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Rock of Ages The Totally Rad 80s Musical at the Huron Country Playhouse

Huron Country Playhouse

Rock of Ages

The Totally Rad ‘80s Musical

August 9 to September 3, 2023

Book by Chris D’Arienzo
Arrangements & Orchestrations by Ethan Popp

Fans of ’80s arena hard rock music will dig this awesomely hilarious musical comedy that wails with big chords, big hair … and an even bigger heart.

It’s 1987, and aspiring rocker Drew Boley meets and falls madly in love with Sherrie, a fresh-faced Midwesterner who has recently moved to Los Angeles to chase her movie star dreams.   Will their stars rise? Will their love last? Find out in the worldwide phenomenon featuring 28 classic rock tunes like “Don’t Stop Believin’,” “We Built This City,” “The Final Countdown,” “Wanted Dead or Alive,” “Here I Go Again,” “Harden My Heart,” “Can’t Fight This Feeling,” and “I Want To Know What Love Is.”

Don’t stop believin’ … the music that ignited a generation is now rocking Grand Bend!

Running Time: 2 hours and 30 minutes including a 20 minute intermission.

Audience Recommendation: This production contains language and mature themes. Recommended for ages 13 and up. There is no official rating system for live theatre. We encourage you to use your judgment based on your child's age and maturity level.

A Note from the Director: Are you ready to rock? When writer Chris D’Arienzo was asked to identify some of the greatest classic rock songs of all time in order to weave them into a story for a new Broadway musical comedy, he knew it was a monumental task. An avid fan of 80s culture, he set out to create a campy homage to the glam rock era in all its heavy metal glory complete with big hair, big chords, big dreams, big laughs and an even bigger heart. D’Arienzo used two particularly iconic songs to create the plot – Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’” and Starship’s “We Built This City.” Thus the story of “a small town girl” and “a city boy” falling in love and banding together (with some colourful characters) to save an iconic club on L.A.’s nefarious Sunset Strip, was born. His crudely comedic parody of hair metal culture packed with screaming guitars and epic rock anthems was an instant hit becoming one of the most successful jukebox musicals in history, playing for over seven years on Broadway, and eventually becoming a blockbuster Hollywood movie. The wonderful thing about the power ballads and hard rock tunes of the 80s is that they’re still as popular as ever, appealing to music lovers of all generations – who doesn’t love belting out “Can't Fight this Feeling” or “More Than Words” in the car or in the shower at the top of their lungs? That being said, the hard-living lifestyle depicted on stage in this production includes behaviors associated with the time – like explicit language, bathroom humour, the mention of casual drug use, and sexual innuendo – and they’re essential to do justice to the raunchiness of the era. Rock of Ages is really geared to adult audiences who can laugh at this piece of nostalgic fun. To get the most out of this performance, you will need to view the show as a tongue-in-cheek tribute to the over-the-top “sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll” lifestyle of the time. Rock of Ages is fun and flirtatious, so I encourage you to let loose, not take things too seriously, and have a good laugh at all the gloriously ridiculous stereotypes of the 80s – wild rock stars with even wilder behaviour, silly scantily-clad groupies, crazy club culture with larger than life characters who are loud, crass, and playfully suggestive, and more. Remember, these are actors on stage poking fun at the fabulously funny fads of a bygone era. Aren’t you glad leather pants, shoulder pads, hot pink spandex and mullets are things of the past? We’re so much cooler today… right? Only time will tell. At Drayton Entertainment, we believe it’s important to present a wide range of theatrical offerings, so that we may continually introduce new audiences to the magic of live theatre and engage people at every age and stage of life. Rock of Ages is a little more risqué than our traditional musical and comedy programming, but we know that it will bring new people to the theatre and that audiences will have a blast. So, whether you’ve visited us before, or you’re here for the first time, welcome – and rock on! Alex Mustakas, Director

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My husband and I were celebrating our anniversary and decided to go to the show. What a wonderful evening.
Susan F, Dublin
I loved Rock of Ages. The multitalented performers were absolutely amazing. Great music, dancing, musicians, stage props, sound effects, humour, costumes, etc. A real crowd pleaser and an appreciative audience. It's always a pleasure going to a Drayton Show. Drayton does not disappoint!
Diane C, Woodstock
Great performance. Loved it!
Elisha N, Kincardine
I did this show in Sarnia back in 2016. The music. The story are top notch! I can HONESTLY say that this show was one of the BEST shows I've ever seen!! Cast perfectly - the talent displayed on stage was unrivalled. EVERYone involved in the production should be praised for their hard work. KUDOS TO DRAYTON ENTERTAINMENT for ALWAYS putting on UPPER ECHELON PRODUCTIONS!!
Shaun H, Sarnia
Show was Spectacular!
Gail K, Listowel
Absolutely brilliant show, amazing cast and lots of fun. Would see again in a heartbeat.
Gary H, Palmerston
Just came from the was absolutely amazing..don't miss this full of energy.
Jeff M, London
What a great show!! So many great actors and the music was fabulous!! Well done!
Renee R, Staffa
Great show!
Melanie G, London
Amazing show!!! Fantastic cast...loved every minute.
Ed B, Strathroy
The show was very entertaining - and all the cast were outstanding ! Loved it!
Cory T, London
What a great show! Costumes, set and performance brought me back to when I was 16!
Lori R, Port Franks
Everything about it was awesome!
Elizabeth S, London
Great show and since we actually lived that era, it was spot on and the music was great!
Arthur P, Grand Bend
My husband and I loved the show! I was singing right along. Some very talented actors made this show come alive!
Suzanne B, London
We loved it and had a blast! We will be recommending it to all! So funny, great music, great performance, great production value!
Nicole W, Woodstock
The first time at the playhouse and it did not disappoint! Venue, cast and show - awesome! Will be back!
Karen W, Gladstone
An amazing show that will keep you laughing, singing, and dancing! You must go see!
Courtney A, Clinton
Awesome show!! Everyone on stage - musicians, dancers, performers....GREAT! This show is a must see. Bravo to all, a job well done!!
Laurie C, London
The show was so alive! Music was fabulous and the whole evening was fun. So much energy on the stage we brought another couple and the 4 of us truly loved the performance. Kudos to everyone involved.
Georgina F, Grand Bend
Loved, loved, loved it! Fantastic show! Enjoyed all the music, knew every song!
Sue B, Grand Bend
Fun, funny, terrific music and great talent. Would definitely recommend. Loved it.
Jackie H, Goderich
Awesome performance, very energetic and funny.
Scott M, Kitchener
Amazing and hilarious show! Great job everyone!
Melissa N, Sarnia
Just loved the show. The actors are amazing. The writers did the theme justice. Worth every penny.
Theresa A, Lasalle
Great show, great set, great theatre! Would definitely come to see another show in the future.
Katelyn S, Oshawa
Such great energy! Loved the story and the variety of music. The performers were excellent.
Jim G, Belle River
It was our first time attending a performance at the Huron Country Playhouse and we were thoroughly impressed with the whole experience, the theatre and the performance Rock of Ages. The atmosphere was amazing, seating very comfortable, with lots of leg room and terrific view. To cap it off I was fortunate to win the 50/50 draw. We will definitely be back and we will recommend Huron Country Playhouse. Thank you!
John N, London
Absolutely loved it! Amazing band and vocals! Would go back again! A must see!
Vivian F, London
I loved it! All broadway show lovers must watch it. Every performer played thier part so well. 100% Awesome! Congratulations to all of you!
Luve A, Brantford
Loved it.
Paul & Marilyn C, Grand Bend
Every bit of this show was engaging and uplifting. The cast and crew deserve kudos for their hard work and effort. You brought the house down! Highly recommend it to anyone I can tell!. Thank you
Denni and Sue D, Stratford
There needs to be way more than just 5 stars!!! Such a high energy, amazing show. Kale's voice was ROCK solid! I want to come back and watch it at least 5 more times!!!! Great job.. AMAZING talent in the entire cast. Another stellar Drayton production!
Jacqui L, Parkhill
Very entertaining, high energy and funny!
Lynn M, Grand Bend
Great show! Amazing music, funny and great story!
Angela S, Grand Bend
The dancing, acting and singing, loved it all. The set, the band, costumes, amazing! Drayton never disappoints.
Anne T, Grand Bend
Was excellent! Absolutely loved it
Lori S, Forest
Awesome show... all the performers did an excellent job!!! So much talent out there.
Marlene M, Dashwood
Wonderful performance by so many talented professionals. Very enjoyable afternoon.
Debbie C, London
Fantastic show, my boyfriend and I both loved it!
Kelly P, Niagara
Amazing!!! It was on like Donkey Kong right from the opening to the close! Such excellent talent of all the actors! Thank you for Rocking!
Sheri-Lynn K, Grand Bend
Amazing! We went twice. It was delightful.
Antonia V H, Woodstock
Rock of Ages was AMAZING! The music and acting did not disappoint! I am already looking for what show I'll see next.
Karen P, Sarnia
So funny, entertaining, and quality of performances by all the cast was phenomenal! Would highly recommend it!
Dennise S, Stratford
Show was wonderful. Actors/singers were very talented and their performance was outstanding! Can't say a negative thing about it! It is a must see show if you like the 80s music.
Deb N, Charing Cross
My husband and myself have seen this production years ago in Toronto and loved it then. I purchased 10 tickets altogether and went to the show last night. All of our friends thoroughly enjoyed the show. There were some twists from the show that we saw in Toronto but the cast were amazing. Job well done by all involved. Thanks for the experience.
Jenny T, Ingersoll
Epic, legendary, iconic 80s Rock. Amazing performance. A must see!!
Ted B, Ingersoll
Amazing show, loved the music. Everyone one did an amazing job!! Would see the show again, it was that good.
Jeanette M, Dorchester
We had so much fun singing all the songs and laughing at the crazy characters!! So so great!!!
Shelley S, Clinton
A Rockin' Ride through Time - "Rock of Ages" Delivers Unbeatable Fun! Rock of Ages is a sensational theatrical experience that takes audiences on a whirlwind journey through the electrifying world of 1980s rock 'n' roll. From start to finish, this musical extravaganza delivers non-stop energy, humor, and nostalgia, making it an unforgettable night at the theater. Set in the iconic Sunset Strip, the story follows aspiring rocker Drew and small-town girl Sherrie as they chase their dreams in the midst of the rock music scene's heyday. The narrative seamlessly weaves together hilarious moments, heartwarming romance, and of course, the timeless hits of the 80s. From power ballads to head-banging anthems, the show's playlist is a carefully curated collection of classics that will have audiences tapping their feet and singing along. What truly sets Rock of Ages apart is its exceptional cast. The performers capture the essence of their characters and the era they're portraying with an infectious enthusiasm. The chemistry between the leads, Drew and Sherrie, is palpable, and their journey from wide-eyed dreamers to hardened rockers is both engaging and relatable. Meanwhile, the uproarious antics of the flamboyant Lonny and the devious Stacee Jaxx provide consistent laughter and levity. The production design is a visual feast, bringing the 1980s to life with neon lights, spandex, and big hair. The sets seamlessly transition from the exterior of the Bourbon Room to various iconic locations, immersing the audience in the gritty yet glamorous world of the Sunset Strip. Rock of Ages cleverly celebrates the nostalgia of the 1980s while never taking itself too seriously. It's a show that thrives on its ability to entertain and transport the audience into a world of larger-than-life characters and unforgettable tunes. Whether you're a die-hard fan of the 80s or simply looking for a night of pure, unadulterated fun, Rock of Ages is an absolute must-see. In conclusion, Rock of Ages is a high-octane, jukebox musical that rocks the house with its infectious energy, outstanding performances, and a soundtrack that's impossible to resist. From the first power chord to the final curtain call, this show leaves audiences dancing in the aisles and humming the hits long after the lights go down. Don't miss the chance to experience this rollicking ride through time and music that will leave you with a permanent smile and a newfound appreciation for the timeless magic of rock 'n' roll.
Anita M, Toronto
My first live theater performance and loved every minute of it! Had me singing and clapping and also laughing. Highly reccomend this show to anyone!!
Craig P, Norwich
We just loved it!! Great show! 5 stars!!
Marci M, Clinton
Very entertaining! Comedy, dance, singing. Totally enjoyed it. If you are not dead, you will too!
Barry P, London
Fantastic show! Music was awesome, actors were amazing all the way around! The narrator was hilarious! Had a great time!!
Laurel C, Wyoming
Absolutely the best show I have seen so far. Highly recommended.
Harold M, Clinton
Fabulous show! Aaron Walpole's humour made this show crazy good!! This was my second time seeing the show with the first being in Toronto a few years ago. This show was phenomenal. Thanks to all!
Marg M, St. Thomas
Terrific performance! Our teen/early 20s kids (begrudgingly) came with us to the theatre and left completely WOWd by how much they enjoyed this show!
Brenda C, London
Great entertainment! Great singing and acting. Congratulations.
Richard G, London
Fabulous show!! So entertaining and extremely well done. Everyone involved in this production deserves a standing ovation for going above and beyond to provide theatre goers with such an amazing show.
Linda R, London
What a fantastic performance. Funny, great tunes brought back a lot of memories. Rock On!
Leo R, Listowel
Best show we have ever seen. Singing voices were amazing. Loved it!!!!!
Carolyn M, London
Rock of Ages was brilliant! I loved everything about it and would definitely see it again!
Samantha S, Camlachie
I loved the MUSIC and the COMEDY!!!! My daughter, who grew up listening to my 80's music, loved it as much as I did; we talked about it all the way back to London. We highly recommend it!!!
Janis T, London
Great play, great music, great venue. Loved it. Thank you.
John K, Grand Bend
This show is a must see, especially if you love this music! It's a cute love story that I didn't want to end.
Michelle F, London
Wonderfully positive show with many very talented musicians and dancers and actors.
Jeff B, London
It was amazing. Music, of course was superb, set was inspired, but best surprise was the comedic scenes! Loved it.
Alana H, Cambridge
Show was totally awesome!
Darlene S, Lambton Shores
It was awesome, just like the time period that we had so much fun in and enjoyed that timeless music that still rocks in my world daily!!
Jim M, Komoka
What a high energy performance. We thought it was fantastic.
Robert W, London
Awesome and funny! Great Music.
Connie M, Dashwood
I purchased tickets as birthday gifts for my 3 adult children and spouses. They loved the show. Amazing, extremely funny -great singing.
Rosalee W, Wroxeter, Woodstock
This show was AMAZING!!!! We loved ALL the performers and singing along to the songs! We laughed so much and our cheeks hurt from smiling! What a great blast from the past!! BRAVO!!!
Kim D, London
It was amazing!! We had so much fun and plan on telling our friends and family it's a must see!
Martha C, St. Thomas
There was nothing I didn't like about it. It was great all around.
Michael S, St. Thomas
Amazing show! It's my fave show. I've seen it 9 times and, by far, the productions by Drayton Entertainment are always the best! Kale is the BEST Drew!
Tara L, Mount Forest
Absolutely wonderful! Music was awesome, Funny, loved the costumes. All around great time. Go see it!
Trina E, Stratford
This show is overflowing with talent, with exceptional singing, dancing, set design, costumes and that extraordinary band! Well done! We would gladly see this show again. Thank you for a great afternoon.
Elizabeth S, Kincardine
Great acting, with lots of humour and the music and sets were fabulous. It was top notch entertainment from start to finish. My wife and I were thoroughly entertained.
Paul O, Lucan
Great show!!
Peter A, London
If I could give 10 stars I would.. I have been to many plays including Stratford and Toronto shows. This is ABSOLUTELY my favourite play I have ever been to. The acting was brilliant and hilarious. The music playlist is incredible and sang every song aloud. Would recommend to anyone who would love a ROCKING good time!!
Dan L, London
Fantastic. Wasn't sure what to expect but it exceeded all our expectations. Funny, great music and singing, sexy .. all around great show and great actors.
Herry L, Woodstock
Loved the songs, voices, comedy value. Drayton never disappoints.
Joanne H, Listowel
I loved it! This show is SO fun! Hilarious characters, embedded in a great storyline, who sing the soundtrack of my teenage years. I went with my 2 best friends from high school - we sang our way through the whole show. Who could want more than that?!
Neisha C, London
Loved the show! Amazingly talented cast, all had such great vocal chops. Band was great, the lead guitarist killed it. Didn't expect I'd be laughing so much, the humour was fantastic!!
Kevin S, Chatham
Loved it - Kale Perry was amazing as Drew! Would love to see him in more Drayton productions.
Steph B, Bayfield
Amazing show!!! Great experience!!!
Joey P, Brantford
Music was well done, comedy was on point, and the energy was radiating through the audience. Will be back for more!
Melissa F, London
Rock of Ages was a great show full of great music and humor. Actors all had amazing voices. I had seen it before in Cambridge and seeing it again at the GB Playhouse did not disappoint. Always great productions there!
Carrie B, Parkhill
The voices and the music was brilliant. Loved to hear how different words were incorporated into the music. Anyone who grew up in that decade would love it.
Denise T, London
An amazing fun show. The music, the acting, the costume and sets was a well done job.
Lenore Y, Grand Bend
Teenage granddaughters loved it!!
Kathy E, Grand Bend
Awesome show!
Kim F, Strathroy
Absolutely fantastic! One of the best shows we have ever seen. Top notch entertainment.
Kathryn R, Chatham
Very entertaining trip down memory lane for those of us who loved the 80s! The music rocked, and the actors/dancers/musicians were amazing! Congratulations to everyone who played a part in bringing this musical to the Huron County Playhouse stage. Well done, Drayton!
PJ W, Oakville
Excellent show - loved the singing, playing, acting and dancing - it had it all. Well done!!!
Maureen F, London
Great show Loved the music and the acting was excellent
Ann T, Goderich
Top stars for this show! Wonderful singing from all cast, amazing dancers, such energy! The Band was very talented and very much like bands of the 80s. We all loved it! Thanks Huron County Playhouse for continuing to bring us such a high caiber of entertainment!
Dianne M, Zurich
It was awesome.
Colleen G, Dover Centre
Really enjoyed the energy of the Play! Audience got caught up in the songs and fun! Great singers! dancers! Such a creative production! They did everything just right! The Narrator pulled it all together. So well done!
Linda S, Bayfield
I went there thinking it would be a Gospel Revival with great music and accomplished performers and as soon as I sat in my seat and looked at the amazing set I knew it was going to be something quite different. It wasnt long til I was in love with the characters and in awe of the calibre of the music. Thank you all to a wonderful, funny, touching and well produced production. I am always impressed when I attend Drayton Entertainment however this time my music genre envelope was expanded. Kudos to all who had a hand in this show. Well done from a newbie rocker!
Karen G, Stratford
Music and singing were fantastic. The actor who played Drew has a wonderful voice. He had just the right amount of raspiness and could belt out the wonderful 80s songs. The fellow who played the host was hilarious and had us laughing the whole night. Well done. Why go to Toronto to see a play when Huron Country puts on shoes like this.
Lori H, Bayfield
Absolutely wonderful!!! Fun, fast paced entertainment!! So much credit goes out to all the actors/musicians and crew to produce such a great show!!! I took my two teenage granddaughters and we all LOVED the performance!!! Rock On!!!
Out of all the plays we've seen we enjoyed Rock Of Ages by far the most.
Rick M, Grand Bend
The acting, dancing, set design, choreography all contributed to a top notch production put on by skilled artists on and behind the stage. We all left uplifted and feeling good following an afternoon of very enjoyable entertainment .
Karen D, Bayfield
My Wife & I and 4 other friends attended Rock of Ages last night. We talked about the show all the way home how the production was so professionally done. We found it amazing !! Would recommend to anyone to go and see Rock of Ages.
Little slow at the start but picked up to a highly entertaining conclusion! Lonnie and Drew are memorable!
Rick B, London
Fabulous show definitely worth watching
Phil A, Gand Bend
Awesome performance!
Melissa C, Tavistock
It was a wonderful show. I enjoyed the combination of music and humour. The cast seemed to have a great chemistry.
Sherry C, Moorefield
I would give it 10 stars Saw it once last week with a friend and then bought tickets to bring my husband and watched it tor a second time just last night. LOVED LOVED it !
Nicole G, Grand Bend
I enjoyed every minute of the show, very funny, great singing and acting.
Marie C, Grand Bend
Incredible show - I'd love to see it again!
Tanya M, Londesborough
Fabulous music and dancing! Brought back lots of memories.
Norah P, Exeter
The show was absolutely fantastic. The music, the humour, the dancing, the storyline!!! It's so wonderful to be able to enjoy quality entertainment so close to home. Thanks to all.
Jean I, Goderich
We took our adult kids and we all loved it!
Cherie Z, Tavistock
What an amazing show! We drove two hours to Grand Bend with my family of four (two adults and two teenagers) just to see this show. The singing, dancing, and acting were stellar. I was dancing in my seat, crying from laughing so hard, and my hands hurt from clapping! This was our first time visiting the Huron Country Playhouse. What a beautiful facility! Drayton has never once disappointed.
Heather P, Cambridge
As a theatre lover, I was very careful to choose a production that my fiancé would see for his first experience. Rock of Ages was THE perfect choice! We had a fantastic time, fell in love with the characters, loved the music, the performers were fantastic and were so impressed with the sets and costumes!
Leah B, Goderich
If you have a chance, go see "Rock of Ages" at Huron County Playhouse in Grand Bend. It is so worth it, and entertaining to say the least. It will keep you laughing, singing and clapping. Excellent show!!!
Tracey R, St. Thomas
Awesome show! We laughed, we sang and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Keep up the good work Huron Country Playhouse. We'll be back.
Shelly G, Goderich
Great Show. The theatre was Rocking.
John S, Hanover
Rock of Ages was amazing! The set, the actors, all outstanding - and production was excellent. I would highly recommend that everyone attend.
Marilee L, Mildmay
This show was absolutely fantastic...I wished it would never end. The talent is superb, I will definitely try to see this again and have recommended it to everyone I have spoken to.
Glynda G, Kitchener
The show was amazing from start to finish. I was so impressed with Drew's voice, and Lonny. He was the star of the show. The actors were incredible. I would see it again.
Mary Jane F, London
My husband and our daughter, who came from Waterloo, and I enjoyed the show so much, it was very entertaining.
Majda M, Port Franks
Amazing Show!! If you have the chance to go DO IT!!!!
Carrie W, Sarnia
You knocked it out of the park, folks!! Honestly one of the best performances I've seen for years and you all had my wife and I laughing throughout the play! Great JOB!!
Jeff S, Dorchester
Took our grandson (21 now) who was in the Original Kids (London) performance of Rock of Ages about 5 years ago. He loved it and we loved watching the show and his reaction. We all had a wonderful time!!!!
Sharon M, Ilderton
Amazing! Such a fun performance.
Dorothu D, Strathroy
Thank you for providing us with some of the best music from the 80's. Story line was dramatic, funny, cute, serious, sad, just a big mixture of emotions! Kale Penny (Drew), we loved your powerful, lovely voice!!! My daughter and I enjoyed your performance immensely!
Nancy C, Goderich
Fabulous energy, incredible set, exceptionally talented performers, and a walk down memory lane, especially if the 80's was your musical 'sweet spot'. Love every note of it! PS - Huron Country Playhouse is a gem of a venue for this or any other show!
Colin B, London
OMG. It was sooooooooooooo amazing. We loved it. We grew up in the 80's and it was all so recognizable. The hair, the tight pants and of course the music. Priceless. Thanks so much for this.
Anita V, Grand Bend
The show was amazing and the theater is a great place to see any show. We had an amazing time and will be returning for future performances.
Steve F, London
Very good show. We reality enjoyed it.
Dianne F, Goderich
One of the most entertaining and amusing shows I have ever seen. Extremely well done!
Mike R, London
The show was a lot of fun. Great music and amazing performances by all. Had a great time and will definitely be recommending people go to see it!
Tracey R, Grand Bend
Wow wow wow. This was one of the best shows Ive seen in a while. Amazing set, characters were perfect and the voices blew me away. So many songs that relate perfectly to the story. Wonderful talent in this cast. We were loving every minute of it. You must go!
Ann C, London
Way beyond OUTSTANDING! It truly was the ROCK of Ages! Congrats to everyone involved!
Mac V, St.Joseph,On.
perfect, funny, and loved all the music. Everyone in the cast was excellent!
Betty S, Staffa
I had a lovely afternoon at the theatre. I would give 5 stars if it was country music! The voices and harmonies were incredible and their dance moves were great! I would gladly recommend this play to anyone of any age.
Shirley J, Grand Bend
Absolutely loved the show. Singers were amazing. We were on the edge of our seats . I never laughed so hard . We would watch it again .
Rob C, Strathroy
Excellent show. Great performances, funny and great music.
Sean J, Orleans
Loved it! Want to go again!
Joanne B, Goderich
Totally enjoyed this event. The music was superb. The actors brought the characters to life. We have been to many shows and although we have enjoyed them all, this has to be our favourite.
Debby T, Burlington
Super show with great music, super set, humour, live band and amazing actresses and actors. Another great theatre experience with Drayton Entertainment. #welldone
Sherri S, Hanover
Loved the show!!! It was very well done. Actors were great. Set was amazing. Loved that I could pre-order drinks for intermission.
Krista V, Mitchell
Great show, lots of campy humour and the music was, well, amazing.
Lynne L, Port Elgin
Fantastic! We seen this is TO many years ago...this was even better! Great cast, amazing music!
Sarita K, Listowel
Great time, excellent story line with a awesome, cartwheeling narrator! Lead singers where fantastic as well as the rest of the crew. Great energy and dancing. Venue is beautiful and we had great seats. The show ending with my favourite band Journey song leaves you wanting more. Totally represented the 80's.
Catherine G, Komoka, Ontario
FANTASTIC!!! We sang and we laughed thru the entire show!!! Would HIGHLY recommend.
Judy V, Strathroy
The show was amazing!!!! Great music. Lovely theatre and staff. Highly recommend.
Carey B, Moorefield
Amazing show. The narrator guy was awesome and stole the show I think. Great story with the songs. Can't wait to go to another show.
Heather D, Baden
I have never enjoyed a musical so much. I laughed, I cried and I cheered the whole cast!
Shelley S, Waterloo
Absolutely excellent production of Rock of Ages. Such a talented cast! We laughed, reminisced and were taken back in years when older adults at that time thought life was edgy!. We highly recommend! Thank you Huron Country Playhouse for a wonderful afternoon!
Mary Lou H, Exeter
The show was so awesome. We were singing along and clapping. Fun reminiscing about the era of the 80s. That music will never die.
Tanya C, Glencoe
Fantastic show! Incredibly entertaining and a fun night out!
Lisa S, Toronto
I was truly amazed at this production! The caliber of talent from the dancers to singers, musicians, sound lighting and stage support was mind blowing for an out in the country theatre. The whole theatre was ROCK'N! Well done!
Eric V, Toronto
What an amazing show! Great music, great dancing with amazing voices! I absolutely LOVED this production and plan to see it again with friends! Thank you so much for the effort to produce this MUST SEE production that still has me singing! I loved everyone! Ashely you are absolutely amazing!
Loretta O, Parkhill
My daughters all agree that Rock of Ages was the best theater production we have seen. From start to finish the cast engaged the audience with fabulous singing, spot-on acting and non-stop laughter. Thank you for a truly enjoyable evening!
Patti W, St. Joseph
By far the best musical I have ever seen. A must see. Would go see it again in a heart beat.
Wendy C, London
Amazing show! All characters were bang on! Loved, loved, loved it!
BELINDA C, Tillsonburg
Loved it!!!! Looking forward to more shows like this! Music.....laughter, audience involvement!
Angela G, Elmira
This performance far exceeded our expectations. We had a fantastic time thanks to the humour, music and talent of this group of people.
Barb J, Ottawa
I knew it would be good, because this is Drayton, but it far exceeded my expectations. It has everything, amazing singing, dancing, comedy, acting, I could go on and on. We all laughed a lot!!!! Highly recommend this show!
Mary D, A grand Bend
Possibly the best show I have seen at the Huron County Playhouse to date....well done!!!!!
Jeanette M, Dashwood
Show was awesome!
Doug C, Glencoe
Excellent show, and the acting was fantastic. Music from the Hair Band generation brought me back to my early 20s. Definitely will recommend this show to our freinds
Rob W, Thorndale
This show was fabulous and so much fun. The actor who played Drew has a great voice and was perfectly cast.
Nancy D, Thorndale
Hilarious, lovable characters in a show that takes you back with an amazing soundtrack!
Josh B, Mount Brydges
Incredibly fabulous performance. So much talent and energy, clever humour, incredible stage sets and costumes. A blast from the past. Love, loved, loved it!!!
Sharon F, Waterloo
It was entertaining from beginning to end , great talent , it was an enjoyable evening
Terri F, London
Amazing!! Enjoyed it thoroughly!! Singing and dancing! So funny too!!
Marcia C, Lucan
Amazing show and great talents .. blown away Rock of Ages Definitly Rocks !
Debbie B, Bayfield
We loved it. Planning on seeing it again.
Kathy H, St marys on
Thoroughly enjoyed the show. The talent was just amazing. We have been to 8 of the 12 shows we ordered & haven't been disappointed with any of them. You are a wonderful group of entertainers.
Marilyn M, London
What a FANTASTIC performance !!! Would highly recommend !!! We are going to try and see it again !!! Great Job !!!!!!
Shelley C, Sarnia
Amazing show, great music and a great cast! It was such a fun evening, we really, really enjoyed it!
Laura S, Brussels
Loved it! Well done all around.. singers were great, and the band ROCKED!
Bill B, Guelph
Absolutely fabulous! The music was awesome!
Tracey F, London
Great show! Entertaining and funny. Fantastic music from the 80s to bring you down memory lane. The play was a great satire for the time.
Leona D, London
We loved the high energy of the show. The actors were fantastic and the voices of everyone was out of this world. A really fun afternoon.
Nancy T, London
Always enjoy the shows at the Huron County Playhouse. Rock of Ages was another spectacular play. The lights, the sounds, the action. We were dancing in our seats throughout the show. What a great way to spend the afternoon.
Dave P, Sarnia
It was great fun!!
Laurie GD, Elmira
I loved everything about it. I am still singing the songs.
Margaret S, Strathroy
Excellent Performance!
Gary S, Sarnia
Fun and funny.
Judy L, Goderich
Put this show on your must see list!!
Angela G, Exeter
Great performance by everyone: singers, dancers, band, performers and narrator had perfect comedic timing.
Lori B, Strathroy
Loved the show!! Funny, entertaining, with such great talent. Highly recommend this show.
Ivy E, Barrie
Fantastic performance! Kale is a SUPERSTAR! ROCK ON!
Mark D, London
Great show! Loved the tunes, energy and humour. Definitely worth checking out.
Brad E, London
Character of Drew's voice never missed a note! Harmonies were fabulous! Narrator was fabulous! Band was rockingly talented! Whole cast was so well casted! Well done on opening night!
Allyson C, Listowel
Great show. Great music. Loved it!
Debbie M, Grand Bend
I've never been before and I loved every minute of it. Definitely will be back (maybe to even watch it again).
Kelly K, Brucefield

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Lauren Bowler

Regina Kuntz/Constance

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Justice Charlier

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Waitress #1

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Dennis Dupree

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Lonny Barnett

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