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St. Jacobs Country Playhouse

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

The Irresistible Musical Parable

July 12 to August 5, 2023

Lyrics by Tim Rice
Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber

By turns dazzling, explosive, and electrifying, Joseph is truly a technicolor triumph!

Journey back to the ancient land of Canaan for an enchanting story of faith and forgiveness as the biblical tale of Joseph is chronicled with sparkling wit, irreverence, and imagination.  When Joseph’s father gives him a fabulous coat of many colors, his 11 jealous brothers hatch a devious scheme to sell him into slavery.  But Joseph rises above his bleak circumstances due to his ability to interpret dreams, and becomes one of the most powerful men in Egypt. 

Don’t miss this rollicking musical masterpiece packed with incredible dance numbers, plenty of laughter, and catchy tunes like “Go, Go, Go Joseph,” “Any Dream Will Do,” and “Close Every Door.” 

Audience Recommendation: Recommended for ages 10 and up. There is no official rating system for live theatre. We encourage you to use your judgment based on your child's age and maturity level.

Running Time: 1 hour and 45 minutes including a 20 minute intermission

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Absoutely AWESOME..did not want the show to end!!
Jo-Anne M, Kitchener
Great experience all around. There is no bad seating in this theatre. The Joseph play was beautifully choreographed and visuals were stunning! So many talented performers.! Very funny! Great value.
R V, Kitchener
Excellent show - loved the dancing and singing
The entire production was so well done - the scenery, the costumes, and the entire cast - the usual high standards of Drayton Entertainment. I would like to add that Kristen Bell was outstanding in the role of The Narrator! We are so fortunate to have this caliber of entertainment in our community. Thank you to everyone involved.
Victoria S, Waterloo
You MUST - GO GO GO to Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat!!! What an amazing performance!! From the set to the costumes, to the dancing and, of course, the singing, it was a magical afternoon of theatre. Kristen Peace as the Narrator was SPECTACULAR!!!! What a voice and a stage presence!!!!! Such a fun show for the whole family!!!! 5 stars all around
Delores L, Waterloo
Colourful, great singing and dancing. Children's singing delightful. Funny, very entertaining. A joyful, entertaining experience.
Sandra P, Kitchener
Absolutely loved it. What incredible talent on that stage!! The voices were just flawless. I laughed and cried and just had a wonderful time. The theatre is so nice to sit in, big enough to hold a show like that but quaint enough to have great views of the entire stage. We will be coming back!
Tracy F, Caledonia
We've never been disappointed by any of the shows here. My husband saw Joseph in TO many years ago...he said this show was just as good if not better than the TO one. We had our two nephews (ages 12 and 9) and nieces (age 8) with us and they loved it!
Sarita K, Listowel
A really great show. Loved the dancing and singing.
Pail W, Guelph
Great show! Absolutely loved it. Very talented performers and very entertaining. Would recommend.
Nicole B, Waterloo
St. Jacobs Country Playhouse continues to deliver spectacular performances! My family and I thoroughly enjoy the costumes, choreographer and first rate abilities of the actors in the plays. Our favourite is musicals, and St. Jacobs Country Playhouse provides us excellent quality. So close to home is an added bonus.
Coleen S, Waterloo
Amazing show!
Andrea H, St Thomas
This show is incredible! We are so blessed to have this level of performance in our community. The theatre staff are very professional and friendly. Even with a full house, they have everything running like clockwork. Thank you Drayton Entertainment for an awesome evening!
Lisa J, Waterloo
Terrific cast, music and choreography. Not to be missed. You will enjoy every minute.
John C, Belwood
Wonderful show, we loved it ! Great singers/dancers/actors, especially Ben Page was amazing! A big shoutout to the singing children (we saw the blue team)! Thank you!
Andrea P, Vienna/Austria
Outstanding!! Music, choreography, acting, costumes. My two teenage grandsons and I loved every minute. They're still talking about it.
Linda M, Waterloo
What an absolutely wonderful show!
Sharon F, Kitchener
Absolutely fantastic! Superb cast.
Anji A, Tillsonburg
Our family absolutely loved the performance of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at St Jacobs Country Playhouse. We have seen the show elsewhere before and this was by far our favorite performance. The cast was spectacular, the set was amazing. Stunning performance!
Agata D, Komoka
We absolutely loved it. Would love to see it again and bring our friends.
Janice M, Stratford
This was an amazing performance, right from the actors/singers/dancers, to the directorship and costuming! It didn't miss a beat!
Susan V, Kitchener
What a fantastic show. Everything about it was amazing. From the technicolor coat, the props, and the talent.
Beryl M, Seaforth
The show was entertaining, at times funny and the cast had amazing voices!!! My 90 year old Mother absolutely loved it!!! Thank you Drayton Entertainment for another great show!!!
Karen M, Cambridge
It was amazing and the performers are so incredibly talented. Such an enjoyable show.
Brenda B, Durham
Loved it!
Jan D, Ariss
A wonderful musical and, as always, expertly performed by Drayton Entertainment. The male chorus was excellent.
Jane S, Waterloo
Singing and storytelling was superb. Would watch it again and again and again. It's no wonder the remaining shows at the St. Jacobs Playhouse are all sold out.
Paul L, Hamilton
Amazing show! Loved it from the first note to the standing ovation.
Liz C, Waterloo
Fabulous show from the singing, dancing, costumes, directing, staging, etc. I thoroughly enjoyed it-could see it again.
Beverley P, Toronto
Wow! Fun, energetic, professional, and entertaining! I love this play, saw it twice with Donny Osmond back in the day in Toronto, and this production did such a great job. Some truly standout performances by the cast. If you enjoy musicals, live theatre, you need to see this! We are blessed to have such quality productions in our community. Congrats to everyone involved. Special shout-out to my kid's music teacher (no idea he was in it until we got there), truly the "King".
Greg B, Kitchener
We three loved the show. It's been awhile since we were at your theatre, but were very impressed with it: clean, and very friendly people working there!! The actors and actresses were amazing, would go back again today to see if we could. Music was a smashing success!!
Linda M, Lambton Shores
Loved, loved, loved it. It was a treat to watch the reactions and complete focus of the young children sitting across the aisle. I saw it way back when and would definitely see it again.
Chris J, Kitchener
The last time I saw Joseph was in Toronto, with Donny Osmond as the lead. To attend yesterday's matinee and see such incredible talent on a theatre stage five minutes from my home was completely unexpected. My first visit to the St. Jacobs Country Playhouse was a resounding success! Kudos to the entire Joseph team for the production, music, and performance quality. Five stars! And to the house and box office staff at the theatre - you could not have made us feel more welcome! Thank you!
Marilyn C, Waterloo
Wonderful! Such talented actors in this production. We were a group of 6 and everyone said it was so good they would see it again.
Carol Z, London
Such a fantastic show! The performers were outstanding. The singing, dancing and acting was top-notch. We especially loved how the children's choir was woven into the scenes. We will be back!
Corie R, Whitby
This is my 4th time seeing this play. It was by far one of the best. All the performers were amazing.
Cathy H, Cambridge
Incredible energy and wonderful songs. What a wonderful way to spend a Tuesday Afternoon. We will be back.
Edward R, Toronto
Lots of fun. Great costumes. Wonderful voices. Energetic dancing. Fantastic costumes. Thanks for another great show!
John R, Guelph
Fantastic Show. Drayton continues to impress us!
Diana P, Waterloo
Very well done. This was a first theatre experience for my children ages 7 and 10 and they loved it! Such a wonderful, colorful, humorous and fun show!
Christine W, Waterloo
So well done, the kids were amazing and the singing, dancing and sets were awesome.
Jo-Anne W, Fergus
This was my first time seeing a production at St Jacobs. I was not expecting such a professional cast! This show totally blew me away! I will definitely return!
Tracey A, Newmarket
Amazing show! We were so impressed with everything. It felt like a Toronto production in a small St. Jacobs theatre. Great singing and dancing and wonderful sets and costumes. We loved it all!
Tracey R, Kitchener
Amazing job, great choreography. Funny and inspiring.
Bella O, Kitchener
Amazing! My niece and I absolutely loved it! Talented cast and amazing score lead to a fabulous afternoon at the theatre!
Jenny L, Waterloo
This was an excellent performance *****
Beryl M, Seaforth
The performance was amazing; the acting, acrobatics and singing superb! We thoroughly enjoyed every moment! We also loved the respect that was shown to the original biblical story while adding entertaining features. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this show!
Marilyn R, London
Loved it! Have never been to a production that I haven't absolutely been impressed with. I am in awe of the talent of these wonderful artists.
Melody R, Kitchener
WOW! It was amazing. If you want to relax, enjoy upbeat music and be entertained, this is the musical to come and see. The cast has so much energy.
Judy T, North York
Amazing performance! We loved every minute of it and our daughter was on the edge of her seat the whole night!
Natalie B, Kitchener
It was fabulous! We see five or six Drayton shows every year and have never seen a bad one. Great theatre at a reasonable price, mostly with home-grown talent. This production of Joseph was the best one we've seen. Keep up the wonderful work.
Kathryn T, Toronto
Fabulous production. Amazing voices of the whole cast. Dancing sequences were wonderful too. Couldn't find fault at all!
Linda G, Guelph
Thoroughly enjoyed it, have seen same show in Toronto and thought this was superior.
Jim M, Mississauga
Amazing. I came with my daughter, daughters-in-law and grandkids. We loved the show. The kids were mesmerized by the dancing, the costumes, and the fun! Thank you!
Angela V, Waterloo
Wow, so wonderful! Costumes and singers were amazing. My 13 year old daughter love it too. Very talented people in the show.
Tammy B, Cambridge
Brilliant, very funny, great entertainment. Highly recommend it. The singing and dancing was marvelous. The whole cast were amazing. Loved every minute. Thanks again to St. Jacobs Country Playhouse.
Janice K, Guelph
This was my first time seeing Joseph and I fully loved it! The cast, the singing, the dancing, the set, it was all superb and I smiled and felt uplifted through the whole performance and beyond. Highly recommend.
Robyn F, Guelph
Wonderful from beginning to end. Highly energetic, and every actor - children included - were exceedingly professional.
Jeff S, Fergus
Excellent Performance !
Gary S, Sarnia
Great show great to see Canadian talent.
Edward G, Bowmanville
Amazing show. So much talent!
Jan G, Cambridge
The talent that this show presents is right up there with any Broadway, Toronto, London etc. casts of which we have seen them all. We are so proud of our local Drayton Theatre productions and highly recommend this one. It is so uplifting and fun.
Mike and Judy M, Kitchener
So much fun! The transitions were so smooth; the scenes flowed into each other so smoothly and became part of the entertainment.
Karen F, Elora
So much fun. Highly recommend!
Laura G, Kitchener
This was a truly wonderful performance. High energy, amazing singing and dancing. One of the best we have seen!
Don & Lois F, St. Catharines
Amazing show for all ages. Extremely entertaining with a diversity of music. The choreography and dancing were remarkable and should be applauded! Beautiful voices all around. Wonderful to see the children's chorus add another dimension to the show.
Courtney CM, Waterloo
A wonderful show. Glad I did not miss it.
Harold M, Cambridge
It was absolutely amazing!!! So full of energy and ability!!!
Betty C, Kitchener
A truly amazing, high-energy show! Spectacular costumes and outstanding choreography. A not-to-be-missed production!
Barry and Monica P, Goderich
Amazing performances! Kudos to all these wonderful and talented artists! Light, refreshing and restorative evening!
Gary P, Kitchener
Fabulous! Absolutely loved it, as did my young granddaughters!
Deb S, Brantford
An amazing show with lots of talent. I took my 10 year old grandson and we both loved it, so a show for all age groups.
Susan M, Hanover
Awesome, excellent acting and music. Loved the kids singing, they were very expressive. Keep up the great plays.
Sue W, Lake Wales, Florida
Very upbeat musical! Thoroughly enjoyed it. Beautiful singing voices and wonderful dancing.
Sharon B, Kitchener
Absolutely wonderful production! Amazing talent! Everyone should see this show!
MaryLou B, Palmerston
This was a great show. Very well done and I loved every minute of it.
Janice M, Aylmer
Wonderful show. Excellent dancing, strong voices and a fabulous performance all round. The youngsters were terrific.
John R, Stratford
I loved this performance. The actors/actresses, singers and dancers were wonderful, talented and full of enthusiasm. This is my first time I have visited the St. Jacobs Country Playhouse and it won't be the last. The seats are so comfy!
Carla JH, Windsor
So well performed, so funny, including a few added zingers thrown in.
Betty G, Cambridge
Loved every second of it! So did my husband, daughter and granddaughter. Thank you!
Marti A, London
I have seen this musical in Toronto many years ago with Donny Osmond and loved it. This time I brought my 5 grand kids (ages 4 to 17) because I thought they would enjoy the fast pace, music and dancing. I am so pleased to say that they loved it too. I think it was a great experience for them all. I could happily go see it again tomorrow.
Marilyn B, Kitchener
Amazing cast and choir! The Narrator was beyond talented, Joseph was phenomenal and each of the brothers brought their own talent to the production! We didn't stop laughing, crying and having fun! One of the best I've seen !
Ginny A, Orangeville
Truly an exciting and enjoyable performance.
Sandi & Gary M, Kichener
Form the beginning straight to the end it was dynamite. We thoroughly enjoyed all of the performance.
Lillian W, Stratford
If I could give 10 stars I would definitely give this cast and performance 10 stars!! From the very start of this performance to the very last moment - I was amazed and so happy that I was able to see this spectacle! The energy, the talent, the beautiful voices, the acting - every single moment was incredible! Thank you to the entire cast and crew (by the way the costumes and scenery were also amazing) for giving all of us such a wonderful, memorable performance.
Susie K, Waterloo
It was amazing!!!! Great talent. Would recommend if you can get tickets. Most shows sold out.
Jean K, Kitchener
Fabulous production! The play had great humour and I loved the facial expressions of the performers throughout the play. Wonderful music and singers and dancers!
Mary Ann M, Kitchener
Drayton Entertainment never fails to put on a magnificent production. From stage set to incredibly talented people. Going to TO is a waste of time when we have such great productions in the smaller venues. Joseph was incredible!!!
Elizabeth G, Listowel
The show was incredible! Everything from the costumes, the set and of course the performers were flawless. Our group was absolutely amazed and can't wait to come back to the Play House Country Theatre for another show!
Jade M, Toronto
Second time seeing it and think this time was even better than the first.
Penny L, Waterloo
Excellent show by excellent cast.
Katherine W, Kitchener
It was the first time that I took my two boys and husband to see a musical and we all loved it so much. The narrator's voice was amazing and Joseph's acting was top notch. It's worth coming to see.
Anna Ronai, Kitchener
Awesome and creative with so much energy - I was still enjoying the next day. Thank you so much.
Jim F, Waterloo
Have seen Joseph many times. They have all been great, but the level of energy on the stage this time was through the roof!
Gary H, Mississauga
It was wonderful!! Super talented performers and such an uplifting happy experience. Left the show in a great mood, humming the songs.
Kendra M, St. George
Great fun!
Shelley F, Cambridge
My Wife and I were lucky enough to bring our granddaughter to her first live performance and she has not stopped talking about it. We could not have picked a better show to take her to. Bravo to your cast and crew.
Robert S, Stratford
I was blown away by the talent on stage, the set, the costumes, everything really. And were super impressed by the diversity of the cast. We had an amazing afternoon. The volunteers running the snack bar, and ushers, were so warm and welcoming. We'll be watching for more events from Drayton Entertainment.
Francine L, Stratford
Great Show - amazing singers and dancers. Children's Chorus was very good. Enjoyed this show!
Lynne L, Port Elgin
First class show as always, talented actors, and cooperative front of house staff, we would love to make a circuit of all your houses.
Ernest J, Ottawa
It was fabulous.
Phyllis C, Toronto
Amazing show. The cast is very entertaining.
MIke Y, Kitchener
A great show. Congratulations to all the performers, costumes and set design. It was all good and you seemed to be having so much fun doing it. We had a wonderful afternoon.
Reg L, Burlington
Very young and talented cast. Great fun.
Jeff S, Guelph
Super! Such an amazing show!
Janet F, London
Brilliant, Fabulous, 10 stars! Didn't want it to end!
K & G B, Fergus
Show was awesome!! All the performers did a great job. Love the theatre as well. Had a great ambiance.
Chris H, Cambridge
The show was fabulous, loved every moment of it! Have seen three different productions of Joseph and Drayton Entertainment takes a back seat to no one. Always a top notch production.
Donna W, Mount Hope
Great Show. Well preformed!!
Gail K, Listowel
Phenomenal performance! Exceeded my expectations!
CJ N, Moncton, NB
Loved it! Loud and entertaining with some comic relief.
Jeff W, St. Marys
Great show, love the venue! Had a wonderful time. I saw the show before starring Donnie Osmand. This was more fun, but still got the story across.
Lisa V, Kitchener
What an incredible performance! The cast was phenomenal and brought the musical to life with their talent in singling and dancing! I have seen this production multiple times, and this group is definitely one of the best I've ever seen!
Lindsey A, St Jacobs
Excellent show. Strong cast and entertaining presentation.
Patricia P, Brantford
My granddaughter and I had a great time. Very entertaining.
Walter B, St. Jacobs
Wonderful production, amazing performers and great venue.
Jane M, Guelph
The best play ever! Words cannot not express how much I loved this play. This play had it all, humor, a great story, and it was so good I did not want it to end. I would see this play 10 more times just to have the full experience.
Shawn P, Mississauga
Amazing job, thoroughly enjoyed it. Such talented people.
Gail G, Alliston
The show was FANTASTIC! The talent of the actors outstanding. The musicians and music was great. I would recommend the show to anyone who enjoys live theatre.
John D, Waterloo
Just an adorable, fun, energetic, excellent, performance! Stratford look out! NYC should come and take notes!
Doreen M, Stratford
Such a fun production that exceeded our expectations. The acting and dancing were outstanding and the singing was first class. The Youth Academy children were admirable and did an excellent job. So fabulous to see such top quality professional theatre in our area.
Cheryl Y, Elora
A wonderful show to take the whole family to this summer.
John W, Stratford
Excellent show. It was very upbeat and lively. The music and dancing was fantastic. Loved seeing the participation of all the kids!
Heather M, Waterloo
I have seen Joseph a few times at various venues. This was the best performance yet. Congratulations to the team. I was so impressed that I wanted to book another performance and bring my grandchild. But it is all but sold out.
Maureen O, Waterloo
I have already seen this show a few times, but this one was the best.
Peter V, Woodstock
Certainly not what we expected but loved it!! The acting, the acrobatics, the children - just everything was awesome!
Beth W, Brantford
Very lively and entertaining. Great cast, energetic dancers, great singing.
Joe O C, Mississauga
We had a lot of fun being entertained by the cast members of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. It truly was an AMAZING show! We would highly recommend it. Drayton theatre never disappoints! Thank you for your perseverance in making every show a delight to see.
Sue H, Kitchener
It certainly was amazing. Joseph was great and the Pharaoh (Elvis) almost stole the show. Actually everyone did a super job. I would rate this as a must see!
Laverne F, Cambridge
Had never seen Joseph before. Loved it!
Cathy M, Oil Springs
Awesome play! From start to finish.
Marianne V, Waterloo
Fantastic production!
Gloria D, Fenwick
NOTHING on BROADWAY could possibly top this performance! The young people, (the kids) were fantastic, and ALL stayed in character. All vocals were top notch, AND, every word could be clearly heard, as all had microphones, which doesn't happen at Stratford! It was SO WELL rehearsed, and that really pays off! Keep up the great work Drayton Entertainment!
Doug & Liz C, Burlington
5 stars+++++++ Amazing from start to finish!
Colleen H, Brantford
Oh, my... Joseph was an entire upper! (The "sheep" set the stage :-) ). True, strong (not brassy) voices of Joseph, Narrator, Simeon were a delight. Dancers/ensemble: incredible, as I've come to expect from Drayton. And it was fun. Kinda quirky stuff going on, and you'll laugh. Go see!
Anne C, Goderich
Thoroughly enjoyed.
Diane S, Breslau
Amazing cast!!! So talented!!! Great choreography!!!! Fun! Fun! Fun!
Sue B, Kitchener
A spectacular show, great cast, great singing!
Elwood J, Coquitlam
What a great show. I had never seen this production and was I happy to have this production be the first time for Joseph!
Sandra F, Kitchener
Very entertaining! Amazing talent!
Emily R, New Hamburg
Absolutely Amazing!! Strong Cast! The Narrator was a show stopper - what a voice!! Joseph was so well portrayed, and the perfect voice!!
Valerie K, Kitchener
It was fantastic. Just as good as any musical I've seen in Stratford. The singing was great as you could understand every work that was sung which is important in an all singing musical.
Judy H, Stratford
Great singing and dancing, very enjoyable.
Judy S, Waterloo
My sister and I absolutely loved it. I would go back and see it again.
Sheila A, Listowel
An amazing production from downbeat to curtain calls. The energy level from every cast member was immeasurable! And the choreography - fantastic and innovative. Took a friend for whom this was her first Drayton production, and she couldn't stop raving! Congratulations to all!
Nancy L, Niagara Falls
Absolutely loved the show and the cast! What a talented group of people! Recommend this show to anyone who loves theatre.
Terri I, Stoney Creek
This was an outstanding production, as are almost ALL Drayton productions. I particularly loved that the enunciation of words in the songs was excellent. There were no words, sung by any of the cast, that I could not understand. I really appreciated that. Attention to detail in the set, props, and costumes was top notch. All together, this production was smart, clever, funny, uplifting, and joyous. The cast members performed exceptionally.
Iain M, Guelph
This was my third time seeing this show and I'd go again. This time I took 2 teen-aged granddaughters and they loved it as well. We sang "Go, Go Joseph" all the way home. And we're still singing it today. The mixtures of music genres and costumes are delightful. The cast is very talented. This is a show for all ages.
Madeline R, Waterloo
It was well done, I havent seen it before so have nothing to compare it to but Drayton always puts on an excellent show and this was no exception.
Kelly M, Sarnia
An incredible performance. Top notch singing and choreography. Creative design and execution. A lot of fun with my granddaughter!
Geoff M, Kitchener
Top quality performance by all the actors/actresses. Worth seeing it twice.
Jim S, Hamilton
Fantastic singing and energy from the entire cast and chorus. Fun for the whole family.
Valerie D, Cambridge

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