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Oh What A Season!

Drayton Entertainment's 2024 Season is packed full of blockbuster musicals, captivating murder mysteries, and delightful comedies.


St. Jacobs Country Playhouse

The Rainmaker

A Romantic Comedy

June 20 – July 7, 2018

By N. Richard Nash

The forecast calls for showers of laughter with a romantic comedy that makes a handsome case for miracles.

In the midst of a harsh western summer, plain and hardworking Lizzie Curry is trying to help her family survive a severe drought. Out of nowhere, a fast-talking stranger appears, making an outrageous claim. For a price, he promises to bring rain! The offer sounds too refreshing to pass up and might just represent everyone’s last chance – a rancher’s last hope of survival, a con man’s last shot at redemption, and a woman’s last glimmer of romance.

The Rainmaker proves that dreams can come true, and with enough faith, all things are possible – magic, rain ... and yes, even love.