, Ariss
Absolutely FANTASTIC!!! LOVED IT!!
Tammy T, Durham,ON
The show was phenomenal!!
Absolutely incredible performances by the amazingly talented high school performers! Congratulations to the cast and crew!
Allyson F, Kitchener
An excellent show with so much talent and enthusiasm
Michelle A, Hamilton
What an amazing production. There was some excellent, singing, dancing and acting. I think the actor who played REN was outstanding. Also loved the Betty Blast character and actress. Kudos to Drayton for putting on this performance with teens. It shows your commitment to develop and nurture upcoming new artists.
Theresa S, Toronto
An absolute joy to see with first rate performances all round! Loved Betty Blast and Rusty in particular. An amazing showcase of young talent. Congratulations Drayton on an outstanding production!
Mark G, Orillia
Excellent. It did not seem like high school students doing the show, but instead true professional singers and actors. Glad we were able to attend. Love it.
Linda Y, Hanover
FRESH, FANTASTIC, AND ENERGIZING! These young adults displayed a tonne of talent in this faithful production of the original. Dynamite dancing and sensational singing ... an overall nifty night out! Bravo to all involved.
That was the most talented group of young people I have ever seen on stage (and behind the scenes). I have been to many professional performances and this is by far one of the best by comparison!
Laura P, Kitchener
What a great bunch of talented young people As good as any Toronto show
Phil B, Kitchener
Absolutely outstanding! What a fun evening and great showcasing of talent!
Awesome performance by very talented local students! This cast are so energetic, funny, musically gifted and professionally entertained the sold out show. The body of work is a great way for players to share their diversity and love of the stage. Our party thoroughly enjoyed a perfect performance. Well done Drayton Entertainment Youth Academy, the future looks bright for your students.
Annette C, Waterloo
The best live performance I have seen. The cast of Youth Academy were absolutely amazing. Thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it.
Margaret F, Kitchener
Very impressed with the production, from the singing, to the dancing and choreography! Absolutely fabulous. I had to remind myself that this was an ensemble and crew of high school aged kids. The young people are talented and definitely have bright futures in theatre! The play was high energy and uplifting from the beginning to the end.
Nancy T, kitchener
When I first found out it was a high school type play I was a bit leary(having been to many). However, from the first scene till the last I was engaged by the passion, professionalism and performance of all cast members and backstage support. I will not hesitate to attend another performance put on by Drayton Entertainment Youth Academy. Seeing this group preform at such a high level was fantastic and I have recommended their performance to everyone I know
Ronald G, Guelph
It is an excellent show! Outstanding performance! Congratulations to the performing artists and all involved in creating this show, including the families supporting these talented young people. For those who haven't seen it yet...prepare to be amazed!
Tnde P., Kitchener
My girlfriends and I had a wonderful time. The cast a crew were amazing. Such energy. I highly recommend seeing this show!!
Sarah K, Ingersoll
Truly a very vibrant, entertaining production. Congrats to the 50 students who contributed to this wonderful production.
Gary & Sandi M, Kitchener
THIS SHOW WAS INCREDIBLE. I immediately bought more tickets after seeing it the first time! I loved every moment of it, it was extremely professional and just such a good time.
Jen T, Guelph
Your production of Footloose was fantastic. Our small group enjoyed everything from the warm reception at the playhouse theater to the final curtain encore. If you are planning to see this excellent show, you will not be disappointed.
Douglas P, Kitchener
What a excellent production. The costumes, the stage, and all the actors did a outstanding job. I would highly recommend this to my friends and family. I enjoyed it every bit as much as last years production Legally Blonde. Great work to all involved.
Phenomenal !
Angel O, Guelph
I am so impressed with the calibre of the performance. This was professional in every way and yet performed by our youth. So proud of all and impressed with the organizers. First rate stuff team!
Geoff M, Kitchener
Absolutely amazing! Such talented youth that really enjoyed performing. It's heart warming to see them strive to reach their goals and dreams. Definitely exceeded my expectations. Truly professional.
Janice K, Clinton
Wonderful show. Young actors were excellent with great singing! Enjoyed it all
Wayne and Karen L, Fordwich
Amazing show with such a talented cast and crew to make it come to life from start to finish!
Summer K, Fergus
It was amazing!! The level of talent was unreal. The music was great and the kids did such a great job.
Cheryl s, London
The show was excellent and thoroughly enjoyed the performance!
Debbie T, Sebringville
The show was amazing! The kids are so talented and put on such a professional show!
Shannon W, Kitchener
So professional! These kids have worked their tails off and it shows! The music is phenomenal and the dancing, the whole point of the show! I absolutely loved it and will be back again!
The staging and set changes were excellent. The show was high energy and well performed. What a fantastic experience for young people to have.
The kids did a great job! Very professional and entertaining show!
Great show done by talented students.
Cindy C, Sarnia
Well done, students.
What an amazing group of multitalented young people you have! They were sooo good!!! Can't wait to see the next show.
Joanne K, Hanover
Absolutely loved it. Everyone was fantastic. Brought back memories from watching the movie years ago. Way to go. Look forward to seeing more!
Lori P, Simcoe
Was a great show and a nice afternoon. It was good to see young talent have an opportunity to get experience on a professional stage. Two thumbs up to all involved
Sharron G, Waterloo
Amazing show and wonderful cast. The 4 main characters were standouts and had amazing vocals and very entertaining on stage. Fun memorable performance.
Kyle M, Durham
This show was uplifting and a joy to watch. The incredible talent of these young people was inspiring. Well done to everyone involved!
Heather M, Waterloo
Very entertaining show with talented entertainers. Well done!
We decided to go for a date night and try something new. We did not know it was a high-school production until the day before from the Drayton e-mail. We were not sure about what we signed up for, but we're pleasantly surprised at the quality and talent of the show. We would definitely go again!
So many talented actors with bright futures ahead. A job well done by all.
Stephanie S, Guelph
A wonderful uplifting show!! Such a talented cast of youth performers. Broadway caliber. The lead actor was perfect for the role and such a talent! The singing was all amazing. Enthralling start to end.
Elizabeth R, Waterloo
Fantastic show! Very talented cast. Highly recommend it.
Donna W, Woodstock
Superb!! Too much fun!! I was dancing all the way home!!
Martin S, Cambridge
Well done!!!
I was absolutely blown away by the quality of this high school production - these kids are inspiring! We are so lucky to have an opportunity like this available for youth in our area to participate in a program of this calibre. I hope this program continues to bring this kind of arts education and performance opportunity to teens for many years to come. Can't wait to see what next year brings!
Michelle T, Kitchener
The show was absolutely brilliant! Well done to the budding stars of the future..
Warren P, London
Great show by some amazing local high school talent!! Well done cast & crew - you can be very proud of your accomplishment!
Julie M, Cambridge
Excellent show we enjoyed it immensely. It was very well orchestrated and a lot of attention was paid to detail. Congratulations to all the performers for an amazing show.
Barb & Danny W, Drumbo
We loved it! We had 3 generations attend, and it was loved by all! Great job. We came from Owen Sound on a snowy day, but it was well worth the drive.
Tracey H, Allenford
So much fun for everyone in our family (ages 25 to 89)! The cast and crew were stellar. Bravo!
Incredible show! Drayton Entertainment has never disappointed us, and this show is no different. What an amazing opportunity for students of the arts, everyone truly gave it their all and it showed. Fantastic!
Sabina V, Cambridge
Excellent production. The actors were well-cast, well-rehearsed, enthusiastic, and did an excellent job. The production itself was very well done. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank-you and BRAVO.
Rob P, Kemble
Just WOW !!! It is hard to believe this production is done by High School aged "kids". The music and voices are awesome, the dancing and choreography was fantastic. A truly professional production and thoroughly entertained!! Thank you Drayton Youth Academy for such a wonderful show.
Michael J, Cambridge
I was totally impressed with the quality of talent in these young actors. It was an impressive, riveting performance , which myself and 3 friends thoroughly enjoyed. Their love and joy of acting was truly reflected in the quality of the performance. Kudos!
The combination of David Connolly and the High Schoolers makes for an energy that is contagious. We were dancing in our seats. The talent was seamless. Everyone was engaged and engaging!! I was inspired by the youthful creativity. The direction and choreography held my attention for every minute, right through the curtain call. I didn't want it to end. Thank you Drayton for keeping live entertainment alive!!!
David L, Toronto
Went to see Footloose with my Daughter and Granddaughter....everyone loved show...the performance was so good...the high school kids were amazing...they did such a great job...
Lynda G, Kitchener
Absolutely loved it.
Roger C, Waterloo
One of the Very Best Shows! Very energetic & FUN! Lots of Good messages & Such Talent! They ALL work well Together! David Connolly Must be SO Very Proud of them ALL!
Mary B., Waterloo
An absolutely amazing show, the kids are so dedicated to the craft. Job well done! Do yourself a favour and go see these future theatre stars in the making.
Mark B, Waterdown
Great show, students did an amazing job!
We LOVED the show. It was high energy with very very talented young people. Super congrats to all on a job well done.
Carole A, Waterloo
Incredible talent
Jaime S, Cambridge
Excellent Both singing and dancing
Laura D, High Level Alberta
What an amazing job by a very talented group!
BILL C, harrow
Very impressed with the work of all the young actors! What a fantastic show, highlighting some really strong talent among the high schoolers who performed. We thoroughly enjoyed the show and applaud the amazing talent, both on stage and behind the scenes!
Theresa P, Grimsby
We loved the show! Excellent singing, dancing, casting, clothes, it was fantastic! Kudos to all the students, I'm sure we'll see them again!
Nancy T, Cambridge
The show was excellent and the high school kids were magnificent. Their high-octane energy, athleticism, singing and acting skill levels were outstanding. We were truly entertained. We thank the performers for a wonderful evening!
Terrific energy, singing, and dancing from start to finish.
Brian H, Waterloo
Wow, these performers are going to be stars. Great show, really enjoyed the experience as a whole.
Joe G, Kitchener
I love supporting our youth with so much talent. Great show! We drove home feeling Footloose.
Larry M, London
I did not expect the level of talent. What a wonderful performance. I am positive many of the young artists will go on to be accomplished singers, dancers, actors etc.
Sandi W, Oshawa
What a fun show! A high quality, high energy production. 10/10 for me!
April H, Guelph
The performance of Footloose was wonderful. We had a fun time. Everyone did a great job. Thank you to the behind the scenes crew as well.
I was amazed at the talent of the young performers. My wife and I loved the music and the choreography was excellent. Well done everyone.
Richard W, Waterloo
The show was amazing! The singers and dancers were second to none. Highly recommend.
Well done show. Uplifting and entertaining. Hats off to the cast
JOYCE W, Waterloo
This was an amazing production which combined very good technical skills from both performers and back stage crew. The transitions were fast and clean, the props and sets spectacular, the actors were amazing for their ages and everyone looked like they were having a great time. These youthful members of cast and crew restore my faith in the future of theatre. Its so great to know they had professional mentors and were given a chance to perform in this caliber of show. Well worth the ticket price!
Sheila W, Guelph
Great casting, powerful set, energetic perfectly synchronized dancing, Well done
Edward and Marianne E, Waterloo
The performance was incredible. I am in awe of how you coordinated such a large cast of students into such a flawless high energy performance. The vocals and dancing from all the leads and the chorus were amazing. I enjoyed every moment.
Pam W, Cambridge
Fantastic show. Hats off to the youth of this production and to the mentors who provided their leadership. Looked and sounded very professional. Loved seeing everyone involved come out for their well deserved curtain call. Thanks Drayton Entertainment.
Kim B, Kitchener
Wow!! What a bunch of talented kids. Such a blessing to have such great mentors in this community to help the next generation along their life paths! Well done
Cari W, Kitchener
Fantastic show from start to finish!!! The energy and talent these young people have is inspiring!
Lori M, Kitchener
WOW! What an awesome show! Everyone in the cast did a fantastic job tonight! Such talented actors and singers! They had the audience totally engaged and singing in their seats until the finale when we were all standing, singing and dancing! Well done!!!
Sandy F, Kitchener

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